Sunday, July 10

- 8+ 2 = YAY

Martha came over last night and ended up staying the night. Who knew that we would end up staying up until 1:30 in the morning looking at stars! It was so beautiful last night.

We had so much to catch up on. I didn't realize how much I missed her until we started really talking about life and stuff.

We also did a little yarn trading this morning. She needed to get a project going for a baby shower and wanted to know if I was willing to trade her for a couple of her skeins for a couple of mine. She ended up taking 6 skeins of Lion Brand wool-ease and 2 skeins of some Paton's Grace. In return I got some SWTC melody and some SWTC chenille. She had gotten then when they had their big sale and didn't really have anything to do with them and was willing to do the trade. We both ended up happy in the end so it works out!

I am still plugging away at my projects. So really no other exciting news to tell. I think I found this wonderful little coffee shop for meetings on the West side of AZ. I am going to go check it out this week and see how they feel about knitters invading the area. It is at 127th Avenue and Indian School. So, we'll see.

I am avoiding cleaning house... As always but I do want to have a little bit done before my family gets back they went out camping this weekend and I figured it would be nice to have that done for when they got home.

Well, happy knitting everyone.

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