Monday, February 28


I had to post for a second time this evening. I had been looking at a purse pattern for a while and was really wanting to figure out the pattern myself but it just wasn't working out. So, I got online today and started looking at it again. I was having a total yarn/knitting store urge so I went out to Family Arts Needlework Shop. They are open Mondays. YAY!!!!! I went with the book number.... # 232 and they had it...

This was the pattern I was looking for...

But I stumbled upon these....

What are the chain handles you ask? Well they are dog's choke chains... What a much better use for them than around a dogs neck.... (without saying more, I get a little psycho when people use choke chains on their dogs.) I have the perfect yarns picked out for them. I can't wait to get started on them.

As for Calypso.. as much as I am trying I don't think it will be done tonight... As always life got in the way.. I will try hard though...

Happy knitting
I always try to think of some witty title and today I have nothin' sorry. So, I am just leaving it blank.

I have been working on Calypso. I just started into ball number nine and was only supposed to use up eight. I think it's a good thing that Jonelle gave me a few extra balls "just in case". I am almost to the arm holes on the front of the sweater. I have two more inches to go before I can start the decreasing and then after that it is smooth sailing. My goal is to have it finished by this afternoon or this evening. I want to get it to her tomorrow so I can start working on something else. Shannon had said that she didn't want to be a test knitter as she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to finish it becuase of time or the big one...she would get tired of working on it so she would just stop knitting it.

I had thought about not being able to complete it because of time constraints and as you all know how I am about finishing projects, I was more than worried about that one, too! So of course everything else got put on hold. Clapotis is sitting there, I haven't had the heart to rip back from where I made my mistake. My sister's socks, which need to be finished by March 9th are awaiting completion, my tweed socks are just sitting there, I know that I won't be able to get them done before warm weather comes in, and everything else I have been working on is just sitting there. I have cheated here and there and got a few rows worked on this or that but mostly I have been stuck on Calypso. I was thinking about all of this last night and telling my sister how much I missed working on other projects and then I realized something...


I am rather proud of that. It makes up for the fact that I haven't worked on other stuff. Awesome!

So, other news that I have to report...

My sister and I went to Fry's last night to get some soda's and other stuff for dinner and we were stopped on the way out....we were trapped.... and were pressured into buying a few things from these wonderful saleswomen...It was their smiles and enthusiasm... Okay okay it was the cookies.... WHO could say no to Brownies? Not me and not my sister... I walked away with these...

Looking for pictures of the cookies I stumbled across this... I am brainy, mysterious, complex...

I am off to take Maggie to the Vet today, she has to get her teeth scraped and some other work done that is not quite so nice to describe... I will just say that it deals with her bottom half...
I am also going to Bookman's. I gotta get rid of some more books. I think that I will just take the money this time... Or find out if I can use the credit at the other Bookmans in Mesa. I am going to finish my Calypso top today too!

Happy Knitting.

Friday, February 25

Big Happy Super Smile Post Time

So, I have been watching Most Extreme Eliminiation that we had recorded. I am so addicted to that show. For those who don't know what it is, it is an English dubbed Japanese challenge show. But the dubbers make the people doing the challenges look like total asses. I love it. I have decided that this post is going to only have Big Happy Super Smile subjects.

So on that note I picked up these materials at the fabric store today. The yellow one is for my purse that I got the yarn for last week and the other I just fell in love with so I had to have it. I have some yarn in that color so I think it will look really pretty.

I am awaiting our pizza and wings from Streets of New York. We both wanted Oregano's but were to lazy to go and pick up the food so we are settling. Don't ya just love those days.

Happy Knitting my friends....

Thursday, February 24

Fighting in front of friends...

