Friday, March 25

Done... (redux)

I realized only today that my post for Done.... was never posted. At least, the words weren't posted. So, I thought I would re-type everything over. I can't really remember what was all in the post except for one thing.

I finished my sister's birthday socks. They look super awesome and they are matching. I am super proud of myself. I am going out to her house tomorrow night to decorate easter eggs so I will get a picture of them on her. I think that with the left overs I am going to make her son a pair. I wonder if I can finish them before easter? Surely little kids socks are a lot quicker than adults right????

The toe-up German round toe socks are coming along quite nicely. I have about three more inches to do before I can do the heel. I am doing a reverse short row, so I will see how it goes.

Hmmmm... I was trying to think of what more I have to say, but alas I can't think at all. I had a long day at work and just want to relax and knit a while.

I will post more tomorrow.... happy knitting.

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