Sunday, December 31

Hollywood or bust..

Amy and I decided to have a fun new years eve this year, and we are spending it with a friend in Anaheim and then going to Hollywood for the evening. Last year we spent the night with me sleeping as I was sick as a dog!

I finished all my Christmas knitting it done last night. I used to love Noro Kureyon, and love knitting hats... but as of now... I am despising both!!! 7 hats in 8 days... ughhhh. No more hats... and right now... no more Noro... I thought I would never say that!

Oh.... my favorite Christmas gift I got of all... a ball winder... I also got a $25 joann's gift certificate... so if I plan correctly... with the coupons that i get from them... I can get a swift for $25 instead of the normal $70 price! YES!

I will post more later.... I am off to Chinatown... Maybe I can get some wonderful little trinkets....

Happy Knitting!

Monday, December 25

Wishing you the merriest...

I just want to send a quick message out to my dear readers - Have a very Merry Christmas! I know it is kinda late but the sentiment is still the same. May God (or what ever higher power you believe in) bless you. Have a wonderful day tomorrow !

Happy Knitting !

Sunday, December 24

I didn't get asked by my secret pal - but don't want to face the wrath of the yarn yenta ;)

Here are mine -

1)oddest present - I think that would be a decoupage vase that has my name decoupaged all over it.

2) oddest present asked for - While not really odd - just not traditional - I have asked for a food processor, a food slicer and of course a ball winder and swift

3) oddest ever given - That goes this week - I am giving my girlfriend a hubcap - she bought a new car in July and then at the end of August someone crunched the front end of her in a parking lot and stole the hubcap. She has been continually saying for months now that she has to go and get a new hubcap (the insurance didn't cover that in the repair) So I am sick of hearing about it.... and ordered her a new one !

4)worst present - That would be from my cousin Debra - she gave me the south beach diet book one year and then the next year gave me a "how to find a man " book -- Mind you the extended family doesn't know that i have a girlfriend - *That is another story in itself!

Have a merry Christmas I will post of Christmas morning - if I remember to! Have a happy happy happy one !

Sunday, December 17

Computer on the fritz...

Our computer went down the other week. I should have posted from work - but I didn't want to take a chance with it. I have been knitting my hands off - I have about 3 presents left to do - so hopefully I can get them all done! I will have pictures to post when I am done with it all.

Yesterday my sisters and I spent the afternoon baking - we made over 2000 cookies - those are all going to be delivered in the next few days. I have a few to send to my secret pal! I am sending her a Christmas theme package tomorrow and i hope that she likes it! Got lots of little goodies in there.

Happy knitting

Sunday, December 3

I joined a gym this week. No real news to tell on that. I just had to do it. I was tired of looking at my fat butt getting fatter. These last few weeks for me has been a kind of rebirth. I had been letting myself go for a while, both mentally and physically. I got the mental part under control (or at least it is getting there) and now it is time for the physical part of me to get back under control. The surprising thing about this is that I had thought I would be quite sore after my first work out yesterday morning, but I was more tired from holding my nephew than spending an hour at the gym!

I am still knitting wash cloths. Nothing exciting about that. Sorry friends of the blog. Oh, I did finish a scarf the other day. It is really pretty. Didn't take me too long - It was knit on size 19's. Nothin' like instant gratification for me!

More later. Off to the gym and the grocery store. Have a good one! :)