Monday, October 3

The Earth is Round...

Thank god the Earth is round otherwise I would have fallen off and no one would have seen or heard from me again. I have been living in my own little psuedo-world and have finally decided to re-surface. I fell off the knitting wagon and haven't gotten much done. Sorry folks I still haven't finished that scarf. So I was thinking that I am going to have a little contest again closer to the holiday months.

Life has been a little hectic for me. I have gotten the cold from hell that won't leave my body. It is slowly taking over my brain. (or at least it feels like it)

Work has been sub par. I am trying to make ends meet but I am pulling rather hard. I just wanted to let all those who read this know that I am still alive....

Tuesday, August 16


I have been working between my scarf, my purse for swtc and contemplating this wonderful little thing called Shibori.

I have some great ideas for working on a scarf done with Shibori. I am thinking of using some Noro Kureyon that I have been waiting to use. Most Shibori is worked with dyeing of the fabric but because I want to get my hands wet now with it I am going to use my Noro. I will have to do a couple of swatches to see what pattern I want to do but I am thinking waves again... I guess that it sums up how my life is feeling right now. You can find more about Shibori in the fall 05 Interweave Knits and at

Contest info... all guessing is closed for the finishing date of my scarf. Unfortunately nobody picked my lucky date... It is September 10th. My Birthday!!!!

Happy Knitting.

Saturday, August 13

so this is the creative process?

I have been working my buns off trying to create a pattern for SWTC? How come it seems so easy in my head and then when I knit it, it looks like junk? Grrr...

As promised I have not started on the finishing of my Flapper Scarf... I am giving two more days for votes to come in on the finishing date... I have a few dates already... I didn't read the names of the commenters just the dates... I mean I read the entire comment but I didn't focus on the name.

Here are the dates I have so far -


There is one lucky date that still needs to be picked if someone out there picks the lucky date they will, too will get the yarn and the pattern from me to make a scarf! I am not telling you what the lucky date is but it has not been chosen yet....

Oooh this is so fun for me.
I will post more later. I am going to partcipate in International Pajama day tomorrow. Although, I do have to do a little bedroom manuvering. So I will try to do it as long as I can. :)

Happy Knitting

Monday, August 8

as the world turns...

Lately it seems life my life is soap opera. Really. I am going to rant for a little bit so if you want to read about knitting then please scroll down to the asteriks. If you crave the drama... then read on, my friend...

Starting with this, one of my greatest friends in the world is going to be leaving me. Her husband has been looking at jobs all across the country and they are pretty sure that they are settling on Nashville, TN. WTF? I have no idea how to cope with this. She has been a strong pillar in my life, always seeming to know what to say or has dealt with something similar. We will see where that takes me.

My other really great friend has set a date for marriage with her boyfriend. I say that and not that they are engaged because... A) she has no ring and B) she was never really properly asked. (okay, I know that in this day and age that women don't need a ring or even have to be asked. But this gal pal of mine feel the same way about this topic and to see that she is going about it this way really irks me. So maybe there are some other reasons about this that urk me... in no particular order they are... 1) I have to wear a pee yellow and navy blue two piece item, the top having an empire waist...which will make me look anywhere from 8 to 25 months pregnant depending on the exact style... 2) The date is 2-10-2007... more than a year and a half away... and she is taking me on wedding dress scavenges next week.... 3) She has chosen me as maid of honor by default... I am the only one of her close friends that is not... a) lazy b) crazy c) controlling or d) sleazy.... 4) I have in the last week received 8 calls already about what changes she is already making to her wedding and with each phone call I am reminded that I am her MOH so I need to know this stuff.

I have decided to sit down with her tonight and talk with her about it because I was seriously making a call to Bridezillas on the Bravo channel. I don't know maybe some of this is irking me so much because I am single and feel like I am going no where.

Which brings me to my last story for today before I get to knitting. Amy called me last week and wants to get back together with it. I have really no idea what to do. We have had so many problems before that I don't know if I really want to but on the other hand, it seems as though it was mainly the last year that was really bad. And that was both of our faults. More hers but I was just as equally a culprit. One of my sisters's says no, it is a horrible idea, the other says after 6 years you need to at least try to make it work because if I don't I will be wondering for ever. Amy has told me that she is making changes in her life and trying to focus on not falling into the same old rut with herself but I don't know. I know in my heart of hearts that most people aren't able to change but I also know the good person inside her. The one that kept me happy for so many years before then. I know that this has to go slow if it is going to work but I am so afraid that it won't and here I will be again with a broken heart and more tears.
ARRGGHHH. I hate it when I don't have a perfectly clear answer.


Okay, so my rants are over and here is the knitting junk..... I have been plugging away on a few little projects. I took my test knit to Jonelle and we had a good discussion about the pattern. It may be a no go. For knitters out there, that is one pattern that shouldn't be. In return, I got three balls of Oasis yarn and am going to work on shawl pattern for moi. I have the pattern and the yarn, I just need to get some other things finished first.

I told a little bit of a project that I had in my head for SWTC. I have gotten the yarn for it and it slowly making progress. I have to felt my swatch but the pattern I have been working on with a different yarn seems to be working quite nicely. It looks like this one is good to go...what does this pattern look like.. well, I am going to keep that secret but what are things that remind of you summer in CALI?


There is a contest I have going on. I have been working away for almost a year on my flapper scarf. to celebrate it's anniversary and it's soon to be completion I have decided that who ever guesses closest to the date that I have the scarf finished will get the yarn and beads and pattern to make one of their own! Some rules..... I will post weekly all the dates that have been chosen. There will be only one winner. If a same date is chosen the second chooser will be notified and have their date changed. You can pick any date that you want... but I will not continue work on the scarf until next week. After the winner is announced I will contact them to verify yarn and bead color and adress info and stuff like that. So here goes and hope all have fun....

Happy knitting my friends...

Monday, August 1

test knit - complete....

I finished it! It is done and well, not my favorite thing I have ever knit. I get to turn it in tomorrow and be done with it. I am trying to write up a purse pattern for SWTC but I don't know how well it will turn out. You know.. it is the whole... Looks good in the head but on paper... well that is a different story.

Everyone I know has been to California this summer and has been lounging on the beach so it will be on that theme. I want to type more but I have to chase after my nephew...

happy knitting

Thursday, July 28

knitting my heart out.

I have been working on Testy for the last few weeks trying to get it correct. Now that I know the pattern it is much easier for me to knit up. I have about 10 inches left of the center band. That is only 22 stitches so I should have it done by tomorrow or Saturday.

Not much else has been going on. I have found that I am really into finishing projects lately. Actually, I have noticed a pattern with myself. Once I finish something I will tend to finish one or two other items after that. I am still plugging away at my flapper scarf. I have a date set for finishing it. But I think I am going to run a little competition for my fellow blog readers. I am still working out the kinks of the contest but it involves free yarn. soo... let me know if there is some interest.

I will blog more this week. Happy Knitting.

Thursday, July 14

big fat duh for me...

I have been working and working on this test knit for SWTC and I hated it....mostly because the pattern was a piece of crap... unfortunately it was my thinking that was a piece of crap. I had been doing this pattern wrong the whole time... So, now that I have the back and one of the sides done I have to go back and re-work them correctly. GREAT!

I am working my buns off with trying to finish this tank. I have found a pattern for a shawl and I think that I can get a pretty nice size shawl out of three skeins of the Oasis.(which is what my yarn payment will be)

I am also going to find out if some felted bags are needed becuase I have a really cute idea floating around in my head. Hmmmm... we will see.

Not much more to say than that. I forgot to check out the coffee shop but will try and do that on Saturday... happy knitting

Sunday, July 10

- 8+ 2 = YAY

Martha came over last night and ended up staying the night. Who knew that we would end up staying up until 1:30 in the morning looking at stars! It was so beautiful last night.

We had so much to catch up on. I didn't realize how much I missed her until we started really talking about life and stuff.

We also did a little yarn trading this morning. She needed to get a project going for a baby shower and wanted to know if I was willing to trade her for a couple of her skeins for a couple of mine. She ended up taking 6 skeins of Lion Brand wool-ease and 2 skeins of some Paton's Grace. In return I got some SWTC melody and some SWTC chenille. She had gotten then when they had their big sale and didn't really have anything to do with them and was willing to do the trade. We both ended up happy in the end so it works out!

I am still plugging away at my projects. So really no other exciting news to tell. I think I found this wonderful little coffee shop for meetings on the West side of AZ. I am going to go check it out this week and see how they feel about knitters invading the area. It is at 127th Avenue and Indian School. So, we'll see.

I am avoiding cleaning house... As always but I do want to have a little bit done before my family gets back they went out camping this weekend and I figured it would be nice to have that done for when they got home.

Well, happy knitting everyone.

Thursday, July 7

10 projects and counting?

Okay, you know that last post in which I talk about me finishing up things...wrong.....

I have a total of 10 projects going and so many many more that I want to start. Some of them are really simple projects to work on, like sew linings for my purses and I think make some handles for them. I was really seriously considering selling the ones I have made. They don't have a pattern or anything, so does anyone know of places online that I can sell to or even places in Phoenix? How do I go about getting started on that?