It seems that there is a lot of bitchiness going on in the air.....(NO!!! Not you folks with the blogs. I could care less about that crap!) I am talking about first my sisters.... WATCHOUT. They are both in psycho bad moods and have been for the last few days.
Last night I ended up getting into an argument with Amy in front of our friend Martha... Amy got pissed at me about YYY Topic. (Sorry I can't tell more but there are some things about my personal life that I need to keep off the internet!) Normally, not a problem and I would blow it off. But Martha was over and Amy proceeded to freak out at me in front of her...So, we go into our room. I tried to smooth things over and well we all know how well that can work when someone is pissed off. I, being the not so calm and rational person that I am get upset and we are in each other's faces. It isn't until 10 minutes into the yelling that I remember that Martha is sitting in our living room trying to act like nothing is happening. Amy yells at me to "Fuck off" and says she is going to bed. I slam the door and go about watching the rest of Project Runway with Martha. (mind you, Martha has been our friend for over 7 years apiece...she knew each of us seperately before she knew us as a couple.)
Most of the time, as with last night, we can get it out of our systems and we are done. We wake up in the morning (in the same bed)...still a little upset but okay. We will make it to year number 6.

Martha and I meet up for coffee after I get off work. I get there first. I am sitting there working on my STUPID Calypso top that is never finshing.... and we talk about what we are drinking and then she "splats" it out... "Are you going to break up with Amy now?" WHERE IN THE HELL DID THIS COME FROM?????? This is not the first time she has seen us get into a fight and of course it probably won't be the last time...She proceeds to tell me that we just aren't meant for each other and that we are hurting each other emotionally more and more each day and that there is no reason for us to be together. WHERE DID THIS COME FROM????? Of course, me being in the tired and grumpy mood I am after being on my feet for the last 6 hours of my shift at work I am not in the mood to argue but of course I am in the mood to make snide comments... What was the comment you ask?
"Martha you are one to talk about healthy relationships...... I am not the one who got kicked out of her apartment because of her boyfriend and then takes him back two months later and proceeds to take advantage of him for almost a year.... to "get him back"..."

Needless to say the evening ended quite quickly after that. I shouldn't have said it but I did, I will probably call her later tonight and work it out but it makes me wonder about what is going on in the air. It is total cat fight time..

I am developing a theory on this bitchiness that is going around, at least here in Phoenix. Normally, our spring begins now, the time for love in the air, our animal instincts for affection and love, for nurturing and mothering and all sorts of other womanly goodness are supposed to going on right now... and folks do we see any spring going on? NOPE. Nothing but rain rain rain and more rain. So, I think that nature wrecked our emotions and psychological wellness and putting us all into a funk... I am looking forward to a few good days with out rain...They say it is supposed to be at least until Tuesday but we will see what happens.

Happy Knitting and Happy Hoping for Spring...

Wednesday, February 23

Such is life..

So, with all intentions of going to the Fiber Factory yesterday I ended up not going. I had to stop and return a book as well as yarn yesterday. So, as Martha and I are heading well in to the direction of Mesa the following conversation happens...

Me: "Oh crap, I forgot the freakin' yarn!"

Martha: "Do you want to turn around and get it?"

Me: "No, I will just buy what I can and put the rest on hold."

Two or three miles up the road....

Martha: "We have to turn around"

Me: "Why?"

Martha: "I forgot my bank card...."


We turn around and decide that we really don't want to go to the Fiber Factory all much anyways.

I got to knit with Shannon last night. Yep! We are both alive and doing well. I also sent off a package to my secret pal and thanks to the invention of computers and a tracking number my package is sitting in a FedEx building somewhere in Sacramento, California. Cool. I am in the process of gathering ideas for my next package to send out. My SP loves Saint Patricks Day so it is going to be quite themed....

I have to get my buns moving on the Calypso top. I am just two inches away from the decreases on the 2nd sleeve. Then all I have to do is knit the front and the neck... Easy peasy...

Happy Knitting...


Tuesday, February 22

Martha and I are headed over to Fiber Factory. I need to do a return and she wants to buy more yarn. I think it is so fascinating to watch other people get yarn for new projects. Especially those who don't have a yarn stash, or at least those who don't have a huge one like me.

I put a shout out to get some people on the westside to come and knit with me tonight but I don't know if it is going to happen. Amy has band practice tonight and I don't want to be sitting there so I jus might go and hang out by myself anyways. My niece may come with me and do her homework.

