Monday, March 21

I will knit today.... I mean it...

What to fill in on?

Yesterday Amy and I went to breakfast for our Anniv. and we had the worst waiter EVER! Okay not ever, but pretty darn close. To give a small peek into our time there, when he asked to take our order we were asked " What are you gonna eat?", Amy ordered hers and when she asked what yogurt was available he said, "It's in the menu....". I started giving him my order but I had to call him back so I could finish my order.... Everything went okay from there, but I had gorged myself early on in the meal so when he came up to see if everything was okay, rather than just asking that, " I got....."What's wrong with your food?" Nice huh? A few minutes later it was very obvious that Amy was still eating, she was putting food in her mouth.... He came up and tried to take her plate away. Amy stopped him, but his excuse.... "Well, we're busy." I will not give out the name of the place as I love love love going here and I don't want others to get a bad idea of it. I have never had crap service there before and I doubt I will again, but sometimes you just gotta vent. Other than that our anniversary was great.

Project update:
Amy's birthday socks: incomplete. I have just been lazy.
SWTC test knit... MIA.... I don't know where I left it at... I am thinking of three places

Those are really the main things I have been working on. I want to start on a tank from the new Interweave Knits. It is made with Pakucho Cotton, but I think I will make it out of some of the chenille I got from the southwest sale. We'll see.

Oh, for those that don't already know I have set up a SNB blog for our Phoenix group. It is quite plain right now but I will have more stuff added on later.

Happy knitting

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