Friday, December 31

sick day...cough cough cough...

Actually, I am sick. I had been having a sore throat for the last few days and when I woke up this morning I could barely swallow and had old lady smoker voice. I have people coming over for new years tonight so I am going to sleep for a few hours and see if that helps. If not they aren't coming over.

I was going to re-list the things I want to knit next year but I was thinking since this is the end of the year I should reflect on the things I have learned. (both positive and negative) these are in no particular order.
  • A pattern is not the end all be all. play around with it.
  • It is definitely okay to knit for yourself.
  • Making things for babies makes you feel grown up
  • Color can make or break a knitted item
  • Don't knit something when you don't want to
  • I learned the German Round Toe. This is my best friend
  • I learned to Kitchener. My social acquaintence now.
  • If a pattern isn't sinking in, it is okay to chuck it.
  • Don't throw your magazines away. You will end up needing it later on. and then have to pay 15 dollars for it because you had to order online and pay for shipping and handling.
  • Floss can be used as a stitch holder. (just not waxed cinnamon on white yarn)
  • Always ask for help if you don't understand.
  • Be willing to help out others. (KARMA PEOPLE)
  • Hats are really easy, quick and liked gifts.
  • Sometimes you just have to do a pattern line by line. Don' t try to read it all out and not do it if you don't understand it.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • It is way cool to have others talk about and knit your published knitting pattern
  • I get lazy and bored with my knitting.
  • Finishing a UFO that has been sitting around for a year is so tasty.
  • Even tastier when you are wearing it and people ask you were you got it at.
  • Giving in to temptation is okay as long as it doesn't hurt any other projects.
  • Expensive needles are worth every cent.
  • Gauge in the round is not always the same when you knit flat
  • Knowing that if you are ever in a rut that you will come out of it.

I know that there are more things I have learned but I just can't think of them right now.

Have a safe and happy new year's eve. Happy Knitting.

Thursday, December 30

mmmm. British foood...

So, I get out of making dinner tonight! Yay! A few friends convinced Amy that we need to go out and have drinks. Another friend called and asked if we wanted to meet her up at George and Dragon's so Amy gave in. This is totally fine by me. I love to cook but will snatch up any chance that I don't have to cook.

We saw Ocean's 12 today.

Very good movie. I really liked the first one and this one lives up to the hype. We made it in right in time for the last few movie trailers.
Something that I am really excited about seeing in the future is this.

I absolutely love love love Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I used to have this horrible crush on Gene Wilder after seeing that movie. I don't know if it was because it was him or all that candy... The new name of the remake is called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Johnny Depp is a good actor. I really started to like him after I saw Sleepy Hollow. Don't ask...

Oh, I went to the Fiber Factory today. I picked up some size 9 needles for Martha, some size 7 circular needles (which don't get me my gauge), some yarn for Jeremy's hat and 4 skeins to start my Hourglass sweater. This is the yarn that I am going to use.

It is Berroco softwist. I did my swatches and it turned out nice. Very drapey and soft. I just have to start on the sweater. So I guess I am going to join the Hourglass knitalong...

WEll off to get ready for dinner. Happy Knitting.

Happy Birthday Amy! and a trip to the yarn store.

Today is Amy's birthday. I got the day off but she has to work. :( That is okay, I have time to get the house clean for her. I have been really lazy about doing the housework. I asked her what she wanted for the birthday and she told me to just clean the house and to do her chores. Of course, I am going to also make her dinner request. She works a split shift. 9-2 and 6-9 today. So, maybe during her "lunch" we will go and see a movie.

I am on my way to the yarn store. I have a good idea about what I need to get. I am going to start the hourglass sweater for myself today. I want to make sure it looks okay before I knit one up for Lindsay. I also need to pick up yarn for Jeremy's hat. I think while I am there, I will also get yarn to make Amy a super soft hat. I know that she has been wanting one. Other than that not much else to say. I will post some pictures of what I got today.

oh.... Happy Anniversary Alison and Michael.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, December 29

what I got as a gift yesterday.

