Tuesday, November 30

Yarn used for sister's slippers: $12.00

Yarn used for Grandma's washcloth's: $20.00

Yarn used from stash for scarf: $0.00

Getting all your Christmas knitting done by November 30th: PRICELESS!
The picture above has almost all the presents in there. I forgot Pat's slippers at work today. They are done. I just need to dye them. Also, the red thing is a wrap. It kind of blends together. The dark blue square next to it is Martha's satchel... I will bring it to the holiday party so there is a better view of it. That is Maggie in the lower right hand corner. Next to Amy's foot. ( sorry I was too lazy to crop it out)

Some other pictures I think are worth showing to ya'll:

The ornament for my aunts and uncles this year. I just couldn't get any idea to work, so I went for super simple.

The rest are pictures of my salon.

Happy Knitting....

Sunday, November 28

almost done...

Well, today was quite a productive day for me. I went to my sister's today. She helped me sew the lining for Martha's bag. I just have to sew it into the bag now. That will be a piece of cake. I also was able to get the ties done on Jessica's shrug. I just have to cut them to a proper length, as they are quite long. Finished up most of Pat's slippers. I just have to sew the soles onto the foot part. I will probably get that done tonight. I also have just one slipper left to do for my sister Amy. Not too bad huh?

Pat's slippers are going to be dyed. My SO Amy has told me that she doesn't like the colors and because they are going to her mom that she decides the color. :) So, although I am liking the colors quite well, I am going to dye them a forest green. I am going to do this before I felt them, but after they are sewn up.

I gave a shout out to my Crocheting instructor, Pam, but she did let me know that I should have said that it was my first piece. It is kind of blobby. So, I will give her the correct props now. I have been trying to learn to crochet since I was 14. My mom couldn't teach me so I ended up learning to knit when I was 15. I have had a bazillion people try to teach me how to crochet since then and I was finally able to turn the light on with Pam's help. She is a wonderful teacher!

So, there is not too much else to say. I don't have real work tomorrow. We are learning about a new color line, so I have 6 hours of sitting on my rear... YAY?!?!?!? Oh, I almost forgot... Congratulations Brooke on that cute little boy...

Happy Knitting to all...

Saturday, November 27


Today is a great day... WHY? Well, just look below... I have pictures galore for you viewing pleasure....

1) I got this in the mail today!!! YIPPPEE!!!!

2) I learned how to crochet! THANK YOU PAM!!!!!

3) I was able to a yarn swap with Alison and started Pat's slippers! The colorway is much nicer than it looks!

4) The colorway for my sister's slippers. It, too looks nicer in person than it does in the pic.

5) I found out that Amber really likes a scarf that I had... She kept asking her mom if I was making her a scarf for Chirstmas...one like mine... hoping that I would get the hint...so the hint was taken...Star Tat Scarf has been put on the back burner and she is getting this one for Christmas.

I have my idea planned for the Christmas gift exchange. Nope, nothing knitted and nope, not gonna tell anyone of ya... Although, if they turn out nice, I think that I might see if I can start selling them in yarn stores... Hmmmm.... I haven't seen anything like this out there, so I think I have the corner on the market...
Off to work on the slippers. Happy Knitting...

Friday, November 26

You are getting sleepy....

I am so tired of work. I love my job, but I am getting tired of the place. I have only 1 day off this week because there are only two of us that can cut hair. I am hoping that my boss will let me off early today but I doubt it. Granted I do work a short shift, but I want to just have two whole days off. I don't know when my next day off is either because Monday we have a color class and that is considered as a day off. Nice, huh? Oh, well no more whining about that place because when it comes down to it, I really do love being there!

I had a good day yesterday. We went to Amy's sister's house and my then to my sister's house. Got home at about 9:30 and then I crashed. My sister's decided to go and do the day after Thanksgiving shopping. I am soo sad because I wanted to be there with them.... Oh, well..

I got the new version of Kim's slippers done. I must say that these work up faster than anything else I have done. I am going to felt them to see how they turn out but, I think that they will be really nice... I talked it over and I am knitting anything for Amy's grandparent's. Thank goodness. I love making Christmas ornaments so I decided that I am going to make a few for them.

