Monday, April 11

off to straighten the stash

Saturday night I forgot about a party that we had to go to. I remembered at nine o'clock in the evening. So, I threw someting semi decent on and we headed over there. A good time was had. I played this game.

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It is called Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. Kind of hard to explain but you get to kill other people's bunny cards. I am so buying this game next week.

I am officially out of fiber to spin. I am awaiting hand carders for the alpaca. But everything else is gone gone gone... It is all nice little hanks of yarn. I have to set the twist in all them but it is spun. I was thinking of making some novelty yarn one of these days. We will see how it goes.

Yesterday was family haircut day and then it was off to my the movies with my sister and my niece. We saw Beauty Shop. My sister had passes that she one from work so we went and saw a movie that we normally wouldn't go to. It was alright but I am glad I didn't pay for the movie.

I feel like a have a ton of things to get done but I know that it isn't true.
Here is my to do list.
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Get Gas
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • organize yarn
  • Drop off bags at the goodwill

A lot of driving today. I had just wanted to lounge around the house.. Oh well.

Happy Knitting

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Shannon said...

hey girl! Sorry it's taken so long getting back to you. I miss hanging out with you too! As you can see on my blog, it's been forever since I've even knitted. got a great package from my SP today so I'm ready to knit again. Will be broke though for about 2 weeks, I've got 2 concerts this week that are costing me a fortune. Maybe we could still meet up sometime.....