Monday, April 24

Happy Pigs in a Blanket Day!

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Today was National Pigs in a Blanket Day and of course, that is what we had for dinner. I devoured mine.. Yummmmm! Amy on the other hand, had eaten too much bean dip earlier and hers are still waiting to be eaten. I have a couple extra for Matt to eat tomorrow when he comes over. I am hoping that they will re-heat decently. If not, I don't think that he will notice.. he is 3 afterall!

I remembered that Needler's Nest is having a sale this Sunday on yarn and i will be there when the doors open!

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I mis-estimeated one of my paychecks and have a little extra spending cash this weekend! I think that I will be taking my sister with me. I don't know how much she will enjoy it, but I am slowly getting her into better yarn... she is mostly making dog toys but is sprinkling a few good baby items in there.... In time, In time.... i must have patience!

I finished up my Debby Ware hat, but don't have anything to put on the top of it and Amy says that it looks like a Pagoda... I just need a baby head to try it on...

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, April 19

Girl you better work it.

So, I had a really depressing day at work today. Don't want to go into too many details but it was pretty crappy and confirmed that being a hairstylist is not the job that I want to do right now. I have been getting a lot of crap from both sides about what I should do. Here is what is happening.

I have bills that I have to pay and with what I am bringing in right now, our money is stretched tightly. I still can afford to do some fun things and make a purchase here and there but it is still tight. Thank goodness for "tip" money. That isn't allocated in the bills so that is my fun money! But the desire to own a house is strong and while I really don't have that many problems living in an apartment I want to live in a house. To have something that is my own and not just see my money go down the drain. And to own a house one day in my life I need to have a steady income and not one that goes up and down by season, month or even week. Frustrating.

But on the other side I have those little bees in my ear telling me not to leave the hairstyling world. That I need to give it a little longer, that I am doing really well in the year that I have been there. and that what happens when and if I want to start doing hair again. I am back right where I started. With a struggling clientele base and little money coming in.

And what about my clients???? Could i just leave them high and dry? Well, no I can't but i think that most of my clients will understand and that they would want me to do what is best for me. And those that don't understand well, screw them! Okay that isn't quite so nice but hey... I says what I feels.

So here I am on this. Stuck in the middle. I know that some of this hesitation to leave is my boss. When he can't get his way, he throws a huge fat fit. It is all about him or nothing at all. I have seen other girls leave and what they have had to go through while they are doing their last two weeks and it was hell for them. He rode their butts all the time and gave them crap about how they were selfish and blah blah blah... My sister and I were talking about all this and she had some good advice for me...

1) We all need to think about our tomorrow but if you can't get through your today then there will be no tomorrow. True enough dear sister!

2) You can have Dan ride your ass for two weeks and then you are done with it. Or you can come home to Amy and have her getting on you about your job and money until God knows when. Which one would I rather deal with???? Hmmm food for thought.....

No knitting to report. I have been to bleh to want to knit!

Monday, April 17

Does the sweater curse apply to girlfriends?

I have decided to take on the "dreaded sweater challenge". Amy wants me to knit her a sweater and I have agreed. After picking and choosing for a while I have settled on Jesse's Flames from Stitch N' Bitch Nation. I am going to do it in shades of grey. That is Amy's favorite color. The first sweater choice was going to be Leo from knitty but size 3 needles and grey yarn seemed to be leaving me a bit well... unenthusiatic!

I hope that it turns out well. I had told her on her Birthday that I would knit a sweater for her...but we had to decide on the design. Design chosen, yarn chosen, all is well in the world... okay not the entire world, but at least in my world of sitting in front of the computer typing out this post...

I drove down to Needler's Nest today and stumbled across these two lovely little patterns.

I have bene wanting them for a while and was going to order them off the Debby Ware site but aha for me I got them with no shipping cost! I also picked upa little more yarn for the hats. Will get that up later...
Happy Knitting

Thursday, April 13

what's on my needles

I must say that having been gone so long I didn't think that anyone still read my blog. But imagine my surprise to read two comments!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I have been reading up on everyone elses.