Off to work today...
Happy Knitting.

I will see you all at Jessica Knits tonight.

Wednesday, November 24

This is why you should buy patterns...

Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of great free patterns that are available to us on the web. A lot of these patterns have mistakes in them. When you buy a pattern, you don't purchase just the pattern, you are purchasing the fact that all the mistakes have been edited out. I know, I know I will admit that there are definitely times when you and I have both scratched our heads and began wondering what the pattern editors were smoking when they ok'ed a pattern. But I will stand by my belief that you get what you pay for...Case in point the Fuzzyfeet Slippers. I am not the only one who has had problems with this pattern, check this blog here,but more importantly here...

I had my sister try on her slippers and we both got a wonderful laugh out of it. They fit her fine but the looked like little green flippers and they are so wide that when she walked in them they started falling off her feet. It was so sad. So, as I have been complaining too much about this pattern I bought a new slipper pattern today. This is from Fiber Trends (# AC-15)

I hope that these turn out okay. I am thinking that with my left overs I will make Matthew some.

Alison, I know that you wanted a free jester hat pattern but I thought that this could help...

Anyways, I am off to go make pies for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am leaving you with 10 things I am thankful for as I am not going to be posting tomorrow.

1) My family
2) My ability to love
3) My job
4) That I live in a Democracy
5) Knitting
6) My friends
7) Intelligence
8) My adoring fans( okay they are my cats and my dog)
9) Being able to create
10) Knowing that if I have a dream of doing something I can achieve it.

Tuesday, November 23

Color me bad...

I had my first hair color disaster today. She wanted the whole zebera stripe highlight and the ones that I gave her were a little too blended for her tastes..Basically put...I gave her pretty but she wanted trashy. Oh well, I dealt with it.

I got invited to a cookie exchange and I am super duper excited about it. I love baking for the holidays...my sisters and I do it every year. I am bringing Cinnamon rosettes. I will post the recipe for them later...(Yeah right...she said that about the patterns too!!!...NO, I really mean it this time...I will post all of them!)

I haven't done much knitting lately. I have been too frustrated. Work has been crazy. I also have to frog the slippers that I am knitting. I am going to have to re knit them and I am not looking forward to it.... I think that I am going to get a new pattern though. I just am not happy about how big the ankles felted. They are huge!

Not much more to say. We are having friends over for dinner and I have to clean. I haven't done any real cleaning in about 3 weeks, so it's a good thing that they are coming over at 9 tonight!

Happy Knitting!

Monday, November 22

Why did I agree to this?

This afternoon I was talking to Amy and I ended up agreeing to knit her Grandparents and her Aunt Christmas presents. I know that she wanted something that was heartfelt for them and I knew that she was a little jealous that my Grandparents got handknit items. So I am adding two more to my Christmas list...and here I was thinking I would get it all done by the end of November. Not that I am making difficult things, Aunt Caren is getting a knit hat and Grandma and Grandpa are getting knit dishcloths. I have stash that I can use up so I am not too worried about the cost. I just want to get them done in time for shipping... So once again here is another list...


  1. Line Martha's bag
  2. Sew ribbons onto Jessica's shrug
  3. Knit 3 more washcloths for Amy's G & G
  4. Knit cap for Aunt Caren
  5. Finish Kim's slippers
  6. Finish Pat's slippers
  7. Finish Amber's scarf
  8. BREATH!

Happy Knitting!

I don't want to go to work today...

It is raining and it dreary and I just want to sit at home and lounge in front of the t.v. and watch nothing all day long. But no, I have to go to work today. I wish that our salon was like all the others and I had Monday off. I don't know when my next day off will be. There are only two of us now and my boss hasn't told us what our schedule was going to be like. She just said to be there at 11:00 and she will have the schedule up by then. GRRR.. more later. I am going to frog the slippers tonight. Not looking forward to it but oh well. I have to do what I have to do!

Happy Knitting.