Here is a list of projects that I am currently knitting

1) SWTC test knit... almost done (thank god)
2) black beaded scarf
3) lace scarf
4) leaf scarf (can you see a theme going on here?)
5) Grandmas blanket (not really started but more in developmental stages)
6) Sock pattern from Fall Interweave... I couldn't wait to get started on it.

Projects I need to take apart:

1) clown socks... okay it is the regia stripe yarn but my Brother in law says they look like clown socks
2) black purse
3) Regia black and grey striped sock. (they were going to be Amy's but I think I am going to rip them out and do a hat or something
4) lace shawl I have going...blech is all that I going to say

So I have made it a goal to finish up at least two projects by the end of the month. Let's see which ones make it to the finish line. I want to get them completed because I have a shawl idea floating around in my head that I want to get out on paper.

More later... Happy Knitting

Tuesday, June 28

Becoming me.

My sister and her husband are on vacation right now. They went off to San Diego with the babe to have some rest and relaxation. I am enjoying these days to myself. I am learning who I am as a person again. It is funny how being in a relationship, (or at least the one that I was in) who you really are. My likes my wants my dreams my everything. I didn't realize how much I was turning off or ignoring for the other person. 5 Things about the person that I am...

1) I don't like to be rushed in the morning. I like to have my coffee, sit a little bit and take in the sunshine, because I really am a morning person.

2) It is okay to "project" your feelings and thoughts on your animals.

3) Baseball. I really like that game.

4) Just because I cry doesn't mean that I am over emotional... It just means that I have feelings and I am not afraid of them.

5) I am pretty sure I was using my knitting as a subconscious hint about my relationship. I have been finishing projects left and right. Not flitting from one project to the other. Not that I was doing that in my relationship, mind you, but it was me not ending a project, needing something new and fresh and fun and exhilirating. hmmm...

Okay, enough of me being deep here. I have a few yarn stores to critique and rate...

I went to the Needlers Nest awhile back and the women in there awesome. Love them. The store is at El Mirage and Bell Roads. They do carry some rather exspensive yarns but they also carry other, more afordable brands too! Being a "young" person (at least near this area - Sun City) I was treated wonderful in there. They chit chatted with me for a while. Wound the skeins for me and put in me in there database.. spend 250.00 and get 10.00 off your next purchase or something like that... Or maybe it is 20.00, I can't remember. But anyways, if you are on the West side of town or make your way over here for some reason make sure to check them out.

I also went to the Knitters Nook yesterday and wasn't too impressed. They had mostly Plymouth yarns in there. A few from other vendors but not much. I was said hello to and that was it. A woman *much older than me* came in after me and was talked up a storm to. I walked around a couple of times, was asked if I knew how to knit but was really given a chance to answer before she was showing me acrylic stuff and where the needles were and how to knit books. I told them I knew how and then she walked off. I left. I would say that if you are in desperate need of a yarn store and have to have some Plymouth Encore on a Monday then head over here. Otherwise. Bleh.

I am hoping that some of you will show up at Coffee Plantation this afternoon. Brooke, I don't care if Jack is a grumpy sourpuss or a smiling cherub come and see me! All you other ladies too! Get your buns out to 20th Street and Camelback and seeme!

Happy Knitting

Monday, June 27

Sweater completed

I finished Matt's little sweater the other day. It is a little big, but it looks really cute on him. It will fit him perfectly this winter. I am adding a new feature to my posts when I finish a project. It will be something I learned from knitting it.

1) When working intarsia, you really do need to weave the ends of the second color into the coordinating stitches. I didn't think it would show that much but boy did it ever. I ended up wasting more time by pulling out the yarn and having to re-weave it.

2) Speaking of re-weaving ends in. When you make a mistake and cut your tail or even if you leave it too short, this little idea will help you out. Place the eye of the needle through the stitch that you want to weave your end in, being careful not to pull the needle all the way out, now thread your tail through the eye and pull the needle back through the stitch like you normally would. have your tail weaved through one stitch. Repeat this process until you are sastified, then cut off what is left. I learned this trick a few years back, it is a little longer to weave in the ends but when you need to do it, it works like a charm.

3) If there are any parts on a pattern that are confusing or you had to change. Write them down. You will save yourself hours of refiguring numbers (or even worse reknitting) to work the other side. This is also helpful if you are making more than one or want to knit it later on down the road.

I have the afternoon free tomorrow and will be in central Phoenix. I was thinking about going to the Coffee Plantation at the Biltmore Fashion park around 1:00 or 1:30 if anyone is interested. I will post this on the SNB group too!

I am off to go run errands.
Happy Knitting

Monday, June 20

must... with...other...knitters.....

Okay, so I am not really that desperate.. I mean I have my sister knitting but she will only do it after the babe's gone to bed...(Obviously she is not that taken with it!!!!) But I really do miss fellow knitters. I was trying to meet up with some other knitters tomorrow but it seems as though it really won't fit into my schedule. I have a lunch date with Lindsay, who I haven't seen in over a month!
Well, it is not really a lunch date I am getting my underarms and my legs waxed. She needs the practice and I got the hair to practice on.

So, I am almost finished with my Rowan sweater for Matt and have decided that I hate hate hate English written patterns. I know that I have written this before in a previous post but I feel it needs repeating. I have everything knit I just can't get the stupid sleeves to look right. I don't know what the problem is.
Hopfully the net will have some answers for me.

I am also going to see if I can find a place for people to meet up on the west side of the valley on Mondays like near Avondale or something. Maybe in the evening or even in the mornings...

Well, I have to head out for now. Dinner is waiting and I need to find out how to do that dang sweater. Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, June 14

Cult tally - 3

I forgot yesterday to add what I have been working on! I was having a self pity moment a while back and decided that I needed yarn. You know the really good stuff that I normally wouldn't buy for myself kind of yarn! Well, I picked up some recycled silk. 2 skeins. It ended up costing me about 40 big ones but I loved knitting with it. I made myself a cute little purse with some silk lining...Awesome!

I have also been teaching people how to knit. Last week I gave my niece some refresher courses and she knit 1/2 a wash cloth before she got bored. She then asked me to teach her friend to knit. So, when they came over on Sunday I gave her a lesson. They had fun and I am going to practice knitting with them at least every other week. Last night my sister Amy said, "okay, it is time for me to learn". So I grabbed my needles and yarn again and off we went. Amy has always been a perfectionist and within an hour she had learned how to knit, purl, do a 1x1 ribbing and seed stitch! I was quite afraid of teaching her because I thought that she would have issues with learning it. She is left handed and when she taught herself to crochet she came up with a new stitch that she calls the "oopsy" stitch. I was going to try to teach her to knit continental but, she is doing awesome with the "american method". She already held her yarn in her right hand so I figured it would be easier that way. She just had to learn to get the needles comfortable. So, I am off today to find an easy pattern for her to make that is not your standard dishcloth or pouch-esque bag. She was asking this morning about when she should learn to knit socks...I told her to at least get one project done first.

I forgot about a pal's birthday so I am going to make her a purse pattern I got off I am hoping I can whip it out rather quickly. My next challenege is to make a sweater to fit a beagle. I think I will try the pattern from the SNB nation book. Well, I think that wraps it up as for what has been going on... I think I have my numbers in for the knitting cult requirments for this month! How about everyone else?

Monday, June 13

Life goes on...and so do I...

So, I am still living. Thank you to everyone who has sent me a well wishes. So, here is what is going on..

I am still working.. I am wating for my duplicate license to come in so I can take a second job somewhere. I am living with my middle siste Amy, her husband Josh and their little babe Matt. You may remember those cute little pics I have posted of him before... if not look back for previous posts. So total in the house right now there are the three of us adults, Matt, my two cats, and Maggie, their 4 dogs (a beagle and 3 greyhounds) and 3 cats, and for the last two weeks we have been watching Josh's moms greyhound. So needless to say that the house is a little full but it doesn't feel like it at all.

I carpooling twice a week with my sister and the other two days I am taking her husbands truck to work. I am trying to save up money for to get a car. It is kind of frustrating but hey, I could be worse off. I have family and friends that love and support me.

So on to what this post should really be about... KNITTING!!!!!!!!!

I am been getting a little bit of knitting done. I finally finally finally finished the first part of my flapper scarf. Wonderschon! I love it. I started putting on the beads for the 2nd part of the scarf and I realized I was about a hundred beads short of what I needed. After scanning almost every bead store in the Phoenix area I was finally was able to get to the bead store near my work... they have wonky hours but lo and behold they had my beads. They are wee bit darker but they still look good. I am moving right along on this one. I forgot the pattern I was working for my lace scarf and haven't motivation to find where I messed up at.

So, while my life is not back to what used to "normal", it is becoming a new "normal" and I like that. I think that next tuesday I will be in town so if anyone wants to meet up in the central phoenix area around lunch time I can do that. I would love to knit with people again....

Happy Knitting...

Thursday, June 2

It's over.