I am contemplating buying this book:

I have checked it out from the library a few times and I like the patterns in the book. Very quick and simple to work on. If I do buy it, it won't be for a few weeks. I have a few other main things to buy first.

We'll see. I have a few rows done on my summer purse. It is made of fluffy goodness. I don't think that everyone will like the way the colors are turning out but I do and that is all that matters right? I am trying to figure out what purse handles I want to add on there. Hmm...

I will write more later if I can
Happy Knitting.

Monday, February 21

A little party and some sun

I had lunch with Martha today. She was quite depressed today so we went to lunch to try to cheer each other up. I wasn't feeling so great myself so it didn't work out so well. I was driving home and I remembered that I wanted to check out the this little shop at Seventh street and Missouri called Family Arts Needlework shop. I had heard that they had some knitting supplies in there so I went in and ending up finding two lovely yarns there.

The first one was Classic Elite Bravo yarn called Hawaaian Sun. It is a silk and mohair blend. I picked up two skeins. Very yummy and of course the scanner doesn't give the colors justice.

The second one I came across I thought I could work in with the other one somehow, I just don't know how yet. But it is called Fantasi and made by a company called Marks and Kattens. It is a blend of wool, acrylic and Polyester. The name of the color? Party!

Yellow is not normally a color I would buy but with my total bill being 16.00 I had to grab them all! I figured that I could make my spring purse out of this. I haven't started on anything else lately so we'll see.

Happy Knitting my friends.
I don't have a title for this post. It is 12:00 at night and I should be sleeping but I wanted to get this posted.

The back of the Calypso is done. It looks really cool. Kind of bunchy at the top as the neck stitches are on a holder but I think it turned out rather nice. I also finished the increases of the sleeve on the Calypso. I am only 3 inches away from my decreases so that is exciting.

But I wanted to show off the pictures of what i have been doing...

I will write more when I am not so sleepy. Happy Knitting my friends.

Thursday, February 17

The curse has been lifted.

Thanks to a special someone out there I am looking at in my apartment, on my computer desk and near my being this special little present that my secret pal got me...

My secret pal rocks!
I have sore thumbs this morning. I stayed up way too late last night and worked on my Calypso top. It is kind of addicting. I am only 3 inches away from finishing the back of the sweater! Yay!
Of course, I got side tracked and started working on the sleeves. Only realizing after I had knit 6 inches into the sleeve that I would be done with the back by now. Oh well, that is life.

I am feeling up to par this morning. I still need Dayquil but I can function. Better than yesterday. I get to have my haircut this afternoon. I can't wait. This mop needs to go. I also get my order from Aveda in. That is the one I think is crappy. If I want something from Aveda I can either order it and wait two and 1/2 weeks to get my discount on it or I can buy it right then and receive no discount. Grrrr. So, being that I need to bone up on my product knowledge I am going to list the benefits about the stuff I am getting.

Shampure Shampoo

  • Your everyday shampoo for those who do little with their hair
  • It has Morikue protein ( a combination of Brazil nuts and wheat protien) to fortify hair
  • A blend of 25 Pure Plant and Flower is the "signature" Aveda aroma
  • Allure's readers choice award for best shampoo

Shampure Conditioner

  • Everyday conditioner that provides environmental protection to your hair.
  • Infused with Morikue protein
  • Blend of 25 Pure Plant and Flower Extracts

Hand Relief

  • A super duty hand moisturizer for dry, chapped skin
  • Vitamin's A and E to nourish and soften skin
  • Contains plant emolliants to moisturize the skin
  • Editor's choice for best hand cream form Allure Magazine

Cuticle Control

  • Softens and soothes cuticle for easy removal
  • Contains corn based humectant to moisturize cuticle
  • Mineral based ingredients to break down protein bonds of the cuticle
  • Aloe to soothe the skin

So, I hoped you liked this little bit o' info... I am hoping to get more of the sweater done. I will try to get a picture of it posted before I have to send it back.