Sunday, November 21

update on presents

I felted my first pair of slippers this morning. Not too impressed with how they came out. They are kind of big and lumpy bumpy. How come mine don't look as good as others? Maybe I should rip out what I have done and re knit it with two strands together? They just seem kind of flimsy and not warm at all. Hmmm. I don't know... I wish I had a camera to show you them but I don't sorry.

knit for me baby, uh huh , uh huh

I got requests last night for knitting. Specifically from Amy. She wants a cap with a bass clef on it. I also got asked by a friend if I would knit her something for Christmas like a purse or a scarf or just something.... I don't know how to feel about this. In one way I am honored that people think that I am good enough to make them something, but in another way, I feel like most people don't know the time and effort put into knitting something. Amy will get her cap. She deserves it. I just don't know when I will have the time to do it. I had heard that there is actually dye out there that glows in the dark. I was thinking that I could do the bass clef in the glow in the dark yarn, but I was thinking that it might be kind of cheezy! Hmmmm... what do you all think?

I had a good time at the knit in. There were only 5 of us that showed up...Nick came a little later and stayed for a while. I wish that it would have turned out more people, but it is always nice to meet up with people in smaller group settings. You just get to talk more, and your throat isn't sore afterwards.

I started on my 3rd pair of fuzzy slippers. (remember I forgot the first one at work) It is pink with a white cuff. To match the gloves that my sister ISN'T getting! I also started working on my present for the holiday gift exchange... I am not sure if I am liking how it is turning out, but I will keep working on it before I decide to frog so quickly.

Thanks for having us there Alison. You are wonderful. Ladies (and Nick) I had a good time last night!

Happy Knitting


Saturday, November 20

two down, four to go....

I finished up with my first pair of fuzzy feet felted slippers. They still need to be felted, though. I also got to the gusset of the 1st slipper in pair number two. I was hoping to work on that tonight, but I left it at work. D'OH. I have two size 10 1/2 circs so I will try the other pair out on that. I don't know why I didn't do that before. Sometimes I just don't think. Anyways, I hope to see some of you tonight. I am not going to be staying the night as I have work tomorrow but I plan on staying late! Happy Knitting!

Friday, November 19

What goes up must come down...

How is it that after a great day, it always ends up that the next day is crappier than normal? Don't want to go into super long stories, but had a fight with the car loan officer at the bank today. I got told two different pay off amounts. They of course wanted to keep the higher amount! After arguing for 30 minutes with her, I get a call from work asking if I can come in because Jean and Lindsay have gotten into an argument and Jean quits. (okay, not that I am all that upset about Jean leaving because she is CRAZY but it still is frustrating.) I come home. I have locked myself out of my car not the escape, but my crappy little jetta. GGRRRRR!!!

I don't want to dwell on that anymore. I turned the heel on slipper number two and I am working on the gusset. I think if I try hard enough I can get it done tonight! yay!

Oh, I know that I asked a few of you last night about this, but I was wondering.... how many are knitting something for the holiday party and how many are getting a knitting related item?

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, November 18

Taaa Daaa!

So, what do you think? I learned how to use photobucket for my pics. So much easier than picasa. Yippee! These are for my grandma's Christmas present. I am pretty sure she will like them. They are cotton chenille, how could anyone not like them?!?!?! Simple pattern... You can find it anywhere on the net... Look for fancy dishcloth or grandma's favorite dishcloth...
I went to the knit in at Jessica Knits tonight. Jessica is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I was talking with some of the gals from my SNB and realized that my last few posts have been kind of grumpy... Sorry about that... no real reason... I have just been feeling down in the dumps. I am giving you two lists tonight...
  1. Kim's slippers
  2. Amy's slippers
  3. Pat's slippers
  4. Amber's scarf


  1. Having an FO
  2. Getting a great job
  3. Matthew saying my name for the first time
  4. My dog Maggie
  5. Getting a great haircut
  6. Getting signed up for TiVo
  7. Getting published in a book
  8. Cooking
  9. My cat's Pepper Ann and Moose
  10. Life.....

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, November 17

Too faced... or just secretive?