I haven't posted in a while because life has been rather cray. In the course of a week, my life has gone from content to catastrophic. It has just been settling back down and I decided that I should let the world know where I have been.

A few weeks back Amy told me that she didn't love me anymore and that she wanted to break up. I told her okay, but I needed time to save up money to get a car and to move out. We had decided that I would leave in about 5 months. Well, that five months turned into about 10 days. We got into a riff a couple of Sundays ago and Amy told me to pack my stuff and leave. So, I did. I am pretty sure that she didn't think I was going to be gone but I left. I was tired of the fighting and the well everything.

I moved into my sister's house out in Buckeye and I am trying to get back to my normal life. Or at least what could become a normal life. I don't know how often I will be able to post but I wanted to let you all know what has been going on. The good thing about being so far away from the city is that I have my nights to myself now and I have been getting a lot of knitting done.

I wish you all the best.

happy knitting

Friday, May 20

Sandee the over achiever and Brooke the achiever...

So, Brooke and her mom are both well into swatches for the master knitting program and I still can't settle on a single type of yarn... Great!!! Thanks a lot ladies.... Hmmmppphhh! ;)

I am thinking of heading over to craft mart and checking out some yarn there. I was also going to try the last bit of Zara that I have. I figured that it can't hurt to try it out and if it looks decent I will pick some up at Jessica Knits on Sunday. The only downside to that is that she opens at noon and I have to be out at my sister's early in the day... So, we will see.... Here is the Zara.
Image hosted by

I finally got the pattern for my "flapper scarf" again. So, I will be able to finish it and wear it this winter. I had to write to a store that gave me a copy of it and it took forever to get a copy again. I am plugging away at my lace scarf. It is about a foot long right now. I am pretty durn proud of it!

Well, off to pick Amy up from work. Happy Knitting

Monday, May 16

What has brown hair, likes to knit and hates written questions?


I met up with Brooke and her wonderful mom Sandee to work on my TKGA swatches. I have learned a few things from this escapade. In no particular order.

  1. Encore worsted weight yarn is not the best yarn to use for making the swatches. It is just a little too fuzzy
  2. Cream colored yarn is not good to knit with. It makes the swatches look like the crap ass baby sweaters you see in the goodwill. You know the ones that had the dog wee on them.
  3. Jack loves me, okay he loves my pin, my glasses and my plastic page protector.
  4. A knit 1 purl 1 cast on? It looks crappy at best
  5. You learn just how bad of a knitter you really are when you know that others are getting ready to scrutinize your work.
  6. The question's and swatches are open to interpetation. You just have to make the right one.
  7. The best cast on method for swatch one is the knit cast on

So, I had a really good time. Jack was adorable as ever... he has the fattest little legs! So cute!

I also decided that I was going to get to work on some of my written questions. Before I knew it, I had half of the knitting section strewn over a desk and was well into finishing them. I have about 6 left to do. I tried to get as many references as possible but i found myself referring to the same books over and over again. In some books it is quite obvious how much the writer(s) valued certain aspects of the knitting by how much content was there for a subject.

I am going to try to get them all typed up. I can't decide on my cable pattern. I get really picking when I have to choose things... so it's a good thing I have a little time.

I am going to try a differnt type of yarn with my swatches.

Happy Knitting

Friday, May 13

ahhh yes master...

I have decided to complete my Master Knitting Level One program. Okay, I better say the truth, I have decided to start my Master Knitting Level One program. Thanks to the wonderful motivation from Brooke, I have decided that I need to get this done. We are meeting up on Monday to work on our swatches. I want to get to work on the written portion of the program as well. Knitty's new issue has a little blurb about it...

I worked a little more on my scarf. I ended up scrapping the one I was working on and starting fresh. Matt's sweater piece is still MIA and I have been to down trodden to start it over again... okay okay okay it is all just laziness.

I am off to find out some info on knitting...

Happy Knitting

Thursday, May 12

Manic Mondays...Oops I mean Manicure Mondays.

Okay, so it seemed that last Monday I had a " Manic Monday" but last night I learned that I will be having "Manicure Mondays" ! I trotted over to Amsterdam with my pal Lindsay to talk to the manager about working on Monday nights for their Martini's and Manicures. They don't need someone right away but she said she would love to take both of us on! The cool thing about it is that I won't be doing a full manicure, just a file, buff and polish. I need to buff up on my polish skills some more So, that will be some nice extra cash in my pocket. The down falls? I have to be up until at least 2:00 A.M. that night Good thing I have Tueday's off!

I have no knitting to report. I have to go back a few rows on my scarf that I am working on. I was one stitch off and it set the whole pattern off center! grr! Oh, I was asked what the yarn size was. There are three different versions, but they are all done with different types of lace weight.

I am off to work my late shift today! happy knitting my friends.

Wednesday, May 11

weakness struck.

I knew that it would. I fell victim to some lovely silk yarn from Kaalund. It is so yummy to work with.

Image hosted by

Of course, this doesn't give you any idea on how beautiful this color really is. I am working on a lace scarf for me!

Image hosted by

It is the one on the far left. I had actually intended to make the middle one, but I started the wrong pattern and I really like how it is turning out, so I kept it that way.

Matthew's sweater side is still MIA. I have come to the realization that I am going to have to knit another left front piece. :(

I am working on invitations for Amber's baby shower. I have the cutest idea going right now! I am so dan proud of myself! I will get a pic of them if I can...

happy knitting

Monday, May 9

life or something like it...

I have been barely going through the motions of my supposed life. I found out why today. I went to the Doctor because it seemed that lately my heart would start racing and I would get jittery and zone out and almost want to puke my guts up. Well, I found out today, not only am I border line Bipolar (which I have known about for a few years) but I am also starting to develop an Anxiety problem. What the F&%^ is wrong with me? My wonderful Doctor (Dr. Cohen at Healthy Outlook Family Medicine Which was voted 7.7 of 10 points on City Search) tells me nothing.... that anxiety problems usually accompany depression and Bipolar, I just have to go on a different medication now. BLEH!

I had my little sweater for Matt almost finished. Unfortunately, I lost part of it somewhere. I have now idea where it is at. I am going to have to re-knit it. I am on day something for not buying any yarn. I think it has been over a month. I am quite proud of myself. I feel, though, that after today's news I might pick up some silk yarn that I have been dreaming about since I bought some for my secret pal.

Work has been good. I had a crappy day on Saturday, my boss made it all better though by telling us that we had a mini meeting he wanted us to stay for and surprised us with beer! Ya gotta love a boss that will do that!

Well, off to knit before I have to pick Amy up.

Happy Knitting

Thursday, May 5

feeling quite accomplished, but...

I have gotten Matt's sweater almost done. He is going to look so Freakin' cute in it. I have decided that he will get it for his birthday. He is also going to get a sandbox from me and Amy. We have settled upon the turtle one.

How cute is that?

My nephew's birthday is a few days before his. We are pitching money in for a drum set for him. My poor poor sister... what is she thinking?????

So where does the but.... come in at?

I have decided to throw in the sweater and send back the test knit to SWTC. I just can't do it. I hate the yarn and I hate the pattern. I know that I won't finish it and I don't think that it is fair to them, for me to be holding onto something that I can't get done in time for them. Maybe in a few months I can work on something else, but not now.

Off to work on something...

happy knitting

Wednesday, May 4

what's going on???

I have been slowly working at decreasing my stash! Did you know that the only yarn I have bought in the last month has been for my secret pal! Cool huh? I have a few purses to show off for it but have decided to work on baby patterns. They are a quick knit and you feel more accomplished than you would with a purse.

I am working on this pattern right now. It is from Rowan Babies.

Image hosted by

I am making it for Matthew.

I also have these two patterns lined up. The first one is going to be knit from some stash yarn and the other I am making to match the little pants I made for "baby Austin" when he arrives.
I am going to knit sweater all in one color so it doesn't look quite so girlie!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

If I have learned one thing about knitting Rowan patterns it is that they run quite big. I have also found this to be true in Debbie Bliss patterns. Which will leave you to ponder this question....
Are babies and little kids bigger in England than they are in the US?

Happy Knitting

Monday, May 2

OOOOOOO yarn.....

I got my last package from my secret pal the other day.... Lovely! I forgot to borrow the camera from my sister yesterday so I will have to post of a picture of it later. She sent me some awesome stuff. Definitely things that I would have never bought for myself.

A sock making kit from Hello Yarn, in berry and purple and blue shades. Beautiful.
She also sent me some chocolate. A little happy face button that I have adorned on my knitting bag! Then there was some Mango lip gloss inside the box too! I love love love lip gloss/chapstick. I am literally addicted to the stuff. If I go out somewhere for more than two hours and I don't have any with me I have to go buy some... it is a sick habit... I also got a lovely little skein of purple yarn that was super mega soft. I had to knit it up right away. I will get a picture of that up as well. I made the shocking pink coif pattern from knitty. It is more a pastel purple coif. I love it. I can't wait for winter and it's not even that hot here!

I am sending out my last package to my secret pal. I had some family issues to take care of before I could deal with other life. It took me a long time to decide on what to send but I hope that she likes it.

