Thursday, July 7

10 projects and counting?

Okay, you know that last post in which I talk about me finishing up things...wrong.....

I have a total of 10 projects going and so many many more that I want to start. Some of them are really simple projects to work on, like sew linings for my purses and I think make some handles for them. I was really seriously considering selling the ones I have made. They don't have a pattern or anything, so does anyone know of places online that I can sell to or even places in Phoenix? How do I go about getting started on that?

Here is a list of projects that I am currently knitting

1) SWTC test knit... almost done (thank god)
2) black beaded scarf
3) lace scarf
4) leaf scarf (can you see a theme going on here?)
5) Grandmas blanket (not really started but more in developmental stages)
6) Sock pattern from Fall Interweave... I couldn't wait to get started on it.

Projects I need to take apart:

1) clown socks... okay it is the regia stripe yarn but my Brother in law says they look like clown socks
2) black purse
3) Regia black and grey striped sock. (they were going to be Amy's but I think I am going to rip them out and do a hat or something
4) lace shawl I have going...blech is all that I going to say

So I have made it a goal to finish up at least two projects by the end of the month. Let's see which ones make it to the finish line. I want to get them completed because I have a shawl idea floating around in my head that I want to get out on paper.

More later... Happy Knitting


Eva said... is supposed to be a good place to sell crafts.

Joan said...

I don't think I have enough room on my blog to post all my UFO's and projects in waiting! I didn't know the shop in El Mirage was selling yarn again. When I lived there, they had gone to all needlepoint and stitchery. I miss Arizona having lived there for almost 3 years.