I got a few loads of laundry done and thought what the heck and decided to go to Fiber Factory today. I used to knit with them on Tuesday and Thursday nights, but I haven't been doing that lately. I really miss it. I guess one of the reasons I stopped going was because I got so involved in my SNB group. Crazy sounding, right? Yeah, it kinda is, but the women that are at the FF don't have the greatest relationship with our SNB group. There was never a real reason why, but it was more than likely because they saw this and us as a trend....So anyways, it was kind of like being in an open relationship, but only one of the two people that you were seeing knew it was open...Get it? Silly I know, but that is how I felt. I did manage to spend some cash there. I got the yarn for my Grandma's washcloths and for Kim's slippers. My scanner is in a complete funk so you gotta wait for picutres. Sorry folks... You can't have everything.

The knit in at Jessica Knits is tomorrow night. I need to learn to really read and not to skim things over. I would have understood it more... I am going there earlier. I hope that she won't mind. It will also give me time to look at some of the yarn for a project I want to do after the new year.

I finished one of my sister Amy's slippers, I just have to cast on for the second one. I should have thought about making them a long time ago and then I wouldn't even be in this mess.

I still need to finish Amber's scarf. I love working down to the last minute....it makes me work harder, or so I like to think this.... I am trying to get organized but it really isn't working all that well, so here is my list of things I need to do before Chirstmas... if you guys get tired of seeing these lists then let me know...
  1. make the lining for Martha's bag
  2. Sew the ribbon's on Jessica's shrug
  3. Finish Amber's scarf
  4. Finish Amy's slippers
  5. Kim's slippers
  6. Pat's slippers
  7. Make Marie's present, not knitted but still will take some time.

Well, I hope you all had a good day. Mine is better!

Happy Knitting

where has all the knitting gone?

I have been too lazy or too tired to knit. I hate that. I have been slowly working on the felted slippers for my sister Amy. There really is no need to post a pic of them. Just think of a short forest green sock. Now think of it being able to fit King Kong!

I have also told my sister Kim that she isn't getting goves for Christmas. I keep messing up on the gloves big time and I don't want to give her a crappy present. So, she too, is getting a pair of felted slippers. Too bad I don't that yarn I bought for her gloves is a mix and won't felt. Oh well, I will knit something with it.

Sorry for the blandness of this post. I am feelig pretty lame today. I read on Brooke's blog that Jessica is having a knit in tonight. I will have to check that out. If so I might go. I just want to get away from my house. Which, I need to clean today. Maybe that is why my mood is so sour. I have serious laundry issues, (meaning that I don't do it until it becomes an all day event). I will set a little goal for myself to get a few loads done and then work on my slippers again. I want the first one done by tonight and the second one to have the heel turned.

Just wanted to also say sorry for no post yesterday. I worked until 8:00 and then we went out for drinks with a friend. I guess that is really no excuse... I mean some people are in labor and they are posting!!! ;)

Happy Knitting.

Monday, November 15

ooohhh ahhh....

I was finally able to get my grubby little hands on the Winter Issue of Interweave knits. It only took me forever! Okay, not really but I haven't been able to get over to the east side of town when a yarn store has been open, so I happened to pick it up at a Barnes & Noble out in Avondale. There are so many things I want to knit from that magazine. I can't wait. I think that I have decided on at least two things. The Mohair Cowl Pullover and the Pine Cone Scarf. I will put pics of what they are later.

Happy Knitting.

Sunday, November 14

The Energizer, it keeps going and going and going and going....

(Ha fooled ya! You though this was going to be about knitting...and me getting stuff done... nope!)

Our car battery died last night, while we were at Safeway. We got the groceries in the car and then nothing... it wouldn't start. So, we called a friend to come pick us up and then take us over to Autozone or somewhere but we couldn't get one of the screws off of the cables. It had been stripped and then when we tried to take it off, we just stripped it even more! So, my brother in law is coming over today and we are going to cut the screw off. I hope this works. So, if there happens to be any car designers out there that reads this or you know of any... I give you this idea...Why can't a car have a little sensor that says how many starts you have left on your battery before it needs to be replaced. I am not talking about having there all the time, but a little light that comes on in the dashboard that says your battery will die in about 10 starts. Then you know that you have to get a new one and no one is ever in that predicament ever again!