We had dinner over at Martha's last night. That girl can make chicken like nobody else I know.. It is always moist and yummy. *I wish my porkchops were like that... (Amy tells me not to cook them anymore...because they are always so darn dry....I mean I really do try and can cook almost everything else but can't cook chops. So if anyone has pointers please let me know)

I digress... We were lounging around in her living room when she said " I almost forgot, Jeremy (her boyfriend) wanted me to give these to you guys". I opened up a little wrapped square gift and to my wonderful suprise I got this lovely present from him...

Does this guy know me or what? Martha did help him out a little bit, but he told her he wanted to get me something for knitting... LOVE IT!!!! I didn't even plan on getting him a present so I am heading out to the yarn store tomorrow and getting some yarn to make him a knit cap. He works construction and early mornings so this will be used.

I have been knitting my fingers off trying to get some knitting done for work. I told my boss that I would have to have everything to her by Monday. I just don't have the motivation/effort to do it after work. I want to relax and not be on speed knitting time.

I have decided to organize all of my yarn this weekend. I have an over abundance of yarn and yet it is nothing I can just go and knit with. Go figure on that one. I need to have it some sort of organization but everything else I have tried just doesn't seem to work. I think if I pull all the yarn out that has a pattern to go with it and organize that by interest in doing it and then organize all the other stuff by weight it will be easier. I am also going to organize the UFO stash and get that in order of how long it has been sitting there and how long it will take me to finish.
I was thinking that maybe at an upcoming SNB meeting we should have a yarn swap. Everyone should bring decent and knittable yarn that still has the label and swap from there. Rather than have it sitting in a bag, it can get people to mingle with each other. I mean we really do more bitching than stitching anyways. It might as well be profitable bitching right?

Well off to eat dinner. I know it is late... but Amy gets off at 9 and we stay up til about midnight.

Happy Knitting..

It's all about the Benjamin's....

So, I did a little more work on my socks. I was getting rather frustrated at working two on two circular needles, so I pulled one off and got busy with the first one. I am to the point of turning the heel. I think that after I turn the heel I will go back and work them as two on two again so I can get the both done at the same time.

Why is it all about the Benjamin's... Okay maybe Benjamins is a little over zealous but maybe the Jackson's or if I am lucky the Grant's...

My boss asked me today if I wanted to earn some more money by knitting up some scarves and other small knitted items for the retail part of the salon. She wants me to have about 20 different knit items by Friday. Most of them are going to be small little change purses or cute little flower pins/barrettes. I figured out a really cute pattern for the flowers. Much quicker than the ones from Knit.1 magazine...

I am off to bed right now. I had a late night and definitely need my beauty sleep.

Happy Knitting.

Monday, December 27

Stuff I need to finish...

I was at work today thinking about all the knitting things I want to do and what I need to finish. I have a small list of things that need to be taken care of, so these are my goals to accomplish before I start anything else. I want to start the new year off right. These are in no particular order.

  • socks on two needles. I am almost to the cuff. This is the sock yarn that I am using.

  • Tweed socks. I don't have a picture of the yarn that I used. But I am almost done with the first one.
  • ripping out and winding the fluted banister socks. They don't fit me and I really don't want to give away 30 dollar socks to just anyone. I think that I can find something to do with it.
  • Unravel the pink scarf I was going to knit for my sister to match the gloves that I couldn't get to. (rewind into balls.) this will make a really cute baby sweater....

I know that there is more I just can't seem to think of anything else right now.

Happy Knitting.

Sorry for the Christmas break that went on... I had so much little junk to take care of that I wasn't able to post. I had a really good holiday. It was tiring but it was good. Everyone loved their knitted presents. So cool. After the first of the year I am going to start on everyone's stuff for next year. I have to do this over a larger period of time becuase I am making everyone knit stockings and then also making everyone socks. I think though, for my grandparents I am going to knit them a blanket.

I want to start a new project but I just really don't know what to knit. I was thinking about the black fairisle cardigan from SNB Nation or something lacy. I just can't decide. I will write more later.

Happy Holidays and Happy Knitting.