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, February 16

I got my first test knitting project yesterday. It is a sweater made from Calypso yarn. Unfortunately, there isn't a picture of the yarn, but it is like a ribbon/railroad yarn. I thought that it would be a pain to work with but it is coming along nicely. I have about 1/2 of the back of the sweater done. I had to go down a size on my needles, I guess I am a loose knitter. I never thought I would say that!

Anyways, I am not going to our SNB meet up tonight. I don't want to infect all the others with the dang cold. I feel a lot better today. I just know, though, that I will be hanging on to the cough for a couple of weeks.

What are the things to tell?

I finished the 5 hour baby sweater. It takes more than 5 hours but, it looks really cute. Sent it out before I could get a picture taken. D'oh.

I got some yarn for Amber's baby's sweater. I am going to knit the Baby's First Tattoo Sweater from the SNB Nation book.

I am going to work the stars and it is going to be done in black and red. That way if it is a boy or a girl it will still be really cute.

That's just about all I gotta say today. Have fun knitting tonight my SNB pals.

Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, February 15

Back to life...

I have decided that I am not going to mope around the house as I did yesterday. I have too much stuff to take care of.

I took some Dayquil and I think it is working. My mind is at least functional and that is all that counts right?

I have to go over to Southwest Trading Company this morning and pick up my first test knitting project. WOOHOO! I am also heading over to the Fiber Factory to drop off a spool that I borrowed from someone. I have had it for like three weeks but I just haven't had the time to take it over.

After that I don't know what my plans are. Probably coming back home and sleeping on the couch. But at least I will get some fresh air into these lungs. I will try to post more later.

Happy Knitting.

Monday, February 14

That is what I get...

I thought I had cheated fate... The winter had passed and I was feeling good. And then Sunday morning came. It was the sore throat, the achy body and then sniff sniff... Arrgghhh My nose was backed up too! I am officially sick. I had tried so long to stay away from the sickies. I avoided them at all costs. I don't know who or when I caught this but I have it. And let me tell you folks, I am not the kind of person who will be sick for a couple of days and then get better. I am a take a full two or three weeks to even start feeling better kinda girl. I have a horrible immune system and no matter what kinds of vitamins I take I will be sick for quite awhile.

So, being the nice girl that I am I will not be going knitting any time soon. I hope that you all understand. Speaking of which. I haven't knit anything in two days. Not even picked it up since Friday after work. I haven't had the time and right now I don't have the mindset to do it.

I am getting paid by my sister to make her some knitted name plaques for her office. I got the yarn yesterday for the test one. I will try to work on it today but I am not going to bet on it.

Sorry for such a lame post. I have had my sitting time for the day. It is off to bed again

happy knitting.

Friday, February 11

Look at those bags....

Okay seeing how I only have like twos of most yarns I am going to make a few bags. I am not going to give them a recipient right now. I just want to get my stash down. While I don't have the exact yarn I do have some similar yarns... Here is what I have up...

Going to be knit with Melody yarn from Southwest Trading Company
I think that I may use this as a regular purse
I don't think I am going to use the skull motif but rather use up all my left over wool bits from my Christmas slippers I made.

I am going to use up a double strand of something.
I have more pictures and patterns saved but I want to get those done first. I have still yet to complete a second project so I can buy my Rowan Denim yarn. Maybe I will have a sock done by this weekend... Or at least by Tuesday as that is my weekend ending. :)
Happy Knitting.

Wednesday, February 9

I don't really have all that much to say for my 2nd post of the day. I just have been feeling really out of the world today and need to get back in it. Seeing how I am in blah mood I am going to type ten things that I liked about today.