I decided to work Amber's scarf a little longer. I under estimated how tall she was. I think though that I don't have to go much more. Probably to about 50" and then to do star motif. That is the frustrating part..how much is enough?

I have also decided that I am going to finish my book of purse patterns by June of next year. I have a few designs in my head and I will probably do it through cafe press. I have been thinking about doing this for about a year and I just haven't ever done anything with it. More on this later though...

Off to get my car fixed...

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, November 13

But I want the goose that lays the golden eggs...

How is it that you don't have what you really want? I got a letter saying that the book wouldn't be released until December 1st. So imagine my surprise when I go to the SNB meeting at the bookstore last night and the new book is on the shelves! WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT!?!?!?! Oh well, I grumped enough about it last night, so I won't do it anymore.

Amber's scarf is almost finished. I have about 8" more inches before I can start the second star motif. After that it is only 8 rows then the bind off, and of course very very little seaming! YAY!

That means only 4 projects left to work on!

Grandma: chenille washcloths 3 of them.
Kim: Gloves
Amy: Slippers (no froo froo)
Pat: ??? I am thinking a scarf... but what yarn? has to be cheap and thick!

Off to work this morning. Happy Knitting!

Friday, November 12

Another day at home early...

I should be working right now, but I am off playing on the computer. Okay, I actually am doing some work, I had to print up some flyers for our salon and rather than sit at Kinko's I am doing the work here at home, the copier is spitting things out as I type this, really!!!

I did a few cuts today. I am not too sure how well my clientele is building up, but enough to make a decent pay.

I got my payment from Debbie today for my pattern! How cool is it to be paid for something that you love to do? She also sent a letter in there saying that the book was coming out December 1st now! Oh well, one more thing to look foward too!

Not much to say about knitting. We are having our SNB group tonight. I have a headache but I am hoping that it will be gone by then. I am only bringing my scarf to work on. If I don't have anything else to knit then I will get a lot done on that!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 11

Shouldn't I be knitting?

I know that Christmas is only a few weeks away but I am still sitting here blogging instead of knititng. A big thank you goes out to Illana for the idea for quick gifts...I think that I am going to add on to the idea and make it even quicker. Just go to Joann's or Michaels or even Walmart and buy one of these little guys... Taa Daa. I cord in minutes. I think that it is worth the 15 bucks! What a great way to use up your stash too!

I worked a few more inches on Amber's scarf. I have gone past the half way mark. It is all smooth sailing from there....or should I say smooth knitting? okay okay a bad one, I am tired okay!

My sister's Stethoscope cozy is being put on the back burner and I am making her slippers instead. I think that I said this before but I just wanted to give her something that she can use away from work. I still have to figure out what I am going to make my Grandma. I am still taking suggestions on this one. I need it to be about 20.00 and not take too much time! So, now that you have the necessary info...I will be expecting the ideas to pour in. :)

I would also like to welcome Pam to the blog world... Check out her blog...she is listed on my side bar!

Happy Knitting and Happy Thursday...

Gone Knittin'

I met up with Brooke tonight for knitting at Starbucks. It was kind of loud in there, but I we were able to hold a decent conversation. It is funny how you know somone but when you are able sit down in a smaller setting how much more you get to really know them. I had a good time with her. I also got a lot done on Amber's scarf. I think that I am going to oficially call it the "Star Tat Scarf". Amber has a tattoo on her back of pink, blue and yellow stars on her back that are on a bed of black ink. It looks really cool. I did this scarf modeled after her tattoos.

As most of you know, I hate purling and will avoid it all costs. I also hate working on dpns. I prefer to work on two circs. But, I had size 9 dpns and it came down to two choices on that scarf. I can either work the scarf knit flat after the intarsia stars and then purl for 4 feet or I can work it on dpns. I chose the latter. I really do hate working on dpns but I hate purling even more. Does this make me a "bad" knitter? Or just a lazy one? Or may even an ingenious knitter? Hmmmm.... I will let the public decide.

