Thursday, March 17

have camera...must show pictures....

I took a few extra pictures this morning so I would have some things to post about later on... but I of course want to show them all off. I have to be at work at noon today and I am having a terrible time getting going...I want to be at home basking in the beautiful sunlight.... and knitting my heart away.... Speaking of knitting, I have a few projects planned out for the next few months..... I know that some of them will go rather quickly but I am still going to say a few months...

The first yarn is actually knitted up, I am just doing the detail work on it. This is a prototype bag for something bigger planned. I had said before that I was thinking about doing a pattern for Southwest Trading Co. but still not sure. The inspiration came from this bag. If you click on the thumbnail and look at the very top you will see a a row of freshwater pearls in the holes. I am really liking how this is turing out.

(oh this yarn was also an RAOK that was sent to me!)

The next one is a scarf called Strawberry Parfait. If you look closely at the little beads on the upper left side they are little strawberries. How Cute, huh?

I don't have names for the other two projects. I just really liked the beads and how they went with the yarn. I don't know how I am going to attach any of them right now but I will figure that out later.

Happy Knitting!

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