Tuesday, March 1

Tip Tuesday.

I am trying a new format on my sidebar. I am going to post a tip for the day of Tuesday in my post and then will have that tip all week long on my sidebar. I have been coming across some lovely little knitting tips lately and want to share them.

Here is the first one....

If you are knitting with an eyelash or fancy dangly yarn...

Cast on and bind off very loosely. Take a strand of the yarn and gently pull it through your fingers. Look at which way the fringe is going. When you start knitting with it the strand of yarn should flow "away" from you... (facing the world and not you). If you need to pull the sloops formed with the tip of your needle to make it fuller. And then... the biggest part of all use the PURL side as your Right side for your work. This will give you full dimension of the yarn. It sits better and allows for all the texture to show through. The stitches are less compacted on the purl side.

Hope you have fun with that piece of information.

Happy Knitting


Shannon said...

Hey Beck, I love the "tip". It sure helps when knitting my splash scarves. And I'm about to start a few projects for my Aunt's birthday in March! This will come in handy!


emy said...

Thanks! Great tip!