But anyways, the scarf is just over 1/2 way done and I am really excited. I want to finish it really bad because it is being knit in Red Heart Acrylic and I am getting antsy to work with better yarn. The discussion came up tonight about knitting gifts in acrylic. Yep, I am proud to say that I am will do it. I learned this lesson earlier this year when I knit a purse for a graduation present and all I got was an "oh, thanks". Not to bring up demons but you would think that someone who asked me that if I was paid would I make it for her , would be excited about getting it as a present! So, unless it is going out to people that I know will spend the time taking care of something, everyone else gets acrylic.

Happy knitting.

Wednesday, November 10

The front of Amber's scarf. The color actually came out right. See next picture.  Posted by Hello

The back of the scarf... if you look closely you can see the seam! and where I started working in the round.  Posted by Hello

what do I love about my job????

The fact that I am only three miles away from my apartment and I can come home to eat lunch and blog! I am just waiting for my soup to cool... Martha brought up to me the other day that she finds it funny that even though I am eating meat again, I will only eat vegetarian vegetable soups. I guess that i just found that I love the taste for it... Speaking of soups.. I am in search of a Vegan Butter Bean soup recipe, like the one they have at Souper Salad!

I got a few inches done on Ambers scarf. It is looking really nice. I have to work some more on Amy's slippers. *thanks for the tip Pam* I will try that on Matthews slippers. I gotta get out of here.

Back to cutting hair. I think that I will be at the Starbucks at Park Central Mall around 6:30 tonight. If anyone wants to stop in and knit with me I would love it... Happy Day and Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, November 9

trip to yarn store...

Why is it that no matter how little I am into a project. I feel the urge to cast on for another one. More on that in a little bit.
I got 13" done on Amber's scarf last night. Not too shabby, huh? I got to leave work early today. It was going to be dead and she needed me more for tomorrow than on today.
So, what did I do with my time this morning? I went to AZ knit and needlepoint. I decided that I would give it another try there and see if the service would be any better. I always think that I should give a place at least 2 trys before they are out. Well, they are out! I go in there and there are about 6 people in the shop and 2 obvious customers. I am in there for a good 20 minutes before I even get said hello to. I happened to remember that the felting wool is in the back room on the back wall. While I am back there trying to decide on the colors I want, I over hear them talking about how sad it is knowing that this knitting phase is going to be over in a couple of years and but at least then they can get back to real yarn and real patterns. This has made me fully mad by this time. I didn't have a lot of time or I would have gone to another shop but this one was close and I needed wool. I finally decide that I am not going to be asked if I need help and then go over to the table and ask if there is any other wool around besides the stuff on the back wall. One woman with out bothering to look up says, yes, on the other side of the wall next to it! WELL DUH! I do get a nicer lady to come and help me with it but half way through helping me she walks off and sits back down at the table and starts reading a magazine. Speaking of magazines, I am ready to pay but I realize that I want to get the new Interweave Knits. I walk back to the table because there is no one up at the register and they can't see me from the table and ask if they have the new issue. I get told in a gruff tone that they don't carry IK. Okay, I tell them I am ready to pay then. I go back up and wait for about 5 minutes and then have to go back again and tell them that I want to pay. Another woman plops her knitting down and moans and groans as she is getting up. I finally pay and thankfull to get out of there.
This whole trip has confirmed that I am never going back to that store. I once again got horrible service. I don't understand this. I am going there, spending good money, and then get huffed and puffed at. GRR...

Back to the starting a new project. I got the wool to make Amy's slippers. They are going to be knit in a plain green. I am not sure if I am going to put soles on the bottom or not but I they are going really fast. I worked on them when I got home and I have the cuff done. Cool huh?

Happy Knitting.

Monday, November 8

How is it that a cheap present for friend can get so expensive?

It all started so nicely. I thought that I would work on a present for a freind(sorry she reads the blog so I can't reveal too much). I was using two skeins of yarn that I had around and I thought that it would be plenty. It wasn't, so I have to go to Fiber Factory on Wednesday which I will be shelling out about 15.00 for more yarn. Not too bad right? Well, in reading the pattern I found that I also needed size 10.5 dpns. I could use a 16 in that i have but I have to decrease later on and then would have to buy the dpns anyways. Well, I picked up the dpns at Joann's today when I was going to Guitar Center. (Looking for gift ideas for Amy's X-mas present) The needles ended up being about 9.00. I then came home started reading the pattern a little more and then realized I will need yet again 1 more size of needles! So, for a present limit that was set at 10.00 or under I am ending up way over budget! I know, I know the needles aren't going into the cost but dang it I really hate buying needles. I know that I will use them but it just kills me to pay 8.00 and up for two pieces of wood attached to plastic!