I am just doing housework today. It has been put off for the last week and it really needs to be done. Oh, I finished the pair of drawstring baby pants that I knit up for Amber's baby. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to make a little matching vest or sweater for them. I look at them and realize that they are right. I am going to check and see if there is one out there for the yarn, if not I will make one myself.

Happy Knitting

Thursday, April 21

Animal House.

These last few days have been filled with multiple trips to the vets office. On Tuesday I had to take my cat Pepper Ann in because she hadn't been doing her normal upheaval of cat food. It was a lot worse. I found out that she has a severe urinary infection. It had reached her kidneys! Usually something that can be taken care of, but because she has been on medications before and it hadn't gone away. She is going to be on a special prescription only diet that alters her pH for the rest of her life. Good thing I will get this at a discount!

I then had to take my little Chihuahua Maggie in yesterday because she is starting to give out milk. Mind you I told my sister like a week ago that I thought she was getting a little pudgy in that area and she told me I was crazy. Well, Tuesday night I had her on my lap and all of the sudden it was wet on my leg and there was milk coming out of her! Mind you, my little dog is 11 years old and we thought she was spayed because she has this little tiny scar on her tummy. Aparently, she isn't. So went back to my sister's office on Tuesday and found out that Maggie is having a false pregnancy. Great! So, she goes in on Monday to get a hormone shot to stop it.

I have gotten a little knitting done. My goal right now is to try and get as much yarn used up from the stash as possible. So far I have knit up three little purses. I want to make something bigger, but I don't have enough yarn to make anything but purses or socks or mittens or hats. I figured that in Arizona the best option was to make purses. I was thinking about working on a few hats to send to my cousin and his girlfriend for the winter time.

Adam and Sarah live in Kentucky so they can get use of out them. Get this, my cousin and his girlfriend moved there so he can go to professional wrestling school! Yep, we all have a little hillbilly somewhere in our families!!!!! I am just kidding. I am actually really proud of him. He has been trying out for the pro wrestling circuit and made it to the final cut the last two times. One day he will be there. He is following his dream and this all that counts right?

Well, Happy Knitting

Monday, April 18

So, what happens when you clean up your yarn? You find some roving that you had tucked away! I found some lovely brown and white roving that I had set aside for when I got better at spinning. I am going to spin this up and send it to my secret pal as she is quite fond of brown shades.

Today, I have no real plans and I love it. I am off to the grocery store, we haven't done real grocery shopping in two weeks. So, we will see how much junk I come home with. I am then off to Bookman's to take a few more books that we have laying around and are just filling up space. I am not sure how much we will get for them but we can get them out of here. After that, whatever Bookman's won't take I am heading to the goodwill and dropping those and more junk off. It is a great spring cleaning day.

I was waiting for Amy to get out of class today and think I decided what to make with a wonderful skein of yarn that my secret pal had sent to me. This is the colorway that she sent to me. As always, the picture doesn't do the colors justice but you get the idea.
Image hosted by

I have been itching to do some cable work and was thinking about doing a thin cabled scarf. I have a book of cable patterns that I will get the pattern from. Or maybe I can find one off the net.

I was also reminded that at Christmas time last year I had said that this Christmas everyone was going to get Christmas stockings. I am not sure if want to do that this year. Although, they would be a fast knit. hmmmm.. we will see.

Oh, Finished stuff to report. I finished up my soysilk purse yesterday. My sister, great loving person that she is, helped me sew the lining. I then machined sewed it in, I am not too crazy about the way it looks but it doesn't look bad so I think I will leave it. I also have some dpn holders that I knit and felted that just need to be adorned. Those are going to my SP, too. I can't wait to send them out. I think that I should have it all ready to send out by the end of the week.

I am off to run errands. Happy Knitting.

Saturday, April 16

what purple, green and yellow and hasn't been touched in days?

You all guessed it. It's Testy. I thought that the front parts of the sweater would just be smooth sailing. WRONG!!!!!!

I have devoted myself to working on a purse in some soysilk. It was one of those hanks that I picked up when SWTC had a sale. I am not too crazy about the colors after I have been knitting with it. They are just patterning kind of weird. Definitely not supposed to be a purse with that yarn. The purse is going to be a gift and I am quite sure that the recipient will approve of both the colors and the patterning.

I stopped in to get the summer issue of Interweave and got Yarn Harlot's book. I have had it for just over 24 hours and have read the entire thing... Great Book.

I am trying to find some fabric that has yarn or knitting or sheep on it. Any one out there know where I can find it let me know...

Happy Knitting

Thursday, April 14

Down with least until extension time...

Okay, so being the total procrastinater that I am, I waited until the last minute to do my taxes. I went to go get my W-2's and two of them are missing. Mind you, I have it quite easy to pay taxes. I get to still use the 1040EZ form and all, but.... I misplaced two of them. One for my school info, the other from a place of work. Grrr. So I filed an extension online. Quite easy. So, I have to go and call on Tuesday and get the new forms sent out to me.

I am pretty sure that Amy or I accidently threw them away. They were in non descript envelopes. We both cleaned the top of the book shelf off twice since I got them in. We are both to blame for this...

I have no knitting to report. I just have been working on Testy. I don't think i will take another test knit for a while. I haven't been spinning. I opted not to get any roving. Although, a big thanks a lot for the peer pressure goes out to the girls in my SNB who whole heartedly agree that it is perfectly okay to buy roving on a yarn diet... What if I was going ruin a regular diet? What about jumping off a bridge? What about doing drugs??? HHHHMMMM HUH HUH HUH??? Okay, I see it's different now... Yea yea yea whatever ;) JUST KIDDING

My secret pal left a little comment for me asking me if there is anything that I really wanted or needed. Know what is nice about that? There isn't anything. I can honestly look at my life and see that I am rather content. Yes, of course there are the things that are going to be coming later in life... Secret Pal, I am assuming that you don't wanna marry me or give me kids... ;P

(Here is where I get cheesy...) Have you had moments in your life when all of the sudden everything feels good and feels right? I am having one of those moments right now.

I guess that wasn't too cheesy. But it has been a long night and I have to be up early tomorrow for a roller set... OOOOhhh the glamourous world of cosmetology...

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, April 13

Time Selfish?

Amy told me today that I am a home hoarder. What is a home hoarder? Well, Amy thinks that it is me... or to be exact- it is me slightly scrunching my face or a small amount of detest in my voice when she tells me that she is going to be at home for a couple of hours when I get off work.

She had taken a few hours of vacation and had to go in at 7:30 tonight. I guess that I must have mad a sound or something but in truth, she was right. As much as I love her, most of the time I enjoy having the few hours after work to myself befor she comes home. I have found it is a great me time for relaxation and just ahhh time. It's not that I am a house hoarder, it is just that well, when I get off work and she is home I have to start dinner right away and do other misc stuff. I can't just flop and play with the dog and just goof off. It doesn't happen very often so I shouldn't complain but I am and I probably will continue to get time selfish.

On to knitting. I finished the back of Testy. I have the pattern figured out. For the front part, too. The front pieces are going by so much quicker than normal. Yay! I have to just type out the corrected pattern, now.

So, I was asked to other day if I would barter. I said sure. I am going to make her a purse. I get to choose the colors and the style. I already have the yarn picked out, but I don't know what pattern to use. If anyone has some ideas on a purse pattern for worsted weight yarn, please let me know. I have searched the usual sights... Knitty,, etc and not crazy about any of them. So, please let me know if you know something that I would love...

Happy Knitting

Oh. I almost forgot... here is the tip for yesterday...

Finding that some of your rows in knitting are a little uneven. That is goes from tight to loose to tight to loose? Pull out enough yarn for the row at the beginning of each row. That way you can keep your tension.

Tuesday, April 12

If you don't look at it, its not really there....

I have decided to use this wonderful method on my organization. If I just don't look at the whole pile of yarn, I will be okay... I have been feeling a slight knitting slump lately.

It is nice to know that I am not alone with my boredom. Kirsten was feeling quite blah, Shannon had the non-knitting fever, and who knows who else is out there.

I am going to meet up with the girls for dinner tonight before we knit. I don't know how long I can stay to knit , as I have to go to the Fiber Factory and pick up a pair of handcarders from a wonderful lady.

I am on day4 of the yarn diet. I am wondering how long this is going to last. Get this, I am even taking some yarn that I bought last week back to the store.. I realized that I just don't need it right now. The nice thing about being on a yarn diet, is that I have been looking at all the books and magazines I have. It's funny how there are some patterns that I had passed over time and time again are grabbing my attention. So, if I don't organize my stash today, I will at least organize my books.

Question: Does buying roving to spin break my yarn diet?

Happy Knitting

Monday, April 11

off to straighten the stash

Saturday night I forgot about a party that we had to go to. I remembered at nine o'clock in the evening. So, I threw someting semi decent on and we headed over there. A good time was had. I played this game.

Image hosted by

It is called Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. Kind of hard to explain but you get to kill other people's bunny cards. I am so buying this game next week.

