Sunday, March 27

and the day has come...

So Easter was a nice day. We went to Amy's mom's and then out to my sister's. We had a really good time at both places. We played Cranium at my sister's house. I love that game. Totally rocks.

But, here is the best part of my post for today... I am getting this.......

Image hosted by

Isn't it beautiful. I have waited sooooo long for one... Over a year. But today Amy succumbed and said that I could get one. I am checking first to see if it is available at the Fiber Factory but if not I am ordering it from a place online. I have researched them out and haven't seen any problems with the place. OOOOOOHHHHH I can't wait.

That is just about all I have to say for the weekend. I will post more tomorrow.

Happy Knitting.

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Allena said...

that's awesome!! i'm so excited for you!

ps i love that game too! it's super fun!