  1. Waking up to clean laundry
  2. Getting dressed early enough to do something besides rush out the door
  3. Being to work 20 minutes early even on a donut tire.
  4. Finding out my first client of the day was a referral from one I had on Saturday
  5. Was told I give great pedicures
  6. Getting a great scalp massage
  7. Having no headaches today
  8. Getting in and out of Michael's for a return and not spending any money
  9. Maggie wagging her tail when I walk in the door.
  10. Amy being home early from work

Ten little things but ten things all the same. I know that I had said in an earlier post that I see myself as optimistic but I am going to really try to keep that up. I need to get Shannon's cards done. The stuff is all sitting there. I just need to get it together. I haven't forgot about you guys.

I am still working on my socks. I am going to use the time watching the Simpson's to work on my green sock. Happy KNitting.

It all started so innocently. I thought I would just whip up some stitch markers to use up the excess beads that I ahd left form my necklace. I did, they looked really pretty. How is it then, that I have a crap load of stitch markers and haven't done any real knitting in about three days?

Okay that last part isn't true but I somehow mananged to make a ton of markers. I think that I am going to send them off to as RAOK's. I know that people have been sending them out like crazy to others but I just have too many to count. I know that I won't use them all.

There are no photo's today. I forgot to take all the stuff my SP got me to my sister's house last night. When I asked to use her camera she got kinda huffy about it. I told her nevermind.

I got a flat tire yesterday. Not one of those "Wow, that thing is really low", but a super "looks like it could be in a cartoon flat tire". It was at my sister's house so it wasn't a problem. But becuase of timing I have to drive around on a donut for a couple of days. Speaking of which. I am so in the mood for Krispy Creme right now. I think that I will shuffle on over to them before I head off to work.

I have set Clapotis aside for awhile. I have to make sure I get my sister's socks done by her birthday. It is in March but I want to be sure all the same. I also am dying to get my tweed socks done. Last night I was working on the Tweed one and was feeling how soft it was. I read the back of the label . 85& wool, 10 & silk and 5% cashmere. I was knitting luxury socks and didn't even realize it. I had justified the price of the yarn becuase I really like the colors of it. So, that was a nice bonus.

Well off to work with a stop at Krispy Creme First... :) Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, February 8

:( and :)

I feel like the drama masks right now... The happy and the sad..

First I got a package from my secret pal yesterday... so freakin' cool. It was filled with lots of Valentine's goodness. Thank you secret pal. The chocolate is all eaten up! Yummy! I love the little pen. Amy says that is so me as I have 6 lipsticks in my purse right now! I will try to get a picture of all my goodies today!

I also get to watch Matthew today. Which totally rocks. He is such a good baby. I love it.

Now for the sad news. My favorite pair of jeans bit the dust yesterday. They were this super soft denim and after wearing and washing and wearing over and over and over, they finally decided to leave me. I was constantly sewing them up. This time it is irrepairable. I am going to cut them into little strips and make a bag out of them. I don't know how well this will go but I am going to try. If not, I tried my best. They were going to be tossed anyways.

Off to watch Matt.

Happy Knitting.

Monday, February 7

ahh finished.

I finished my necklace today. I couldn't find the wire I wanted to use on it again, as realized that I was also out of wire... so I picked up some stuff that was a lot harder to work with than I thought. But here it is... It it's beautiful glory...

Click on the picture to see it bigger...

Thank you Illana for posting such a beautiful picture and thank you to Melissa who was an inspiration for this necklace... Your work is beautiful and your dog is soo cute too!

I am off to try to make beaded stitch markers and then clean house.. Don't you love priorities?

Damn you Clapotis... and necklaces

How is it that I can measure out enough length and then some to go around my neck for the necklace that I was making and still have it be too small? Now, this didn't happen once, twice, three times but count em FOUR YEP FOUR TIMES! I am really starting to piss myself off. I have to go find more crimp beads today. This fun little project is turning into a pain in my ass.

So, what is going on with Clapotis... I made a big fat mistake and I was 4 rows short of dropping my first stitch. The row was just finished and I started looking at it. It didn't look right. Sure enough there is a mistake and it is like 40 rows back... Oh well, good thing I have today off from work.