I am officially out of fiber to spin. I am awaiting hand carders for the alpaca. But everything else is gone gone gone... It is all nice little hanks of yarn. I have to set the twist in all them but it is spun. I was thinking of making some novelty yarn one of these days. We will see how it goes.

Yesterday was family haircut day and then it was off to my the movies with my sister and my niece. We saw Beauty Shop. My sister had passes that she one from work so we went and saw a movie that we normally wouldn't go to. It was alright but I am glad I didn't pay for the movie.

I feel like a have a ton of things to get done but I know that it isn't true.
Here is my to do list.
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Get Gas
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • organize yarn
  • Drop off bags at the goodwill

A lot of driving today. I had just wanted to lounge around the house.. Oh well.

Happy Knitting

Saturday, April 9

this and that

I worked on testy a little more last night. Nothing really new to report. I am once again considering buying the book Adorable knits for tots. I browsed through it again and falling in love with it... Maybe next week or next month.

I have also decided to put myself on a yarn diet. I am going to go through my yarn and sort it out.

I have decided to do the following sorting:

Pattern already decided
Looking for Pattern
Sock yarns
Bits and pieces

I will sub-catergorize the yarn from there.

I was thinking about the yarn that I have patterns for to put them in ziploc bags and the pattern inside so I don't forget what I want to knit. Well see, it just really depends on how much energy I have when I start to clean...

Happy Knitting

Friday, April 8

I am feeling quite testy..

So, I had to frog 4 inches on testy. The pattern was way F**KED UP! I couldn't figure out how to get the pattern to stay when I was doing my decreasing. Well, I happened to look at book that I had lying around and I found the answer to one of my problems with the pattern. With the type of rib pattern that it uses I can't do normal decreases. I have to bind off or the pattern will get fudged up way bad.

So, that was taken care of, but I still kept ending up with a purl 2 on the end and I needed a knit two on the end. Well, looked and looked and read and read and read and read the patten over and over again and then it hit me. It was off by two stitches. The math decrease was wrong. It was right for the small and the large but not for the medium. So, know that I have that taken care of I can knit my little heart away... at least until I get to the front panels of the sweater...

I got some yarn today to start working on a small fairisle project. I had to only buy two skeins, so I won't get into too much "trouble". I am going to force myself to finish the back of Testy first before I try to work on the Fairisle project...

Happy Knitting my friends

Thursday, April 7

It's getting smaller....

As much as I wanted to spin last night I diligenty worked on Testy. Okay okay, I confess I did finish up a bat of roving and plied it, but I did get a lot done on testy. I worked on the decreases for the back and it is taking great shape. I am just about finished with the arm hole decreases, the next part will be to work on the neck and shoulder shaping. I don't think I will get a picture of it up.

I did learn about decreasing in a rib pattern while working on this, so that is quite helpful.

I am working until 8:00 tonight. Blegh. All my clients are later in the day, so I think I may be able to get some good knitting time in...maybe, just maybe...

Happy Knitting

Tuesday, April 5

Tip Tuesday and kids stuff...

Today I am feeling rather lazy about putting a tip up. So, I give you this site. It is one of my favorites. The tip that I am linking is how to decrease evenly across an row when there aren't an even number of stitches. Quite helpful. I have used this site a lot in my knitting and I hope that it helps others out, too.

I was going to meet up with Brooke and Jack today for some knitting this afternoon, but my sister called me when I was sitting inside Lux before they got there. She was stuck in a meeting and Logan, my nephew, was barfing all over the place. So, duty called. And being the safe driver that I am I was logging onto my email from my phone while driving to send an email to Brooke, hoping that she would get it before she left.... Once again, I am soo sorry about that!

Speaking of nephews, we found out today that Amy's little sister is going to have a little boy. She isn't too sure what she is going to name him yet. They just can't pick out a name that both of them like.

And speaking of babies... my aunt called me last night to let me know that my cousin's wife had a little girl. She was a month early but is perfectly healthy. They named her Jaeden (JAY-den). They couldn't decide on a middle name so they are going to fill that in later.

Which brings me to baby names... When we do have kids we have decided on the names Garrett Jaeger...(no not the liquor sillies) and Indigo Pary. We also like the name Chloe Vedette for a girl too. Brooke had challenged some of you to ask me what I wanted to name my future child. Since there was no one out there willing to take the challenge I will just tell now. I wanted to name her Ute Svetlana. (Prounonced OO-tah) I just love love love that name. Amy refuses to let me name our kid that so maybe on the third one...

Oh well, happy knitting

Monday, April 4

wind wind wind the bobbin, unwind wind wind the bobbin....

So, as my sister watched me put my wheel together she was singing that little ditty and got it stuck in my head for the last few days.

I must say that I am quite proud of myself. I decided to get an unfinished wheel to save money. So, when the wheel came I had to pick out a finish for it, then sand it, wax it and put it together. Thanks to the helpful employee at Lowe's who only muttered nope after asking if they carry a wax stain, I learned uber amounts of info on stains and finishes. When we got back I sanded my wheel down, this wasn't really a task as I used a 4" X 6" sheet of sandpaper. Then with the wax that lowe's supposedly didn't carry I waxed and polished every piece of wood. Then came the production. Quite easy. The hardest part was putting in the last two screws where I had to screw into a piece of silicone for the treadles. But it is beautiful and working and I am so dang proud of myself.

Kirsten asked if it is possible to actually raise alpaca's out here. I know that there are a few farms in Arizona but most of them are in the northern part of the state. You are supposed to shear them every 15-18 months but we couldn't let them go that long. As we were shearing them I stuck my hand down as far as I could into Joe's fluff and it was at least 10 degree's hotter than outside of his body. Poor guy... good thing he's "naked" now.

I was going to meet up with the other knittin' mom's today with my nephew Matt, but he wasn't feeling his best. The poor kid has our families immune system. He was getting over a cold, so I didn't want to infect all the other little one's out there. Maybe next time.

If anyone is interested in meeting up tomorrow around 11:00 to go knit let me know. I put a post up on the yahoo group list. But let me know either way.

I am off to work on Testy. I have got to get that thing done.

Happy Knitting

Sunday, April 3

I am the proud owner of a spinning wheel, or at least my apartment complex office is... Now here is the frustrating part... I didn't expect my wheel for quite some time at least another week, so after getting my hard earned cash on payday, I headed out to some stores to see if I could find a few new work clothes... Nuthin'.... I figured that I should mosey on home and there was the little sticker on my door.... Dang it... if I hadn't lollygagged around, went to the normal bank, and went straight home I could be spinning right now. I then couldn't pick it up yesterday as the office is closed on Saturdays. So, here I am sittin' and waiting until 1:00 to pick up my spinning wheel. So close, yet so far away...

On, the spinning front, we sheared my sister's alpacas yesterday. What a sight that was to see. I didn't get any pictures, but it was a good thing. I hadn't clipped anything besided human hair in 9 years and boy was I rusty at it. Shearing alpacas was definitely not the same thing as clipping dairy cattle. They were as good as they could be, I mean how would you act if someone creature was coming at you with a motorized thing and you had no form of communication with them? I am not too sure how great the fiber is, but I am going to give it a try. I was going to send it off to be carded and turned into roving but I think I am going to pass on that one. I really have this desire to turn the big bag of fluff into some pretty little balls rolacks to spin. A rolack is hand carded fiber that looks like a great big fluffy dust bunny. Nice description huh?

I am off to work on testy..I fear that I won't be getting much done on her in the next few days...

Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, March 29

Tip Tuesday

So here is you tip of the week.

Ever see a stitch pattern in a book or online or in a magazine and want to knit it? Then you see that is says "multiple of 8 stitches + 2" What the heck does that mean?

Quite simple to do. Let's say you want a total of 4 repeats of the pattern. 8 x 4 = 32. So you cast on 32 stitches and then two more stitches for the "+2". You will have a total of 34 stitches. It's that simple. As for why it is done? I haven't gone that far into learning about the tip, but I can tell you that from the knitting I have done, it is usually used when you have an offset pattern. Cool, huh?

I ordered my wheel today. I can't wait for it to come in.... This will be the longest time waiting for it.

I haven't done any real knitting lately. Just a few rows on "testy". I have decided to call my test knit that, as that is how I become when I work on it. I am also trying to refelt a bag from a while back. WE will see how it goes.

I found a purse yesterday that I had knit a while back. When I first started knitting. YIKES. I can see so many mistakes in it. While quite amusing to look at it is nice to know that I have come quite far in my knitting.

I am off to the fiber factory today. I want to pick up some roving for the new wheel and get a couple of other things. Not that I need it though.

Happy knitting

Sunday, March 27

and the day has come...

So Easter was a nice day. We went to Amy's mom's and then out to my sister's. We had a really good time at both places. We played Cranium at my sister's house. I love that game. Totally rocks.

But, here is the best part of my post for today... I am getting this.......

Image hosted by

Isn't it beautiful. I have waited sooooo long for one... Over a year. But today Amy succumbed and said that I could get one. I am checking first to see if it is available at the Fiber Factory but if not I am ordering it from a place online. I have researched them out and haven't seen any problems with the place. OOOOOOHHHHH I can't wait.

