Friday, July 21

honey, I am home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't matter how well you know someone. There is nothing like being in the comfort of your own home. I mean lived with my sister just a few months back but how quickly I adjusted to living on my own again. I think that most of it was the long drive to and from work every day. I would leave the house at about 5:45 and not get home til about
7:30 every night.

My niece is coming over on Sunday and I am going to use her as cheap labor. She wants money and I want a clean house, so we have come to an agreement that she is going to come over and clean up my apartment on Monday while I am at work and I am going to come home to a clean kitchen, bathrooms and vacuumed floor! YAY!!!!

This week the Yarn Harlot is coming to Phoenix, and I am going to be there! I bought her books the week they came out and have devoured them all! I can't wait!

I bought a book today that is quite cute. It is all knitted toys. Tres Cute.

Have a great weekend and Happy Knitting!

Saturday, July 15

mi casa es su casa

I am house sitting again for my sister. She is lounging in the warm sun of Hawaii.
And here I am stuck in Phoenix with 115 degree weather and a heat advisory. Although, I do get to swim in her pool, so I guess that it makes up for it.

Amy and I have had a pretty expensive day today. On Tuesday, she went to take the Escape in to get it ready for emissions. It had been doing this chugging thing for a little while and she figured that it better be taken care of before it was emissions time. Well, it turns out that it was the computer and it was going to cost about 1500 bucks to fix. Her brother in law, who is rather car savvy told her it would be better in the long run for her to get a new car. So, today she is the proud owner of a new NEW new Ford Fusion. Wait, what is that you say.... Yes I did talk a few months back about an Amy getting a fusion. Yes... my sister and my girlfriend, same named, have the same car. Anyway, she got a pretty good deal on it and we got more for the trade in on the Escape than we thought that we would so it works out in the end.

In about a month we are going to head over to Anaheim, CA. She has a pal that lives over there and we are going to invade her apartment. I am also going to get myself a lovely little birthday present at that time too! We will be passing by the Coach outlet and I have decided that I am going to work overtime and get my self a two or three seasons passed Coach purse.... I have always wanted one and I figured that I could get it if I work over time. Also, if I get it at the outlet, I can't go and have buyers remorse and return it. It will be mine forever.

It also looks like we are going to hit Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend. I know, I know what am I thinking. But hey, I will have a three day weekend and an extra paycheck that week, so I am willing to go and do it. There are a few of us going so hopefully that will make the rates of the rooms a wee bit cheaper.

Secret Pal, I have started knitting up the yarn you gave me. I love it. Thank you so much for thinking of me and sending me something I have wanted to try out. I like the pattern that you sent out too, although, I am waiting to use that on another yarn I have sitting in my stash!

I am working a few secret small projects to give to a couple of friends that read this so I can't really talk too much about them. I can say, though, that they are way cool!

I hope that everyone has a good week

Happy Knitting.

Monday, July 10

wooo hoooo!

A big fat thank you goes out to my secret pal. I was going to try to get some photos up but of course I dug into everything and well, it isn't very pretty to take a picture of a half used bar of soap and a dirty washcloth.... Okay

I made this sound horrible but my sercret pal sent me a super yummy smelling bar of soap Lemongrass. I could smell it outside the package. and a hand knit washcloth to go with it and this fabulous ball of yarn from fiesta yarns in a color way called quince. She also included a pattern to go with it!

Thanks again secret pal. I will post more later but I gotta hit the sack. work is coming super early tomorrow.

Sunday, July 2

wedding bell blues? Nope not me!

Well, they did it. My friend who never thought she was going to be married, tied the knot last night. She was a beautifull blushing bride. For all the craziness that it was befor hand, it went pretty smoothly during the ceremony and the reception. The only real misshap of the night was my dress strap breaking! Of course, with the dress how it was I didn't have any thing holding me up so when I went to hug a friend I hadn't seen in a while, I almost gave him a full show. Thankfully someone had a safety pin! But of course the night wore on!

So, I picked up a few items at the Fiber Factory sale. *(AMY I REALLY DIDN'T SPEND ALL THAT MUCH ON IT and it was a super deal!!!!) A skein of allhemp 6 to play with, a couple of skeins of Debbie Bliss silk and a skein of silk kaalund to send to my secret pal.

Speaking of secret pals... I am sorry... I was just told today that I was sent a package. My office left a note on my door and when I read my comments I saw that you had asked if I received anything.. I haven't been home when they are open so I will get it as soon as possible. I am soooo excited about getting it! YAY!!!!! I will post pics of it when I open it! I can't wait!

I am off to bed. I was too tired to finish this the day I wrote it, I had to save it in draft and complete it on monday. I wish you all a happy independence day... this is my favorite of all holidays!

Happy Knitting~