Tuesday, August 16


I have been working between my scarf, my purse for swtc and contemplating this wonderful little thing called Shibori.

I have some great ideas for working on a scarf done with Shibori. I am thinking of using some Noro Kureyon that I have been waiting to use. Most Shibori is worked with dyeing of the fabric but because I want to get my hands wet now with it I am going to use my Noro. I will have to do a couple of swatches to see what pattern I want to do but I am thinking waves again... I guess that it sums up how my life is feeling right now. You can find more about Shibori in the fall 05 Interweave Knits and at www.shibori.org

Contest info... all guessing is closed for the finishing date of my scarf. Unfortunately nobody picked my lucky date... It is September 10th. My Birthday!!!!

Happy Knitting.

Saturday, August 13

so this is the creative process?

I have been working my buns off trying to create a pattern for SWTC? How come it seems so easy in my head and then when I knit it, it looks like junk? Grrr...

As promised I have not started on the finishing of my Flapper Scarf... I am giving two more days for votes to come in on the finishing date... I have a few dates already... I didn't read the names of the commenters just the dates... I mean I read the entire comment but I didn't focus on the name.

Here are the dates I have so far -


There is one lucky date that still needs to be picked if someone out there picks the lucky date they will, too will get the yarn and the pattern from me to make a scarf! I am not telling you what the lucky date is but it has not been chosen yet....

Oooh this is so fun for me.
I will post more later. I am going to partcipate in International Pajama day tomorrow. Although, I do have to do a little bedroom manuvering. So I will try to do it as long as I can. :)

Happy Knitting

Monday, August 8

as the world turns...

Lately it seems life my life is soap opera. Really. I am going to rant for a little bit so if you want to read about knitting then please scroll down to the asteriks. If you crave the drama... then read on, my friend...

Starting with this, one of my greatest friends in the world is going to be leaving me. Her husband has been looking at jobs all across the country and they are pretty sure that they are settling on Nashville, TN. WTF? I have no idea how to cope with this. She has been a strong pillar in my life, always seeming to know what to say or has dealt with something similar. We will see where that takes me.

My other really great friend has set a date for marriage with her boyfriend. I say that and not that they are engaged because... A) she has no ring and B) she was never really properly asked. (okay, I know that in this day and age that women don't need a ring or even have to be asked. But this gal pal of mine feel the same way about this topic and to see that she is going about it this way really irks me. So maybe there are some other reasons about this that urk me... in no particular order they are... 1) I have to wear a pee yellow and navy blue two piece item, the top having an empire waist...which will make me look anywhere from 8 to 25 months pregnant depending on the exact style... 2) The date is 2-10-2007... more than a year and a half away... and she is taking me on wedding dress scavenges next week.... 3) She has chosen me as maid of honor by default... I am the only one of her close friends that is not... a) lazy b) crazy c) controlling or d) sleazy.... 4) I have in the last week received 8 calls already about what changes she is already making to her wedding and with each phone call I am reminded that I am her MOH so I need to know this stuff.

I have decided to sit down with her tonight and talk with her about it because I was seriously making a call to Bridezillas on the Bravo channel. I don't know maybe some of this is irking me so much because I am single and feel like I am going no where.

Which brings me to my last story for today before I get to knitting. Amy called me last week and wants to get back together with it. I have really no idea what to do. We have had so many problems before that I don't know if I really want to but on the other hand, it seems as though it was mainly the last year that was really bad. And that was both of our faults. More hers but I was just as equally a culprit. One of my sisters's says no, it is a horrible idea, the other says after 6 years you need to at least try to make it work because if I don't I will be wondering for ever. Amy has told me that she is making changes in her life and trying to focus on not falling into the same old rut with herself but I don't know. I know in my heart of hearts that most people aren't able to change but I also know the good person inside her. The one that kept me happy for so many years before then. I know that this has to go slow if it is going to work but I am so afraid that it won't and here I will be again with a broken heart and more tears.
ARRGGHHH. I hate it when I don't have a perfectly clear answer.


Okay, so my rants are over and here is the knitting junk..... I have been plugging away on a few little projects. I took my test knit to Jonelle and we had a good discussion about the pattern. It may be a no go. For knitters out there, that is one pattern that shouldn't be. In return, I got three balls of Oasis yarn and am going to work on shawl pattern for moi. I have the pattern and the yarn, I just need to get some other things finished first.

I told a little bit of a project that I had in my head for SWTC. I have gotten the yarn for it and it slowly making progress. I have to felt my swatch but the pattern I have been working on with a different yarn seems to be working quite nicely. It looks like this one is good to go...what does this pattern look like.. well, I am going to keep that secret but what are things that remind of you summer in CALI?


There is a contest I have going on. I have been working away for almost a year on my flapper scarf. to celebrate it's anniversary and it's soon to be completion I have decided that who ever guesses closest to the date that I have the scarf finished will get the yarn and beads and pattern to make one of their own! Some rules..... I will post weekly all the dates that have been chosen. There will be only one winner. If a same date is chosen the second chooser will be notified and have their date changed. You can pick any date that you want... but I will not continue work on the scarf until next week. After the winner is announced I will contact them to verify yarn and bead color and adress info and stuff like that. So here goes and hope all have fun....

Happy knitting my friends...

Monday, August 1

test knit - complete....

I finished it! It is done and well, not my favorite thing I have ever knit. I get to turn it in tomorrow and be done with it. I am trying to write up a purse pattern for SWTC but I don't know how well it will turn out. You know.. it is the whole... Looks good in the head but on paper... well that is a different story.

Everyone I know has been to California this summer and has been lounging on the beach so it will be on that theme. I want to type more but I have to chase after my nephew...

happy knitting