Thursday, December 23

knitting a plenty

Last night I felted Pat's slippers. Yummy! I used a Lite Lopi and they turned out divine! I think that if I need to felt something again I will definitely use this wool. Amy wasn't all that happy with the color choices so I picked up some RIT dye and it turned them into this deep olive shade. These slippers just ask to be worn.

I also got Lindsay's flower pins done. These things go fast. I made her a black one and a green multi color one. Very nice.

I will get some pictures of them up asap. I will probably be making more of them. I have seen around on other people's blogs that they have used some other patterns out there. I just have to find them.

Kim is getting her Ice Cream Cozy today. I hope that she likes it. I am pretty sure that she will, but it always makes you feel good when they really like something.

I just have my ornaments to get together. I finished making them. Just have to wrap them. That is going to be the time consuming part. I don't go to work today until noon so maybe I will be able to get them done!

So here is the updated Christmas to accomplish list:

  • wrap all presents
  • wrap ornaments
  • make gift tags for them
  • make pecan pies
  • clean house for Saturday

I got my cards done too yesterday! It is nice to have a productive day!

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, December 22

oops I did it again...

I have decided I am not going to keep promises. At least about blogging. I had a horribly long day yesterday and couldn't get myself onto the computer to type. I was just too lazy!

I finished the ice cream cozy. But it looks a little weird on one side. I am going to present it the other way. It is also filled with 20 bucks worth of Baskin Robbins coupons. I hope my sis likes it. I will have a picture of it later.

I am adding a knitted gift to my Christmas list. I don't think that it really counts as not being finished because: a) I decided to do it last night and b) it will take me all of 20 minutes to do it.

My friend Lindsay (the one I am going to do the sweater for) loves foo foo girly things. So, I decided to make her a couple of knitted flower pins. I was in Bookstar last night and I decided to buy the knit.1 magazine. I am going to knit these flower pins. Super duper easy!

So seeing how close the holiday is I figured that I would make a list of the random things I have to get done before Christmas

  • wrap all presents
  • make 2 pecan pies
  • Finish 12 ornaments (just the bows though)
  • Wrap 12 ornaments
  • Clean house for Christmas day (Amy's family is coming over)
  • Make 10 cards for a Christmas present (it is just pasting the stuff down now
  • Felt Pat's slippers ( just found out her shoe size)

I guess when I write it all down it really isn't all that much to do. It just feels like it. I have another long day ahead of me. I only work to 5:45 but I am staying late to do a friends hair for her Christmas present. She has really tight kinky hair and she wants me to flat iron it for her so she can have straight hair for the family picks. So that will be about 3 hours of work on that!

Happy Knitting to all of you..

Monday, December 20

what on earth is happening to me?

So, I told myself that I wouldn't be a bad blogger and go two days without posting. But here I am again. Right in the same spot. I know that maybe I shouldn't post if I don't have anything to say but there are a few things to update on.

I found out on Sunday that my sister is an ice cream junkie. She can eat the stuff like crazy. I also realized that even on size 15 needles I still wouldn't be able to make her scarf in time for her birthday on the 23rd. So, I am going to knit her an ice cream cozy and give her a few gift certificates for pints at Baskin Robbins.

I will post a picture of it when I am done.

More later. It is late and I am tired...

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, December 18

update on frist post

1) I went to Jessica knits last night and I got some Addi Turbo's size 5 16".

I was thinking last night, this sure is gonna be a waste o' my money, but I found out today that my cousin is having a little girl. So she is getting a bunny hat, too! I also found out that Maggie is just about that size around so I am going to knit her a sweater in the round. I am also going to start my Charlotte's lace shawl on that size... Geez these things are really starting to pay for themselves.

2) This brings me to what I have in store to knit. My friend Lindsay asked me if I would knit her a sweater, one that looks like her favorite sweater. She has been so wonderful to me that I couldn't say no. I am actually going to use the hourglass sweater pattern. I think that I have her talked away from silk. She just wants something that will lay like it. I am going to knit up a few swatches of some things that I think she will like.
I have to get started on my sisters present. Why did I wait last minute to do this? I was thinking about making her a mini scarf to let her know that the real one is on the way..

