Thursday, July 28

knitting my heart out.

I have been working on Testy for the last few weeks trying to get it correct. Now that I know the pattern it is much easier for me to knit up. I have about 10 inches left of the center band. That is only 22 stitches so I should have it done by tomorrow or Saturday.

Not much else has been going on. I have found that I am really into finishing projects lately. Actually, I have noticed a pattern with myself. Once I finish something I will tend to finish one or two other items after that. I am still plugging away at my flapper scarf. I have a date set for finishing it. But I think I am going to run a little competition for my fellow blog readers. I am still working out the kinks of the contest but it involves free yarn. soo... let me know if there is some interest.

I will blog more this week. Happy Knitting.


Heather said...

Contest? Who could not like that?

Sarah said...

My thought exactly, Heather!