Other news. Nothing much. I am going to the Fiber Factory tomorrow morning to get something for my secret pal. I really want one for myself so I am going to see if I can find a cheap one there. I think my SP reads my blog so I will not say anymore about it. I also want to pick up some more or at least some roving scraps. I figured that since I am doing the wire and bead working I might as well take a stab making myself some stitch markers, too.

I didn't get my book yesterday. I flipped through it and decided it really wasnt worth it for the two projects I wanted to knit.

The Five hour baby sweater is coming along nicely. I am at row 17 or 18 I forget which one. I am using the Mexicana yarn that I was going to make a scarf out of and then decided against it. It isn't the softest yarn but it looks pretty and the baby will be wearing a shirt underneath it anyways.

Happy Knitting

Sunday, February 6

This is the case of....stick to what you know best...

I found out the other day that I am not a jewelry maker. I suck big time at it. I decided to make a felted bead necklace. It actually looked really pretty all the beads in a row and then I go to try it on... It will probably fit my 19 month old nephew. How could I have made it so small? I am going to try to make it again. I just didn't have the patience the other night.

I have two main errands to do today. 1 is pick up a newspaper and the other is to go to Michaels. I have been really wanting this book.

So, I have to pick up a paper and get the Michaels 40% off coupon. The book will only be 12.00 rather than 20 bucks. Cool huh? I also need to make a return on a stamp and stamp pad. I don't know why I got them. I already have them both. I guess I just wasn't thinking.

Then it is off to the library. Amy has to do some research for one of her papers and her prof. said absolutely no internet sources.

So, I am going to take my Crochet. Yep, you read that right. I am making a crocheted purse and I am hoping to have it finished by the end of the evening. It is done on this huge hook and is very open and loopy. Kinda cool! I still prefer knitting though. I haven't done much on Clapotis. I just haven't had the time to work on it. So maybe that one will go to the library with me.


I just received an invitation to a baby shower this weekend coming up. I am going to take on the 5 hour baby sweater... wish me luck. If anyone knows of any tricks or tips let me know...

Friday, February 4

the other 50 about me... and Alison is a stinker

So be prepared this is going to be a long post... I have a few things to tell.....

Here are the other 50 things about me...

  1. I Simpson's Junkie. I can quote way too often... My favorite 3 quotes are:
  2. "I am so smart, I am so smart, I am so smart S-M-R-T. OH, I mean S-M-A-R-T."
  3. "It tastes's like burning...."
  4. "You're bad Bart Simpson and I LIKE IT."
  5. I am into the whole "badboy" image.
  6. I couldn't ever do it... I am too chicken
  7. I was voted by my friends as "most likely to be a soccer mom"
  8. I really like punk music... More than any other music scene out there.
  9. This is one of the first times in my life when I have more female friends than male friends
  10. I have never had just one best friend
  11. I love to set people up. I am not very good at it.
  12. My favorite flower is the carnation.
  13. My favorite joke is.... "If Canada was full of pink cars what would Canada be?"
  14. "A PINK CAR NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  15. I love lame jokes and really lame comics
  16. I work on crossword puzzles every night to fall asleep
  17. I am not very good at them... except for the Jumbles.
  18. I will read the last few pages in a book.
  19. I have issues about people writing in books.
  20. I used to raise dairy cattle, pigs and rabbits when in was in the FFA and 4-H
  21. I still know the FFA Creed.
  22. I like to memorize things.
  23. I read trivial pursuit cards over and over again
  24. I have no qualms about cheating on games
  25. Slot Machines treat me really well. ( I don't cheat on those, though!)
  26. I played on a slot machine for 30 mintes of off 50 cents and walked away with 45 dollars
  27. That has been my biggest winning ever
  28. I don't know how to save money
  29. I got my pattern published in the Stitch 'N Bitch Nation book. It is the fuzzy dice and steering wheel cover
  30. The friend in the paragraph is Amy.
  31. I have never been friends with someone before I dated them
  32. All of the people I have ever dated, I "stole" away from someone else.
  33. I hate laundry and will avoid it at all costs
  34. I love dessert wines.
  35. My favorite food to eat is called Ham and noodles
  36. I was a vegetarian for 3 1/2 years
  37. I ate "And Noodles" a lot... with no ham
  38. I love to cook and to bake.. when I have a clean kitchen
  39. When I want to eat dinner out I tell Amy it is her turn to cook dinner- works every time
  40. I love novelty yarns but I won't buy them.... I don't have a reason why.... I guess cause I am cheap
  41. I believe that I am cursed... Every and I mean every time I go to buy the Kacha Kacha row counter it is out of stock
  42. I believe in ghosts and Angels.
  43. I will not touch a bathroom doorknob unless I know it's clean
  44. I don't like to sit with my back towards a door
  45. I have only seen 2 scary movies ever
  46. Poltergiest and The Village
  47. I only went to see The Village for the knitting in the movie
  48. I want practice yoga
  49. I named my cats after a cartoon. Their names are Pepper Ann and Moose
  50. I see myself as an optimistic person