3) Lemony Snicket Chicken
  • 4 chicken breasts, pounded thin
  • 4 cloves garlic, cut to desired size
  • 1 lemon cut into at least 8 slices
  • olive oil
  • black pepper

Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle pepper into bottom of pan. Lay down two rows of lemon slices, place chicken breasts on top. Put garlic pieces on top of chicken sprinkle with more pepper and more olive oil. Bake in 375 oven for about 30 to 40 minutes or until chicken in cooked all the way through.

4) I am almost finished with Matt's hat. I thought I would have it done to show a picture of it but alas I wasn't able to knit at all today. Somehow I just feel like I missed out on something.. Maybe I will stay up a little bit longer to work on it.

5) Nothing much else to say. I had a long day at work. Pam I hope that you didn't feel like I rushed you out! I was thinking that I might have. If so, I am sooo sorry I didn't mean to. I am going to add a few of my favorite and helpful sites to my sidebar. I need to get my button up. It is really cool, I have just been lazy! So, have a great day and happy knitting.

on my way out the door...

I don't have too much time right now so please stay tuned to see information on the following posts later tonight:

1) what I got at Jessica Knits yesterday
2) what I have in store to knit
3) Lemony Snicket Chicken Recipe
4) Matthew's hat that is almost finished
5) what ever else I think I need to say.

Happy Knitting

Friday, December 17

Happy Anniversary Maggie...

So, today is Maggie's 1 year Anniversary with us. How is it that one little mutt can make a heart melt faster than ice on a hot day? Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Maggie to put up. Not that I don't have them, I just can't seem to find them. My sister and I are going to Three Dog Bakery today for a little party with her two dogs. Napoleon (a beagle) and Rav( a retired greyhound).

I was working on my eyelet shell and then I dropped a few stitches. Don't know how it happened but it was bad. I went about 4 inches before I found the problem. I of course didn't think and I ripped the WHOLE thing out. I am back to square one. I think that it is a good thing though because I want to have it go from dark to light. So, I will pick up a few balls of some darker colors and then cast on again. (See, I told you I was fickle to my knitting). OH check out the newest poll I have going...

Not much else on the knitting world. I realized that my sister's birthday is a few days away and I have nothing for her. I need to make her something. I was thinking about making her a wrap on size 15 needles. It will go fast and look good.

So I need to give a few shout out's to my peeps! (as I need to be discreet on some of them I will not use names at all... you know who you are...)

Yesterday was a rather crappy day at work. I won't go into detail. It is boring and I don't want to think about it. So on that note, how wonderful it was that I go on the computer and check my email and I get a gift certificate to Adagio Teas. I am a major tea drinker. Love the stuff... So thank you!!!!!

I can't wait to start on the cardigan and the boxers. You totally rock!

Thanks for the help with the knot, the cookies are FABU!

Encouraging words are always wonderful.... *you always know the right things to say...

Okay, I hear the music playing and I am getting pushed off the stage... but I have to say one last thing...

This is to all my fans out there... You help me keep it real. Your comments are always appreciated and advice is always encouraged... Thanks for reading...

Happy Knitting.

Thursday, December 16

When the knitting light goes on...

So, I think that it is needless to say that becuase I am a slight shopaholic that this spills out into my yarn purchases. (okay if I need to say it I will... I have built up quite a stash...sometimes quite embarassingly large...when will I ever knit this stuff? Maybe that is why I have issues with finishing projects...See the point below....)

Last night I went to a cookie exchange... I got some yummy and delightful cookies and recipes! I got the chance to wind my hanks into balls and life is good. I have a pattern set up for my Infinity and for my purple beyond. All is well in my world.

I come home to sit and start working on my Charlotte's Lace Shawl, I got to move a book off the couch (Weekend Knitting) and I start to browse through it... And then I see it. A pattern I have looked at so many times before. And yet, this time... I have to knit it. It needs to be knit. I glance over at my stash bulging out of it's containers. I see some yarn that I started knitting with and didn't like how it was turning out. But somehow and someway it calls to me to knit the little the camisole... And so I cast on...

Here is the pattern that I am knitting...

and this is the yarn that I am using...

