Saturday, August 13

so this is the creative process?

I have been working my buns off trying to create a pattern for SWTC? How come it seems so easy in my head and then when I knit it, it looks like junk? Grrr...

As promised I have not started on the finishing of my Flapper Scarf... I am giving two more days for votes to come in on the finishing date... I have a few dates already... I didn't read the names of the commenters just the dates... I mean I read the entire comment but I didn't focus on the name.

Here are the dates I have so far -


There is one lucky date that still needs to be picked if someone out there picks the lucky date they will, too will get the yarn and the pattern from me to make a scarf! I am not telling you what the lucky date is but it has not been chosen yet....

Oooh this is so fun for me.
I will post more later. I am going to partcipate in International Pajama day tomorrow. Although, I do have to do a little bedroom manuvering. So I will try to do it as long as I can. :)

Happy Knitting


bethanie said...

Ok, I pick 9-11

Sarah said...

I Pick 9-17!

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