Friday, March 4

I finished my Calypso top. Most of you who were at the Changing Hands SNB know that already. I am going to take a picture of my niece in it this weekend. It is supposed to be a medium but it looks like it will be one of those mediums that will be tight on someone who wears a size zero. I am giving it back on Monday. As horrible as it is to say this, I am glad that it is going back. I got a little tired of working with the yarn by ball 4. It just got tiring. Although, working on that sweater has inspired me to knit more sweaters. I am not sure if any of them will be for me but I want to. I think that maybe I will concentrate on some baby sweaters.

I have to finish Amy's sock by Wednesday. I have been putting that off. I started and completed a purse. Well, at least the knitting and crocheting part of a purse. I also bought the jump ring and the clasp for it. I just have to get the collars for the handles.

I am going to Jessica Knits on Sunday. I need to pick up some Koigu for my secret pal. I was also thinking of stopping off at the Eddie Bauer store tomorrow. But I will see how my tips go before I decide whether or not to go there.

That is the nice thing about my job. Most days I will have cash on hand. Even if it is 5.00, it is still cash! I am horrible about carrying cash with me.

I am off to work on another purse. I want to get my melody yarn knit up.
Happy Knitting

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