It is Le Fibre Nobili Imperiale. I swatched and it turned out rather nicely. The pattern calls for Rowan Kidsilk Haze. But this is working rather well. I don't think I am going to do the cowl becuase I just probably won't wear it and I won't have enough yarn to knit it. Just the sweater. I was thinking though that I could get a couple more balls of that in two darker colors and let it slightly darken. So, I think I see a trend starting in our SNB group now... Alison found some yarn that is one giant skein and it knits up a whole sweater...Way cool.

So, what have I learned today? I am fickle to my knitting. I can sway easily and often. I have decided though, that today I will not be ashamed to knit what I want when I want and that I will be in no hurry to finish a project. (unless a friend guilts me into will be a great mother one day!)

Happy knitting.

Wednesday, December 15

If they can sell this for that price...well I should too!

So, I was flipping through pages of a men's magazine yesterday and I stumbled across these fine little garments. I know that fashion is about going one step further. Shaking things up a bit and challenging the rules. You could also say the same things about new knitters these days. But I reall think that the only people who would get true appreciation from the following sweaters are knitter's and those who do or want to do Fairisle or stranding. C'mon... If these guys can sell a sweater inside out for 675 bucks then what is stopping me?

For those of you on a tighter budget there is this one (same process..just turn it inside out)

I wonder if I should wear my skully like this? hmmmm

Okay for those of you who are not keen on wearing their clothes inside out, Go ahead and knit that sweater up. Do the cables and the bobbles and the trellis work... Isn't it beautiful? Now shove only the top of it in some dye.

Okay, the Prada sweater isn't too bad on the dye job. In fact, I think it looks kind of nice. I would wear that. But as with all things in life. You get what you pay for. Please see the image below for a lesser and more obvious version of top dyeing.

Maybe it's the colors but it just looks like somebody burnt the top of this sweater.

Okay all, I hope you enjoyed this little fashion show. On the knitting news, I finished my unbiased bag. I will have to get a picture of it and show you. A scanner really won't be much help with it. It is cute. I don't think I have to line it, as I want it to sag. I swore that I measured to 7.5 inches like the pattern said but it still looks a little small and weird. It is still usable though.
I haven't worked on my bunny hat for Matthew. I need to get some size 5 WOODEN needles. I have to keep putting stitches back on wiht my plastic ones. GRRR... I am not to sure what I am going to do until then. Maybe a UFO? I am getting rather fond of finishing stuff I haven't worked on in a while.

Happy Knitting

Tuesday, December 14

I once read an article about being a yarn hussy in an Interweave Knits. About how you start off so innocently with just the thought of working on something else. How you can really work on both projects and get them both done and before you know it that sweater you were working on has piled up in the corner with all those other half done projects. So my questions are: (and please see the polls on the side) How many UFO's do you have? How long before you start working on another project? What is it that pushes you to work on another project?

I will change the polls out every few days. No real reason that I am doing this. I just want to know that I am not the only yarn hussy out there.

I made my cinnamon rosettes yesterday. They are beautiful and delicious.

Here is the recipe for them:
4 C. Sifted Flour 3 Sticks Butter
1 Egg 1 Egg Yoke
¾ C. Warm Milk 1 Cake Yeast (wet yeast)
1 Tbsp. Sugar – heaping

1 C. Sugar 1 C. Ground Nuts
1 Tbsp. Cinnamon 1 Stick Butter

Dissolve cake yeast into milk. Mix flour and butter until just blended; add in egg, yoke and milk with yeast. Mix again. Add sugar. Mix until pie dough consistency. Refrigerate until chilled. Mix up sugar, nuts and cinnamon for filling. Melt butter. Separate dough into 4 parts, working on lightly floured table, roll out 1 part of dough into rectangle about the size of cookie sheet. Brush dough with melted butter, sprinkle with ¼ of filling. Gently roll up on long side. Press seam in. Cut into 1/2" slices and lay spiral side up onto cookie sheet. Snip randomly with scissors in the spiral. Bake in 375ยบ oven for 20 minutes. Repeat for last three parts of dough.
Some may not know what cake yeast is: It is a small pat of active yeast. It is just a little bit bigger than a pat of butter and it is found in the dairy section. The brand I use is Fleischman's. That is the only brand I have ever seen that makes it. I had a time trying to find it but you can either find it at AJ's Fine Foods or at Albertsons (as they will both order it for you if they don't have it in stock).
I have a long day ahead of me today. I get to take my knitting with me to work today so that is nice. I goofed off and chatted with Martha all last night so I didn't finish my unbiased bag. I am finishing that up today.
Happy Knitting.

