Tuesday, August 16


I have been working between my scarf, my purse for swtc and contemplating this wonderful little thing called Shibori.

I have some great ideas for working on a scarf done with Shibori. I am thinking of using some Noro Kureyon that I have been waiting to use. Most Shibori is worked with dyeing of the fabric but because I want to get my hands wet now with it I am going to use my Noro. I will have to do a couple of swatches to see what pattern I want to do but I am thinking waves again... I guess that it sums up how my life is feeling right now. You can find more about Shibori in the fall 05 Interweave Knits and at www.shibori.org

Contest info... all guessing is closed for the finishing date of my scarf. Unfortunately nobody picked my lucky date... It is September 10th. My Birthday!!!!

Happy Knitting.


tubbette said...

i am looking for shibori knit scarf patterns. If you run across any, can you email me?

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