I am seeing that everyone is getting hooked by the Ribbi Cardi. It is okay. Not my favorite thing but I can't wait to see the progress on them. Oh, I also started on the new scarf for Amber. I think that I will get this pattern posted some time soon too! I need to set a reminder for myself about getting the free patterns up!

Happy Knitting.

Sunday, November 7

Holey Gloves, Batman!

I finished the thumb on Kims gloves. EEEWWW...it looks like crap. Why is it that I can not pick up stitches around for the thumb gusset? Every time I have done this is it looks like junk and I have holes everywhere on them. I do make mistakes but this is ridiculous. I think that I am going to rip out for Kim's gloves back past the thumb gusset and start over. I want these to look really nice. So, here is my new goal. Since I think this looks so bad I am going to rip it out past my mistakes that I decided to not fix and then work up all the way to finishing the fingers on both gloves. I am then going to reach out for thel in picking up my thumb gussets so that way I don't have any holes.

I need to work on the schematics for Amy's stethescope cozy. I am thinking about how to do it. I was looking on line and found a site for kids that has cozies that are basically stuffed animals shoved on a stethescope. I thought that I could make her a snake or lizard one. I was also thinking that I could do one with a paw print stitch on it. If I have the time I would like to do both. I really think though that she would like the snake one! I have a book called Knitting Pretty and it has the pattern for a knit snake in it. (I think that if I do it on smaller needles it will fit. Hmmmm. )

Well, Amy's band is meeting up today to try out a new singer (2 actually) and that means that Kim and I have to get out of there. They play really loud and we turn into old fussy bitties.
Happy Knittintg to you all...

Saturday, November 6

A little bit of nothing...

Not too much to tell. I worked a little more on Kim's scarf. I have set a goal for myself to finish by Monday at 11:00. I want to get 1 glove done completely, and then get at least up to the thumb gusset on the right hand glove. I think that this is quite a reasonable goal. I also found out that I need to change my Grandma's christmas present. Seems that she has an allergy to wool! Can you believe that? I don't know what I am going to make her now!!!! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. (A little more about my Grandma....she is 75% bed ridden and is kind of cranky!) I need something that will knit quick and look good... oh...maybe I can make her some flower petal washcloths. Everyone always needs to be pampered with chenille once in a while!

Work was work. I got to work a little bit on my sock and I got off at 4:30 today! Dinner last night was nice. Our waitress was kind of weird but friendly. I am off to watch some movie that we got from Netflix. I love that thing. I just have to make sure that Amy doesn't bump the movies I want to watch down to the bottom....

Happy Knitting!

Friday, November 5

You are an obsession you are my obsession...

Okay if you know this song, than you are probably a child of the 80's! And I love that! So, what is my obsession? It is getting the mail. I became enthralled with it when I was a little kid and I have never grown apart from that lust for finding out what is in that little box everyday! So, what did I get in the mail today? I got the newest issue of Cast On. I know that the patterns in there before have been a little, well... tacky and uninteresting but this one is actually filled with some quite interesting and definitely knittable things! It is funny to see how a magazine that is a knitting staple for the "long time" knitter is finally realizing that they need to bring in some fun hip patterns! Take a look at what I have on my platter for the new year! But keep reading cause there is more at the bottom!

Look what I got in the mail today! I want to knit the cardigan on the cover!

I want this in different colors, but I love the idea of cut out felted flowers!  Posted by Hello

Sorry that you can't see more I wanted the tacky belt out of the photo! I think I will leave the turtleneck off too! Posted by Hello
I worked a little on Kim's scarf yesterday. I will try to post a pic of that, but it really isn't all that much to see. Mostly a pink tube.

