Thursday, February 17

I have sore thumbs this morning. I stayed up way too late last night and worked on my Calypso top. It is kind of addicting. I am only 3 inches away from finishing the back of the sweater! Yay!
Of course, I got side tracked and started working on the sleeves. Only realizing after I had knit 6 inches into the sleeve that I would be done with the back by now. Oh well, that is life.

I am feeling up to par this morning. I still need Dayquil but I can function. Better than yesterday. I get to have my haircut this afternoon. I can't wait. This mop needs to go. I also get my order from Aveda in. That is the one I think is crappy. If I want something from Aveda I can either order it and wait two and 1/2 weeks to get my discount on it or I can buy it right then and receive no discount. Grrrr. So, being that I need to bone up on my product knowledge I am going to list the benefits about the stuff I am getting.

Shampure Shampoo

  • Your everyday shampoo for those who do little with their hair
  • It has Morikue protein ( a combination of Brazil nuts and wheat protien) to fortify hair
  • A blend of 25 Pure Plant and Flower is the "signature" Aveda aroma
  • Allure's readers choice award for best shampoo

Shampure Conditioner

  • Everyday conditioner that provides environmental protection to your hair.
  • Infused with Morikue protein
  • Blend of 25 Pure Plant and Flower Extracts

Hand Relief

  • A super duty hand moisturizer for dry, chapped skin
  • Vitamin's A and E to nourish and soften skin
  • Contains plant emolliants to moisturize the skin
  • Editor's choice for best hand cream form Allure Magazine

Cuticle Control

  • Softens and soothes cuticle for easy removal
  • Contains corn based humectant to moisturize cuticle
  • Mineral based ingredients to break down protein bonds of the cuticle
  • Aloe to soothe the skin

So, I hoped you liked this little bit o' info... I am hoping to get more of the sweater done. I will try to get a picture of it posted before I have to send it back.

Happy Knitting

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