Monday, May 9

life or something like it...

I have been barely going through the motions of my supposed life. I found out why today. I went to the Doctor because it seemed that lately my heart would start racing and I would get jittery and zone out and almost want to puke my guts up. Well, I found out today, not only am I border line Bipolar (which I have known about for a few years) but I am also starting to develop an Anxiety problem. What the F&%^ is wrong with me? My wonderful Doctor (Dr. Cohen at Healthy Outlook Family Medicine Which was voted 7.7 of 10 points on City Search) tells me nothing.... that anxiety problems usually accompany depression and Bipolar, I just have to go on a different medication now. BLEH!

I had my little sweater for Matt almost finished. Unfortunately, I lost part of it somewhere. I have now idea where it is at. I am going to have to re-knit it. I am on day something for not buying any yarn. I think it has been over a month. I am quite proud of myself. I feel, though, that after today's news I might pick up some silk yarn that I have been dreaming about since I bought some for my secret pal.

Work has been good. I had a crappy day on Saturday, my boss made it all better though by telling us that we had a mini meeting he wanted us to stay for and surprised us with beer! Ya gotta love a boss that will do that!

Well, off to knit before I have to pick Amy up.

Happy Knitting


Pam said...

On the plus side, now you know what's wrong and are on your way to fixing it. So things are looking up! Hang in there and let me know if I can do anything to help.

Jen said...

Fellow anxiety sufferer here. If you ever want to talk, or need anything just let me know. Its one of those wierd, hard things for people to understand. Talk therapy (yep a crazy doctor) really helped me a lot. Something to consider. We really need to get together, I'm totally missing my SNB pals!

Jack said...

I agree with Jen. First, we should all get together. Second, when I was having huge anxiety attacks (like the kind that feel like a heart attack), the best thing for me was therapy.

Let me know if I can do anything


Annie said...

My son has anxiety attacks, but he has only seeked help from local GP, who advised a pyscologist, which he hasn't contacted yet. Hope all goes well for you