To answer questions:

1) yep I am still knittin'. I haven't been very creative lately. I am just working on purses and junk like that. I haven't had real motivation. During Christmas my sister and I under took crocheting an afghan for my grandma. Of course we decided that 400 squares wasn't too much to crochet with two people working on it. Let me tell you. The only time it won't be too many squares is when you have to make less than 10. I don't think that i ever want to see another skein of mauve, rose, cream or burgandy yarn ever again!!!!!!!!
The closest yarn store to me didn't have much of a selection so I used up a lot of my stash. I have been getting a lot of really nice 1 or 2 skeins at a time and figuring out what to do with it. I knit a baby blanket. Actually I knit the Big Bad Baby Blanket from SNB The Knitter's Handbook. It was really nice... but then I got something on it and had to wash it. The label said it could machine wash and dry and of course me being so trusting, I ended up having a stroller rectangle!
Speaking of the 1 or 2 skeins of yarn. I have decided that I am no longer doing "Christmas Knitting". I have been working on things through out and have decided that I am going to just have an open house one night and have my friends pick and choose what they want.
I knit up the Leaf Cravat from one of the old Interweave issues. It turned out rather nice. I usually don't want to knit something twice... (you think I would learn this by now and do both socks at the same time...) but this goes into the definitely will knit again pile. Mind you, I only have two other patterns that I will do that with. The first one is broadripple sock pattern and the second one is a drop stitch scarf pattern!

Question 2: I am living closer to downtown. I am living near 19th and Thunderbird. Okay, I know that really isn't close but when you are living in Buckeye... This is a heck of a lot closer. I did see on the calendar about knitting on Thursdays, unfortunately I am working Thursday nights. One of these days I am hoping to be able to get off earlier and join... AAHHH other knitters.... that would be a dream come true!!!!!

So what do I have in progress right now... the better question is what am I not working on? In true Knifty Knitter fashion I have more projects that I can handle. I am finishing up the Edgar scarf from Fall Knitty. The Friend of last post about Roller Derby is wanting a purse, and of course because I can't just whip something together and call it done I have decided to chart out the roller derby logo and knit it up. The only problem is that I can't seem to get it to look right. Grrr!

What else? There is a purse that is needing to be finished and felted because I found this wonderful fabric that has playing cards and pin up girls on it and I was still in my Vegas mood. So I had to cast on right away for it! Then there are ideas that are just sitting on my head. I have a pattern idea that I think I might send in to Knitty if I can get it right. I just started really thinking about it a few weeks ago and haven't given too much real thought to it. Then there is a purse that I fell in love with and thought it would look so much better if it was knitted.... no casting on for that one yet, though. I know where my limits are.

I am watching my nephew on Tuesday nights now. My sister and her husband are taking two of their dogs to obedience class. I am so okay with this! After living with him for so long I get kind of lonely. Although I do enjoy being able to watch something other than Nickelodeon until 8:00 at night. Off to do laundry. That seemed to never quit in my life.

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, April 12

back again...

Hey all I am back on the interneting world again. let's fill in these last 6 months of my life... where do I start? I don't really know, so I'll go with whatever comes up.

Amy and I moved back in together in March. It is kind of strange. But a lot better. We were seeing a therapist for a little while but it was quite obvious that she was one sided and was favoring Amy. Amy even noticed this so we ditched her. But the relationship has been going well. We have both been working hard to try to talk to the other one, making sure that we have time to spend with each other and that we just don't go off into the other room. It gets a little frustrating sometimes but that is all relationships. I think that we needed this to happen in order for us to get our heads straight.

I am working at Savant still. The hair industry is not as promising as it seemed when was in school. While I am getting a lot of return clients I'm not really getting a lot of new clients in and becuase I need a steady paycheck I am applying for other positions. I had an interview with South West Trading Company as a customer service rep. I don't know how well the interview went but they said that they would call me by the end of the week to let me know. So... we shall see where that goes.

My little nephew is turning three this June and that is making me feel quite old. My neice is graduating 8th grade but what makes me feel even older is that in June my oldest nephew is going to be turning 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me feel super duper old.

A pal of mine is trying to get me into roller derby. (YEP the real thing) and I am still debating on it. the good thing about it is that I need to get health insurance before I start so I have a reason to get out of doing it right now.

We have to go and by a table set this weekend. We had been putting it off, but we invited people over for dinner on Saturday and we realized that we don't have enough chairs for everyone to sit in... Nice...

Okay, so now that i have no reason not to blog. I will make a better goal at it. I will hold my contest once again in a few months.... I will keep my promise on that one.

Happy Knitting