That is just about all I have to say for the weekend. I will post more tomorrow.

Happy Knitting.

Friday, March 25

Done... (redux)

I realized only today that my post for Done.... was never posted. At least, the words weren't posted. So, I thought I would re-type everything over. I can't really remember what was all in the post except for one thing.

I finished my sister's birthday socks. They look super awesome and they are matching. I am super proud of myself. I am going out to her house tomorrow night to decorate easter eggs so I will get a picture of them on her. I think that with the left overs I am going to make her son a pair. I wonder if I can finish them before easter? Surely little kids socks are a lot quicker than adults right????

The toe-up German round toe socks are coming along quite nicely. I have about three more inches to do before I can do the heel. I am doing a reverse short row, so I will see how it goes.

Hmmmm... I was trying to think of what more I have to say, but alas I can't think at all. I had a long day at work and just want to relax and knit a while.

I will post more tomorrow.... happy knitting.

Thursday, March 24


I made my own version of the toe up german round toe. I have been wanting to learn to knit toe up for the longest time and I have been lazy about it. So after I knit about 20 rows on Test knit I decided to go for it.

It looks pretty good so far. I think that it makes it look a lot nicer. I am also going to learn how to do a backwards short row. Cool huh? I was going to do an afterthought heel but I think that they look sloppy and my stripes won't match up. On my plate today I have work and then heading over to Amy's moms. When I left work last night I had 4 back to back clients and am going to be in one position until like 5:30 tonight. Ah well, that's one of the downsides to the job.

Of to work. I will try to get a picture posted of my sock toe.


I made my own version of the toe up german round toe. I have been wanting to learn to knit toe up for the longest time and I have been lazy about it. So after I knit about 20 rows on Test knit I decided to go for it.

It looks pretty good so far. I think that it makes it look a lot nicer. I am also going to learn how to do a backwards short row. Cool huh? I was going to do an afterthought heel but I think that they look sloppy and my stripes won't match up. On my plate today I have work and then heading over to Amy's moms. When I left work last night I had 4 back to back clients and am going to be in one position until like 5:30 tonight. Ah well, that's one of the downsides to the job.

Of to work. I will try to get a picture posted of my sock toe.

Wednesday, March 23

Tuesday, March 22

knitting accomplished... and tip of the week.

I got to sit down and knit last night. I met up with some of the ladies at Essenza. A nice little place. Not somewhere I would take my first date to but it was cute. I cast on for the Denim Drawstring baby pants from LMKG. Tres Cute! *thank you again secret pal* They are moving along rather nicely.

I found my Southwest test knit. It was in my living room the whole time. I was asked where the three places it could have been were... My sisters, my work or somewhere in my house.... I am not too fond of knitting that but I know I need to get it done.

My sister's socks are begging to be knit. I have to do them! They just have a few more inches and then the toe is complete. Oh, Jen, the link to the German Round toe is on my sidebar.

I also wanted to share a knitting tip of the week. I am sorry about not doing one last week. I forgot..... So, in making good I have a few little tips to share with you...

Did you ever wonder why those size 7 bamboo needles are great and you can get gauge with them every time and those size 7 plastic needles make a big ol mess of you knitting?

Well, they probably aren't the same size. As much as we love our American sizing, there really is not rhyme or reason to it. It is a general estimate of the size of the needle. So that size 7 needle could be 4.5mm, 4.3 mm, 4.75 mm. So, always check what the mm size is on the needle. As that will be accurate. If it doesn't say the mm size on the package, you can bet that it probably won't be a "true" size.

Bonus Tip: We know that when you want to have a loose bind off you can just go up a needle size and bind off right? If you are find that your cast on is too tight, think about going up a needle size for you cast on too!

Have fun with these tips....

Happy Knitting.

Monday, March 21

I will knit today.... I mean it...

What to fill in on?

Yesterday Amy and I went to breakfast for our Anniv. and we had the worst waiter EVER! Okay not ever, but pretty darn close. To give a small peek into our time there, when he asked to take our order we were asked " What are you gonna eat?", Amy ordered hers and when she asked what yogurt was available he said, "It's in the menu....". I started giving him my order but I had to call him back so I could finish my order.... Everything went okay from there, but I had gorged myself early on in the meal so when he came up to see if everything was okay, rather than just asking that, " I got....."What's wrong with your food?" Nice huh? A few minutes later it was very obvious that Amy was still eating, she was putting food in her mouth.... He came up and tried to take her plate away. Amy stopped him, but his excuse.... "Well, we're busy." I will not give out the name of the place as I love love love going here and I don't want others to get a bad idea of it. I have never had crap service there before and I doubt I will again, but sometimes you just gotta vent. Other than that our anniversary was great.

Project update:
Amy's birthday socks: incomplete. I have just been lazy.
SWTC test knit... MIA.... I don't know where I left it at... I am thinking of three places

Those are really the main things I have been working on. I want to start on a tank from the new Interweave Knits. It is made with Pakucho Cotton, but I think I will make it out of some of the chenille I got from the southwest sale. We'll see.

Oh, for those that don't already know I have set up a SNB blog for our Phoenix group. It is quite plain right now but I will have more stuff added on later.

Happy knitting

Sunday, March 20

what is there to say????

Not too much important news to say today. It is our anniversary. 6 years together. We don't have any real plans, just going out to practice and then we are hitting my sister's house... life can not interfere with Amy's band practice. ;)

I still haven't finished my sister's birthday socks. I am going to try and finish those up today.
I will post more tomorrow

Happy Knitting.

Thursday, March 17

have camera...must show pictures....

I took a few extra pictures this morning so I would have some things to post about later on... but I of course want to show them all off. I have to be at work at noon today and I am having a terrible time getting going...I want to be at home basking in the beautiful sunlight.... and knitting my heart away.... Speaking of knitting, I have a few projects planned out for the next few months..... I know that some of them will go rather quickly but I am still going to say a few months...

The first yarn is actually knitted up, I am just doing the detail work on it. This is a prototype bag for something bigger planned. I had said before that I was thinking about doing a pattern for Southwest Trading Co. but still not sure. The inspiration came from this bag. If you click on the thumbnail and look at the very top you will see a a row of freshwater pearls in the holes. I am really liking how this is turing out.

(oh this yarn was also an RAOK that was sent to me!)

The next one is a scarf called Strawberry Parfait. If you look closely at the little beads on the upper left side they are little strawberries. How Cute, huh?

I don't have names for the other two projects. I just really liked the beads and how they went with the yarn. I don't know how I am going to attach any of them right now but I will figure that out later.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, March 16


I have a few pictures to post of yarn.... The first one is a great big whopping thanks to my secret pal... I love everything in there..... Here is what I got in the mail from my secret Pal yesterday.

What is all this stuff?

There is a great CD with a great mix of songs on there. I will write more about what music I like for you later....

There are some handmade stitch markers (in purple my fav color)
Three Skeins of Rowan Cotton Denim... to make the baby pants from last minute knitted gifts that i have been wanting to make for forever... and yep three skeins are enough!
Some wonderful merino sock wool... Don't think I will make socks out of it but I will make sumthin....
A really cute card with a gorilla/monkey guy on the front... Sorry I don't have a picture of that to show... but you can see it's foot in the picture...
and the cutest little sheep tape measure... I have been wanting one of those for awhile but I have been to cheap to buy one.

I am also posting a picture of the Valentines gift my secret pal sent to me.... I had to collect everything back together to take the picture... *the box of chocolates was eaten that day, but I have it filled with beads now, along with the other little tin....

There was knitting tonight at Mama Java's and it was pretty fun. I didn't get to knit to much because we had an "emergency" committee meeting. Before that, though, Martha and I went to Southwest Trading CO's yarn blow out... there wasn't much left when we got there but I did manage to walk away with a few things... Some turquoise chenille and melody yarn that will be a shawl or something, a $2.00 drop spindle. I am not too sure how good it is but I will try it out.... I also got two skeins of some hand dyed soysilk... Martha got one of the same color ways and it is knitting up quite lovely. So, here are some pics of what I got... Think I did quite nicely for $27.00. Don't you think?

Happy Knitting...

Monday, March 14

knitting anyone?

I had a wonderful post done and then blogger ate it... I hate it when that happens. So, seeing as how I am pressed for a wee bit of time I will make this post short and write more later.

Later today I will be knitting at Mama Java's around 4:30 or 5:00. And then will be staying for the poetry night. If anyone is interested let me know on the SNB site... Happy Knitting

Sunday, March 13

You asked... So I shall answer...

I got a question for where the bead shop I went to was.... the one I went to was D and I beads in Glendale. Lots of beads, a wonderful staff and awesome prices... I have to admit that I went again yesterday afterwork and spent about 20 bucks there... I walked out with a ton of beads and a load of ideas... I have been wanting to do some beading with my knitting lately but couldn't really think of anything to do. With some of the yarn I got from Southwest for my sweater I knit I have a couple of projects planned out... I am going to my sister's today so maybe I can get some pictures up... Hopefully...

