Monday, September 1


okay - so my great idea of knitting all year long turned into a bust! But I am going to be working on christmas/winter gifts for the next few months... here is my list

Amy -- hat
Kim -- mitts
Amy (sis) -- breadcloth
Pat and Liz -- blanket
Amber and Neil -- tbd
Steven ^^^^^ DONE
Noah ^^^^^ DONE
(all the boys are getting hats!)
Noel -- bread cloth ?
Crystal -- bread cloth ?
Sheyenne -- mitts
Logan -- mitts
jamie -- hat
Michelle ?
KJ -- hat
Dylan -- hat

I have found a cute pattern for some Biscuit blankets and I think I might download it. Although it looks like a big dishcloth with holes in each corner for a thread to go through. I might just make it out of simple garter stitch or a giant DW dishcloth because I really like that pattern!

Hmm -- we shall see! : )