Monday, December 13

what happened to my text?

Sorry about that last post folks. I don't know what happened to my text.

I have been having a crazy weekend but it looks like things are finally settling down.

I have been working on my unbiased bag from It is turning out rather well from the soysilk that I have been using.

This is the 2nd of the 4 pieces. I am just finishing up with number 3. I had hoped to have it done on Sunday but Monday night isn't too bad!

I have this pattern for the Charlotte's Lace Shawl and I am going to use my hand dyed infinity.


With my purple Beyond I am going to knit the drop Stitch sweater from the SNB nation book.
I think that the drop stitches will really sow off the nubbiness of the yarn.
will post a pic of that later.

I just have my Melody yarn to figure out what to do with. I was thinking about doing drop stitch scarf or two as I have tons of it. I want to showcase the yarn and not the stitch.

Speaking of decorative stitch patterns. I watched my first episode of Knitty Gritty. They had Lily Chin on there and she was talking about decorative stitches. But she was also talking about adding beads to your knitting. She showed a method that I hadn't seen before of adding beads one at a time with a crochet hook onto the previous row worked. SO COOL. I will have to try this out.

Well I am off to work. I finally found my Active Cake Yeast for the cookies I am making for the cookie exchange. It is at AJ's! I have been searching for about a week for this stuff and I couldn't find it anywhere. I am hoping that making cookies tonight will get me into the holiday spirit.

Happy Knitting.

Saturday, December 11

Friday, December 10

Oh.... the things to tell.

Last night was the party for our 1 year snb anniversary. Great job ladies. I left my chairs there so I have to find out if anyone grabbed them. They are dark green lawn chairs.

Jen got my secret gift. So, I can tell you all what they are now. They are called "Knit Notes". I will have to show you a picture of them as words can't describe. I am glad that they went to someone who will use them. YAY!

I got loads of goodies last night...

First I got 5 great big skeins of yarn for waaaaayyyy cheap. As soon as I wind them I will post a pic of them. 2 are for a tank that I want to do and the others I am not sure just yet what I am gonna do with 'em.

I also got a fun little bag full of all those needed knitting supplies for my holiday gift. Stitch holders, cable needles, stitch markers, etc...

I was also able to get something from the wondeful and crafty ladies... Amy and Alison. Amy made me a special request fortune cookie earrings...folks these are soo dang cute... and Alison gave me a set of stitch markers... Beautiful.

Oh, one more thing to tell... I finished my skully sweater yesterday morning. I know feel like I can accomplish anything that I want to.

Happy Knitting.

Thursday, December 9

I was thinking this morning about my resolutions for the new year. I will make goals for my regular self but I haven't ever done any knitting goals. There are a few things that I want to learn and patterns that I want to try out, or yarn that I want to knit with and goals to accomplish. So this day is dedicated to what I want to do in the year coming...

1) Knit a lace shawl. Lace making fascinats me. It looks so intricate but when you break it down it is just yo's and k2togs.
2) Recycled silk yarn. I just love the look of it.
3) Fairisle. I will probably start with a hat or something small but it I love the look of it.
4) Cardigan. (I just have to find the perfect pattern)
5) teach at least three people to knit. I have two lined up, so I just need one more.
6) the DNA scarf for my sister. I want to do this by March...
7) buy a spinning wheel to spin my own yarn.
8) Do more Beaded knitting. I think it is so interesting.
9) More charity projects.
10) Make something utterly prissy for me... (at least one time)

Happy knitting

Wednesday, December 8

I've been a busy little Bee.