I don't really have that much more to input here... I have been working all week and haven't been doing much knitting. The knitting I have been working on is a test knit. So same ol same ol.

Sorry for the boring post...

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, March 9

beads galore...

I went into a bead shop today. This was the first time I have been into a "real" bead shop. I was looking for a needle to fit on some freshwater pearl beads. I had been into a bead shop in Sedona and the Bead Museum store in Glendale but this was awesome... Who knew that there were so many dang beads in this world. I was talking with the owner and she had told me they are planning on expanding... YIKES!

So, my goal this evening is to get the pearls attached to the purse that I am working on. I also want to finish up a felt bag that I am knitting too. These are just little side projects. I was having no desire to knit on the Oasis Shell from Southwest today. I think that if I get a few of my projects done it will inspire me to work a little more on it...

Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, March 8

Tip Tuesday and more yarn to talk about...

So, here is my knitting tip of the week for today. I found this tip out when I just gotten into knitting...Some of you may have heard it last week on Knitty Gritty but here it is...

You find two yarns that you are in love with and want to knit them together but don't know what needle size to use.... Look at the ball band and see what the mm size for the needle is...(yep, those are finally coming in handy for us Americans) Just add the mm sizes together, then find what the closest mm size in for a needle and start knitting.... Example?
You have these two balls of yarn...
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

The Crystal Effects yarn is knit on size 8 needles, so that makes it 5 mm. The Odyssey yarn is knit on size 7 needles, so that makes it 4.5mm.
4.5 + 5 = 9.5
The closet mm size to that is a size 13 (9mm).
Cool huh?
So, I also forgot to mention that I went up to Jessica's on Sunday. I didn't stay very long. Amy had a class that I had to pick her up at. But I did manage to walk away with some Baby Alpaca yarn. Nope, it's not for me. I am sending it off to my Secret Pal... I have the package all done and I just need to send it off today. I hope that she likes it.
Amy and I are off to Ikea today. We are going to get some chairs for the living room. Not anything to fancy, we just have a couch and if you have more than one person over some one has to sit on the chairs from the dining room table.
I started on my next project form southwest. It is tank and it is coming along nicely. It is a very mindless knitting project so I can work on that in front of the t.v.
I might meet up with Brooke tonight to do some knitting, so if anyone is intersted let me know and we can figure out where to meet at and junk...
Happy Knitting .

Monday, March 7

oooo yarn and lots of it...

First I got my first RAOK the other day. I got it on Friday. I checked my mail box and there was this wonderful package from Michelle. It was this wonderful yarn that has a tweedy effect to it. I love it!!!!! Of course, I had to start knitting with it right away. I am just about finished with a purse that will be my spring purse. Sorry Party and Sun yarn I love this one so much better. :(

I went to Southwest today and turned in my Calypso top. I didn't get any pictures of it, sorry folks. I came home with a toooonnnn of goods. I did take a few balls of Calypso in a beige color and then I also got lots of misc skeins that are tester and sampler skeins. Way cool. I have so much now that I don't know what to do with it all. It will just be added to my stash. I was also thinking about designing a purse pattern for them. I have been thinking about it all weekend as for how to do the pattern but I havne't quite gotten the schematics worked out on it. I will try to get a picture posted of what I got but I have to borrow a camera... I hate not having one... I was thinking even if I get a cheap one it will still be better than nothing....

We'll see.

Happy Knitting

Friday, March 4

I finished my Calypso top. Most of you who were at the Changing Hands SNB know that already. I am going to take a picture of my niece in it this weekend. It is supposed to be a medium but it looks like it will be one of those mediums that will be tight on someone who wears a size zero. I am giving it back on Monday. As horrible as it is to say this, I am glad that it is going back. I got a little tired of working with the yarn by ball 4. It just got tiring. Although, working on that sweater has inspired me to knit more sweaters. I am not sure if any of them will be for me but I want to. I think that maybe I will concentrate on some baby sweaters.

I have to finish Amy's sock by Wednesday. I have been putting that off. I started and completed a purse. Well, at least the knitting and crocheting part of a purse. I also bought the jump ring and the clasp for it. I just have to get the collars for the handles.

I am going to Jessica Knits on Sunday. I need to pick up some Koigu for my secret pal. I was also thinking of stopping off at the Eddie Bauer store tomorrow. But I will see how my tips go before I decide whether or not to go there.

That is the nice thing about my job. Most days I will have cash on hand. Even if it is 5.00, it is still cash! I am horrible about carrying cash with me.

I am off to work on another purse. I want to get my melody yarn knit up.
Happy Knitting

Tuesday, March 1

Tip Tuesday.

I am trying a new format on my sidebar. I am going to post a tip for the day of Tuesday in my post and then will have that tip all week long on my sidebar. I have been coming across some lovely little knitting tips lately and want to share them.

Here is the first one....

If you are knitting with an eyelash or fancy dangly yarn...

Cast on and bind off very loosely. Take a strand of the yarn and gently pull it through your fingers. Look at which way the fringe is going. When you start knitting with it the strand of yarn should flow "away" from you... (facing the world and not you). If you need to pull the sloops formed with the tip of your needle to make it fuller. And then... the biggest part of all use the PURL side as your Right side for your work. This will give you full dimension of the yarn. It sits better and allows for all the texture to show through. The stitches are less compacted on the purl side.

Hope you have fun with that piece of information.

Happy Knitting

Monday, February 28


I had to post for a second time this evening. I had been looking at a purse pattern for a while and was really wanting to figure out the pattern myself but it just wasn't working out. So, I got online today and started looking at it again. I was having a total yarn/knitting store urge so I went out to Family Arts Needlework Shop. They are open Mondays. YAY!!!!! I went with the book number.... # 232 and they had it...

This was the pattern I was looking for...

But I stumbled upon these....

What are the chain handles you ask? Well they are dog's choke chains... What a much better use for them than around a dogs neck.... (without saying more, I get a little psycho when people use choke chains on their dogs.) I have the perfect yarns picked out for them. I can't wait to get started on them.

As for Calypso.. as much as I am trying I don't think it will be done tonight... As always life got in the way.. I will try hard though...

Happy knitting
I always try to think of some witty title and today I have nothin' sorry. So, I am just leaving it blank.

I have been working on Calypso. I just started into ball number nine and was only supposed to use up eight. I think it's a good thing that Jonelle gave me a few extra balls "just in case". I am almost to the arm holes on the front of the sweater. I have two more inches to go before I can start the decreasing and then after that it is smooth sailing. My goal is to have it finished by this afternoon or this evening. I want to get it to her tomorrow so I can start working on something else. Shannon had said that she didn't want to be a test knitter as she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to finish it becuase of time or the big one...she would get tired of working on it so she would just stop knitting it.

I had thought about not being able to complete it because of time constraints and as you all know how I am about finishing projects, I was more than worried about that one, too! So of course everything else got put on hold. Clapotis is sitting there, I haven't had the heart to rip back from where I made my mistake. My sister's socks, which need to be finished by March 9th are awaiting completion, my tweed socks are just sitting there, I know that I won't be able to get them done before warm weather comes in, and everything else I have been working on is just sitting there. I have cheated here and there and got a few rows worked on this or that but mostly I have been stuck on Calypso. I was thinking about all of this last night and telling my sister how much I missed working on other projects and then I realized something...


I am rather proud of that. It makes up for the fact that I haven't worked on other stuff. Awesome!

So, other news that I have to report...

My sister and I went to Fry's last night to get some soda's and other stuff for dinner and we were stopped on the way out....we were trapped.... and were pressured into buying a few things from these wonderful saleswomen...It was their smiles and enthusiasm... Okay okay it was the cookies.... WHO could say no to Brownies? Not me and not my sister... I walked away with these...

Looking for pictures of the cookies I stumbled across this... I am brainy, mysterious, complex...

I am off to take Maggie to the Vet today, she has to get her teeth scraped and some other work done that is not quite so nice to describe... I will just say that it deals with her bottom half...
I am also going to Bookman's. I gotta get rid of some more books. I think that I will just take the money this time... Or find out if I can use the credit at the other Bookmans in Mesa. I am going to finish my Calypso top today too!

Happy Knitting.

Friday, February 25

Big Happy Super Smile Post Time

So, I have been watching Most Extreme Eliminiation that we had recorded. I am so addicted to that show. For those who don't know what it is, it is an English dubbed Japanese challenge show. But the dubbers make the people doing the challenges look like total asses. I love it. I have decided that this post is going to only have Big Happy Super Smile subjects.

So on that note I picked up these materials at the fabric store today. The yellow one is for my purse that I got the yarn for last week and the other I just fell in love with so I had to have it. I have some yarn in that color so I think it will look really pretty.

I am awaiting our pizza and wings from Streets of New York. We both wanted Oregano's but were to lazy to go and pick up the food so we are settling. Don't ya just love those days.

Happy Knitting my friends....

Thursday, February 24

Fighting in front of friends...