Work today was pretty good. It is nice having clients in. I think that as soon as Sprouts opens we will get a better clientele. There are still the walk ins that think it is a still a crappy cut and go shop. The only problem customer today was a women who purposely wanted me to give her a crap-tastic haircut. I kept asking her if she was sure and she kept saying yes. That is the frustrating part about this job. I paid really good money for a really good school to give really good hair cuts and then you get people that purposely want their hair jacked up! G0 Figure.

I read an article today in Family circle that I thought was kind of interesting. It was about how happy you really are and how deep your happiness is... I wanted to post some of the questions but I forgot to bring it home with me! I will try to remember tomorrow.

I want to get some knitting done before Amy gets home. We are going out to dinner tonight. Just the two of us. No phones, friends or family. I am really looking forward to this!

Wednesday, November 3

Why do I feel guiltyt if I don't post? I really have no reason to feel like that but for some strange reason I do. I was able to get a little more work done last night on Kim's scarf. I still don't think that it will ever be done. I was starting to think that I should rip out what I did and re knit with two strands together on size 8 needles. I think that I would get it done a lot faster. Hmmm.

I also got to work on my fluter banister last night. I am almost finished. YAY! Martha came over yesterday earlier than expected and so we went to Marie's to watch the results of the election. I love Marie but her friends drove me kind of crazy. I don't want to go into too much detail but I just want to say that people who talk and talk and talk about politics, military and our economy piss me off so bad. Especially the ones who are just your average joe schmoe and think that they know how to run our country. Really people if you know that much and so dedicated to it why are you sitting in a living room in a Tempe condo with 7 other people?!?!?
(okay that rant is over)

I have to take Maggie into the vet today for a check up, and so that my sister can take a look at another tumor I found. This dog... She has already had 4 tumors removed and 1 is already on her neck that is just a mass of skin, but man, another one ?!?!? Grrr. Oh well, at least it is cheap for me.

Well, off to do errands and clean house... that hasn't been done in a while...
Happy knitting and I will see a lot of you tonight!

Monday, November 1

there once was a girl who had a little curl...

right in the middle of her forehead. And when she was good she was very good, but when she was bad she was horrid.

Cute huh? So, I am officially a stylist! I love my job. I had a perm today. I am not really all that good at perms but it wasn't too bad. She was an older woman who was about 90 years old. Every time I would go to wrap the rod she would scream out loud that I was hurting her. The thing is, I wasn't pulling her hair taught yet to get the rod on! (ARRGGHH!) Well, the perm turned out okay. I promise you all that I won't burden you with stories about working at the salon. Maybe I should start another blog just for that??? Just Kidding! But the salon that I am working at is really cute. It is still in that, we should have waited 1 more week to open phase but it is workable! I will have business cards the next time most of you see me but if you want to know earlier then here is the info... The Ends.... 602-553-8252. The hours for now are Mon thru Sat 9:30 to 6:00. I will be off on Wednesdays.(that will be permanent)

Okay about knitting, here is what I have going on right now:
Kim's gloves and scarf set: I was working on the thumb and I jacked it up pretty bad. I don't know what I did wrong but I had to undo the whole thing. I have about 3 inches done on the scarf.

Amber's Scarf (the zigzag scarf): I was working on a scarf for her but when she came over she saw it and was like ohh this would be pretty if it was in a different color... (she didn't know it was going to be hers) I was going to then make it Marie's scarf but she doesn't like green.

Marie's scarf: Not the zigzag scarf anymore... I think that I am going to make her the pompom scarf as I can get that done rather quickly.

Jessica's Birthday present: almost done. (a super secret that I will show on Wednesday)

Grandma's present: I have one sock almost done!

I need to find some yarn for my other sister's present. I am going to make her a stethescope cozy. I don't have a pattern for it and I don't know what yarn to use, but I will think of something!

I also need to find yarn for Jessica's Christmas present. I am going to maker her my version of the chinese charm bag.

So, I should be getting the new Stitch 'N Bitch book in a few days. The release date has changed from 11-4 to 11-12. I can't wait... Happy Knitting... Oh, be sure to watch the season change on my blog in the next few weeks!