Or should I say just B? Anyways, I have been working like mad to complete my secret projects. Both of them to be debuted at our SNB holiday party.

I am rather excited about finishing the knitted secret project. Just 8 or so inches left to do. Then I just have finishing. Not too worried about that. I love to do the matress stitch.

Not feeling very much like typing today so I will leave you with some tips that I stumbled across. I love the idea for the first one... I am going to try this out and see how it works...

Happy Knitting..

Monday, December 6

I am working on a secret project.

Just in time for my "don't have anything I want to knit" blues. I have taken on a secret project that I am quite fond of. I can't anything about it, but hopefully I will have it finished to show everyone at the Holiday Party.

Speaking of which I am just finishing up on my gift. I am really excited about giving it away!

I have also been working on Matthew's hat. It is going kind of slow because it is on size 5 dpn's. They are plastic and the yarn is really soft and it keeps slipping right off. I think that if I have time later tonight I will make a little trip up to Joann's Etc. and get some wooden ones.

Will try to post more later tonight.... so stay tuned

Happy Knitting.

Sunday, December 5

All I want for Christmas is...

I really was hoping to get a spinning wheel this Christmas but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. I am going to have to save up the dough for it. Which all in all I really don't mind. I kind of wanted to buy it for myself anyways.

My sister's are on their way over today and we are going to finish up present buying. I have a few people on my list for the non knitted recipients. What are they you ask? Oh, well let me show you...
Josh - tickets to the James Bond Exhibit.
Scott is getting the book Celebrity Skin.
Scotty a gift certificate to the mall (he is 15...what better gift than money to spend with your friends)
Logan wants a fork for his Bike (it holds the front wheel on...I didn't know until a few months ago that there were special ones....)
Sheyenne is getting C.D.'s and a purse that she drooled over at Mervyn's.
And Jamie, well I really have no idea for Jamie. If you want to give me suggestions I will take em!

Saturday, December 4

Am I becoming a bad blogger?

I have been kind of lazy about posting lately. Sorry there is no excuse for that. I had to give back the camera I was using, so all you get is scanned stuff again.

The little hat that I am working on for Matthew is coming along nicely. The beginning of the pattern seems really messed up but it really does work!!!! I have also decided that I am going to knit a shell out of the new book, too. I can't remember the name of it, but it is the one that has the dropped stitches.

I am getting a new phone on Monday and it is a camera phone. I know it won't be the greatest of quality of pictures but it will be better than scanned pics all the time.

Oh, one last thing to tell... I have decided to have a knitalong... Actually it is going to be a "FINISH YOUR SKULLY" knitalong. Shannon (from my SNB group) and I both have unfinished skully sweaters that we aren't too excited about finishing. So, I am going to make a group in yahoo groups and get that going. Leave me a comment or email me and let me know if you want to join. I will have more about it later, but it will more than likely be starting after the new year and maybe prizes!!!

Happy Knitting.

Thursday, December 2

To keep you interested...

I was talking with Jen tonight, she had said that she hated posting when she has no pictures. (IS THIS A HINT?!?!) Just Kidding!!!!

Well, just in case it was here is a little viewing of what I have been working on.

These are Matthew's slippers. I think that they are sooo cute. I just have to finish the sole of one foot and then felt them.

I am going to start working on this for Matthew, too:

but he is such a puppy kind of kid, so I am changing the colors and making the ears as puppy ears. I know that I saw a site somewhere that had a pattern, I just have to find it.
I am using these colors and the picture is actually showing the blue as it really is.

So, I had some interest in what my holiday gift was going to be... I will give you all a small clue...

Have a great night and Happy Knitting!

not too much to say.

As requested by my sister I am making Matthew a pair of felted slippers. They are quite cute. It is hard to believe that they are going to shrink down that much. I can fit my foot inside of it. It is stretched a little bit, but I can still fit my foot in it. It is nice, once again to have a knitting to do list. I was getting antsy for a little while. I am planning on getting to my "Flapper Scarf". I also need to head up to Jessica Knit's to get a skein of yarn... I am working a split shift so I might do that right now.

Happy Knitting.