Monday, February 21

A little party and some sun

I had lunch with Martha today. She was quite depressed today so we went to lunch to try to cheer each other up. I wasn't feeling so great myself so it didn't work out so well. I was driving home and I remembered that I wanted to check out the this little shop at Seventh street and Missouri called Family Arts Needlework shop. I had heard that they had some knitting supplies in there so I went in and ending up finding two lovely yarns there.

The first one was Classic Elite Bravo yarn called Hawaaian Sun. It is a silk and mohair blend. I picked up two skeins. Very yummy and of course the scanner doesn't give the colors justice.

The second one I came across I thought I could work in with the other one somehow, I just don't know how yet. But it is called Fantasi and made by a company called Marks and Kattens. It is a blend of wool, acrylic and Polyester. The name of the color? Party!

Yellow is not normally a color I would buy but with my total bill being 16.00 I had to grab them all! I figured that I could make my spring purse out of this. I haven't started on anything else lately so we'll see.

Happy Knitting my friends.

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illanna said...

Wow Becky those yarns are gorgeous! I never even heard of that store.