Thursday, August 31

I'm walking in a spider web...

Okay, I was on row 90 something of my Charlotte's Web Shawl and found that I had made massive mistakes. So, being the person that I am I ripped it out from beginning. Why? Well, I had this one colorway that had this horrible pinky salmony color in it. Horrible! So, after getting two new balls fo koigu I started again. Only here I am, once again back tracking my knitting to figure out where I made my newest mistake at. ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH! But, I think it is only two rows back and that isn't too bad. I really think that I am going to try out running a "saver thread" through after each color section.

I wasd also gifted a ball of yarn today called margarita. Not my colors of true choice, but seeing how i am not one to turn down free yarn I snatched it up. I know a lovely little 5 year old that will think the colors are fabulous.

Off to try to get my scarf corrected. Don't feel to much like telling of the job hunt, to lame to talk about it today... :)

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, August 30


I had one of those throw it to the ground I am done with knitting moments the other day. I was not able to get the jaywalker socks right. I was always having one extra stitch, then I would have to go back and couldn't figure out where the heck the problem was.

My CRAP-otis is sitting in my knitting bag, because some how i ended up with more stithces and rows that I needed for a drop stitch, which, by the way, I've dropped 8 rows of that so far. I have yet to have the patience to take that back, I mean how do you pick up dropped stitches that are all they way down. Do I even dare to try that?

I also was covered in webds the other day, from this lovely little number I some how added an extra stitch once again. So, I was half way unknitting my rows of mistakes and after dropping stitch after stitch after stitch, I said screw it and threw it on the ground mid row. It is still there this morning. I know that i need to go pick it up but dang it... i am just too proud right now.

Laundry is on my list of things to do today. I thought that not having a job would me be more motivating for me to clean the apartment, but nope, I am perfectly content to sit on the couch and watch the t.v.

On the job front, a guy from the staffing agency and I are playing phone tag. He has said that he has a couple of things for me, so we will see how that goes.
I also got a call from my old boss at Western. He had told me of a position open for what I was doing with another company and that he would give the guy my name.

So, we will see where that leads me. I am kinda enjoying this little vacation though.

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, August 23

Love Loss.

After haveing two wonderful months at my job, the company that bought ours out decided that it didn't need all of us. In a company of about 250 they took around 35. I of course was not one of those lucky people.I am trying to make the best of this and am seeing it as a motivator to get my house clean and what not. I have applied to what seems like a million jobs these last few days. So, hopefully I will learn something in the next few weeks.

And of course, how life always works that way, I come home, check my mail and I have a present from my secret pal! It was filled with lots of fab goodies... I got some lovely
Regia sock yarn in this colorway

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I love this color! I have socks already in mind to make it. My secret pal wanted to know if I liked Regia and yes yes yes I do... I prefer that over every other yarn type for socks. Maybe it is the part German in me... who knows!

I also got this little bad boy...

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I am super excited about this cause I was going to head to the store this weekend to buy some more!

The box was filled with lots more goodies... a yummy lime smelling candle.. It is lit right now! Powerful and great smelling! Some lip balm, a great eyemask, a little carryall sack, a notepad with fruit on it, tres cute and its going on the fridge, and a cool bookmark...

Ooooh. I also got to find out who my secret pal is...

Thank you Pal! I loved everything I got from you! I will get pics of those socks up when i get to working on them!

Off to work on junk around the house. Happy Knitting

Monday, August 14

A pea in the iPod.

Wooo hooo.

I had been having a really craptastic week and my dear love decided to make my weekend with this lovely little present.

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I am the proud new owner of a Nano. Love it love it love it. Work was a breeze today with this little guy in hand...

I am working on Clapotis. I started dropping stitches the other day, but as usual Becky style I got called into socks. It always happens that way doesn't it?

I want to finish Clapotis though. It is calling me... :)

I am getting ready to send a package out to my secret pal. She loved the last one that I had sent to her, so I hope that this one is going to go off rather well. I have a few more things that I want to add to it, but that has to wait for payday friday! Of course, being from Arizona I have to send her a cactus. I know that a lot of people think that they won't be able to grow a cactus outside of the state but my mom's aunt who lived in Iowa had the best method of watering the plant. She would watch the weather and if it rained in Arizona, then she watered the cactus. If not, it didn't get watered. The last I heard a few months back it was still growing strong and it was brought back to Iowa in the 70's.
Pretty Nifty huh?

Well, that is pretty much it for today. I have to get to bed. I have a long day tomorrow. Well, not quite that long, I do have my Nano to keep me entertained!

Happy Knitting.

Friday, August 11

I am heavily working on clapotis. I am a few rows short of getting to the dropping part... I know I know what the heck am I doing sitting here typing on the computer when I am that close right?????????????

Truth is... I am exhausted. I went over and did a friends hair tonight...actually, it was hers, her husbands and the two boys hair...after working all day... I am poooped and I want to be able to throughly enjoy what I am going to do!

Maggiel, my chihuahua, has been clinging to me like nobody's business lately, so her and I are meeting my brother in law tomorrow and I get to watch my nephew while he does
ninjitsu practice.

If you happen to really look through the site.... he is so not that crazy about it... he keeps telling me that I should do it but I keep telling him nah.... Matt (my nephew) loves it cause daddy is a ninja and that is cool....

I picked up a copy of this book the other day

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I have a ton of people in my life that are getting ready to pop out kids and I want something easy to do...

Well that is about it for today... Happy Knitting :)

Wednesday, August 9

Sorry for such a late post. I have been going through a little hecticness at work this last few weeks. The wonderful company that I was to finally feel settled at, has massive issues right now. I am not feeling too much of going into the details so I will just pass over the junk.

I have decided to jump on the clapotis band wagon, yep, I know it is a litte behind, but hey, a girl has to do it once right? I have some Beautiful Noro Silk Garden that I am using for it...

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Of course the computer never does justice to the beautiful color.

I am also getting ready to start making Amy some socks. She has decided that she doesn't really want a sweater anymore right now, so I can at least give her socks...
Plain Vanilla (okay plain grey socks) but still its knitting...

I will post more later...I have promised to do laundry and clean up my yarn mess.

Tuesday, August 1

Since U Been Gone....

I went to the Kelly Clarkson concert last night. Mostly out of a charity case for my sister, who didn't want to be ditched by a group of 13 year olds. And of course, she was right, the minute they got there, they booked it. I thought the concert was going to be quite, well American Idol-fantastic.... But the girl can sing! I am not sure how many people out there are really into her pop music, but the concert aspect was awesome.

For those who haven't been to Cricket Pavillion, it is a total train wreck of a place for a concert. It is outdoors, the seat are horrible and it has a huge lawn area, but if you don't sit in just the right place for the lawn area you can't see squat of the concert. Luckily, we got a pretty good seat in the lawn section.

There was this little pad thing sitting out in the lawn area that hadn't been there before and most people thought that it was for cameras or something, but during her last two songs, she actually came to the lawn area and sang. It was pretty cool. My niece was having a heart attack because she was like 10 feet away from her with her friends. All in all, a pretty good concert.

I am tired and ready to go back to bed, but alas, work calls... I was going to hit some overtime in but not today, I am tooooo sleepy. :(

Happy Knitting. More to report Later.