Thursday, July 14

big fat duh for me...

I have been working and working on this test knit for SWTC and I hated it....mostly because the pattern was a piece of crap... unfortunately it was my thinking that was a piece of crap. I had been doing this pattern wrong the whole time... So, now that I have the back and one of the sides done I have to go back and re-work them correctly. GREAT!

I am working my buns off with trying to finish this tank. I have found a pattern for a shawl and I think that I can get a pretty nice size shawl out of three skeins of the Oasis.(which is what my yarn payment will be)

I am also going to find out if some felted bags are needed becuase I have a really cute idea floating around in my head. Hmmmm... we will see.

Not much more to say than that. I forgot to check out the coffee shop but will try and do that on Saturday... happy knitting

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