It seems that there is a lot of bitchiness going on in the air.....(NO!!! Not you folks with the blogs. I could care less about that crap!) I am talking about first my sisters.... WATCHOUT. They are both in psycho bad moods and have been for the last few days.
Last night I ended up getting into an argument with Amy in front of our friend Martha... Amy got pissed at me about YYY Topic. (Sorry I can't tell more but there are some things about my personal life that I need to keep off the internet!) Normally, not a problem and I would blow it off. But Martha was over and Amy proceeded to freak out at me in front of her...So, we go into our room. I tried to smooth things over and well we all know how well that can work when someone is pissed off. I, being the not so calm and rational person that I am get upset and we are in each other's faces. It isn't until 10 minutes into the yelling that I remember that Martha is sitting in our living room trying to act like nothing is happening. Amy yells at me to "Fuck off" and says she is going to bed. I slam the door and go about watching the rest of Project Runway with Martha. (mind you, Martha has been our friend for over 7 years apiece...she knew each of us seperately before she knew us as a couple.)
Most of the time, as with last night, we can get it out of our systems and we are done. We wake up in the morning (in the same bed)...still a little upset but okay. We will make it to year number 6.

Martha and I meet up for coffee after I get off work. I get there first. I am sitting there working on my STUPID Calypso top that is never finshing.... and we talk about what we are drinking and then she "splats" it out... "Are you going to break up with Amy now?" WHERE IN THE HELL DID THIS COME FROM?????? This is not the first time she has seen us get into a fight and of course it probably won't be the last time...She proceeds to tell me that we just aren't meant for each other and that we are hurting each other emotionally more and more each day and that there is no reason for us to be together. WHERE DID THIS COME FROM????? Of course, me being in the tired and grumpy mood I am after being on my feet for the last 6 hours of my shift at work I am not in the mood to argue but of course I am in the mood to make snide comments... What was the comment you ask?
"Martha you are one to talk about healthy relationships...... I am not the one who got kicked out of her apartment because of her boyfriend and then takes him back two months later and proceeds to take advantage of him for almost a year.... to "get him back"..."

Needless to say the evening ended quite quickly after that. I shouldn't have said it but I did, I will probably call her later tonight and work it out but it makes me wonder about what is going on in the air. It is total cat fight time..

I am developing a theory on this bitchiness that is going around, at least here in Phoenix. Normally, our spring begins now, the time for love in the air, our animal instincts for affection and love, for nurturing and mothering and all sorts of other womanly goodness are supposed to going on right now... and folks do we see any spring going on? NOPE. Nothing but rain rain rain and more rain. So, I think that nature wrecked our emotions and psychological wellness and putting us all into a funk... I am looking forward to a few good days with out rain...They say it is supposed to be at least until Tuesday but we will see what happens.

Happy Knitting and Happy Hoping for Spring...

Wednesday, February 23

Such is life..

So, with all intentions of going to the Fiber Factory yesterday I ended up not going. I had to stop and return a book as well as yarn yesterday. So, as Martha and I are heading well in to the direction of Mesa the following conversation happens...

Me: "Oh crap, I forgot the freakin' yarn!"

Martha: "Do you want to turn around and get it?"

Me: "No, I will just buy what I can and put the rest on hold."

Two or three miles up the road....

Martha: "We have to turn around"

Me: "Why?"

Martha: "I forgot my bank card...."


We turn around and decide that we really don't want to go to the Fiber Factory all much anyways.

I got to knit with Shannon last night. Yep! We are both alive and doing well. I also sent off a package to my secret pal and thanks to the invention of computers and a tracking number my package is sitting in a FedEx building somewhere in Sacramento, California. Cool. I am in the process of gathering ideas for my next package to send out. My SP loves Saint Patricks Day so it is going to be quite themed....

I have to get my buns moving on the Calypso top. I am just two inches away from the decreases on the 2nd sleeve. Then all I have to do is knit the front and the neck... Easy peasy...

Happy Knitting...


Tuesday, February 22

Martha and I are headed over to Fiber Factory. I need to do a return and she wants to buy more yarn. I think it is so fascinating to watch other people get yarn for new projects. Especially those who don't have a yarn stash, or at least those who don't have a huge one like me.

I put a shout out to get some people on the westside to come and knit with me tonight but I don't know if it is going to happen. Amy has band practice tonight and I don't want to be sitting there so I jus might go and hang out by myself anyways. My niece may come with me and do her homework.

I am contemplating buying this book:

I have checked it out from the library a few times and I like the patterns in the book. Very quick and simple to work on. If I do buy it, it won't be for a few weeks. I have a few other main things to buy first.

We'll see. I have a few rows done on my summer purse. It is made of fluffy goodness. I don't think that everyone will like the way the colors are turning out but I do and that is all that matters right? I am trying to figure out what purse handles I want to add on there. Hmm...

I will write more later if I can
Happy Knitting.

Monday, February 21

A little party and some sun

I had lunch with Martha today. She was quite depressed today so we went to lunch to try to cheer each other up. I wasn't feeling so great myself so it didn't work out so well. I was driving home and I remembered that I wanted to check out the this little shop at Seventh street and Missouri called Family Arts Needlework shop. I had heard that they had some knitting supplies in there so I went in and ending up finding two lovely yarns there.

The first one was Classic Elite Bravo yarn called Hawaaian Sun. It is a silk and mohair blend. I picked up two skeins. Very yummy and of course the scanner doesn't give the colors justice.

The second one I came across I thought I could work in with the other one somehow, I just don't know how yet. But it is called Fantasi and made by a company called Marks and Kattens. It is a blend of wool, acrylic and Polyester. The name of the color? Party!

Yellow is not normally a color I would buy but with my total bill being 16.00 I had to grab them all! I figured that I could make my spring purse out of this. I haven't started on anything else lately so we'll see.

Happy Knitting my friends.
I don't have a title for this post. It is 12:00 at night and I should be sleeping but I wanted to get this posted.

The back of the Calypso is done. It looks really cool. Kind of bunchy at the top as the neck stitches are on a holder but I think it turned out rather nice. I also finished the increases of the sleeve on the Calypso. I am only 3 inches away from my decreases so that is exciting.

But I wanted to show off the pictures of what i have been doing...

I will write more when I am not so sleepy. Happy Knitting my friends.

Thursday, February 17

The curse has been lifted.

Thanks to a special someone out there I am looking at in my apartment, on my computer desk and near my being this special little present that my secret pal got me...

My secret pal rocks!
I have sore thumbs this morning. I stayed up way too late last night and worked on my Calypso top. It is kind of addicting. I am only 3 inches away from finishing the back of the sweater! Yay!
Of course, I got side tracked and started working on the sleeves. Only realizing after I had knit 6 inches into the sleeve that I would be done with the back by now. Oh well, that is life.

I am feeling up to par this morning. I still need Dayquil but I can function. Better than yesterday. I get to have my haircut this afternoon. I can't wait. This mop needs to go. I also get my order from Aveda in. That is the one I think is crappy. If I want something from Aveda I can either order it and wait two and 1/2 weeks to get my discount on it or I can buy it right then and receive no discount. Grrrr. So, being that I need to bone up on my product knowledge I am going to list the benefits about the stuff I am getting.

Shampure Shampoo

  • Your everyday shampoo for those who do little with their hair
  • It has Morikue protein ( a combination of Brazil nuts and wheat protien) to fortify hair
  • A blend of 25 Pure Plant and Flower is the "signature" Aveda aroma
  • Allure's readers choice award for best shampoo

Shampure Conditioner

  • Everyday conditioner that provides environmental protection to your hair.
  • Infused with Morikue protein
  • Blend of 25 Pure Plant and Flower Extracts

Hand Relief

  • A super duty hand moisturizer for dry, chapped skin
  • Vitamin's A and E to nourish and soften skin
  • Contains plant emolliants to moisturize the skin
  • Editor's choice for best hand cream form Allure Magazine

Cuticle Control

  • Softens and soothes cuticle for easy removal
  • Contains corn based humectant to moisturize cuticle
  • Mineral based ingredients to break down protein bonds of the cuticle
  • Aloe to soothe the skin

So, I hoped you liked this little bit o' info... I am hoping to get more of the sweater done. I will try to get a picture of it posted before I have to send it back.

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, February 16

I got my first test knitting project yesterday. It is a sweater made from Calypso yarn. Unfortunately, there isn't a picture of the yarn, but it is like a ribbon/railroad yarn. I thought that it would be a pain to work with but it is coming along nicely. I have about 1/2 of the back of the sweater done. I had to go down a size on my needles, I guess I am a loose knitter. I never thought I would say that!

Anyways, I am not going to our SNB meet up tonight. I don't want to infect all the others with the dang cold. I feel a lot better today. I just know, though, that I will be hanging on to the cough for a couple of weeks.

What are the things to tell?

I finished the 5 hour baby sweater. It takes more than 5 hours but, it looks really cute. Sent it out before I could get a picture taken. D'oh.

I got some yarn for Amber's baby's sweater. I am going to knit the Baby's First Tattoo Sweater from the SNB Nation book.

I am going to work the stars and it is going to be done in black and red. That way if it is a boy or a girl it will still be really cute.

That's just about all I gotta say today. Have fun knitting tonight my SNB pals.

Happy Knitting.