Whew! I did it... I can't believe it... That was a hard one...

So, Alison being the little stinker that she is.. Tagged me for the Music Meme.... Thanks a whole lot Alison... I rarely listen to music but I will be sport... I was hoping that it would pass me up..

So for all those still interested in reading...

  1. Total amount of music on my got me. Amy is the one who deals with that kind of stuff.
  2. I don't remember the last CD I bought, but I really wanted the new Queen Latifah cd and I got it for Christmas
  3. The last song I listened to was We Got the Beat.
  4. My five favorite songs... Santeria by Sublime, Fur Elise composed by Beethoven, Fools Rush in by Elvis, Girls just Wanna have fun by Cyndi Lauper, Will you be the one by Melissa Ferrick
  5. Here is where I am going to be a sore sport... I won't pass it along to anyone... I don't really like getting stuff like this, so I will follow the golden rule... Sorry Al, I hope that you aren't too mad at me... :(

I think that is all I have to tell you all today. Happy Knitting...

Thursday, February 3

100 things about me.

I keep seeing the "100 things about me" posts and figured that although late I wil give it a little try. I don't know if I will be able to do 100 of them at once but what the heck...

  1. I am an Arizona native. This is something that I am truly proud of.
  2. I grew up in small town and what to raise kids in a small town.
  3. I think the John Mellencamp song "Jack and Diane" sums up my small town.
  4. My sisters and I are very close knit
  5. My mom died 5 years ago when I was 20
  6. My dad died when I was 16.
  7. I haven't dealt with my mom's death.
  8. I have 4 nephews and a niece. I love them all to death
  9. My dream in life was to be mother and a housewife.
  10. I still haven't gotten to those dreams
  11. I want to have at least 2 kids
  12. My girlfriend took a long time in admitting that she wants kids
  13. We've been together for 6 years in March
  14. Now we have baby fever
  15. My extended family doesn't know I am lesbian
  16. They would disown not only me but my sisters for knowing.
  17. Being gay isn't that much apart of my life.
  18. I hate gay pride stuff. It is just sooooo tacky
  19. I really dislike "campy" or cult films.
  20. Especially the Heathers or The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  21. There are a lot of things that peeve me.
  22. I was going to write a book about them but it got too boring and long
  23. Please don't call me "Hon" GRRRRRR
  24. I fall into other people's habits. I call Maggie Choo Choo because of my friend Angela
  25. I want to get more tattoos - Don't know which ones
  26. I want to get my lobes stretched down to size 4...about the size of a size 4 needle.
  27. I am a closet pack rat
  28. I will hold on to the most trivial things
  29. I still have a yarn label from yarn that they discontinued and I fell in love with it.
  30. I love Valentine's Day
  31. Amy always craps out on Valentine's Day.
  32. Every year I expect it to be better. It doesn't happen
  33. I make her a handmade Valentine every year
  34. I love to make cards
  35. I am trying to start my card making company for knitters...It hasn't been going so well
  36. Besides yarn I collect handmade paper
  37. My dream car is a 1970 VW Beetle.
  38. I haven't been outside the country.
  39. I had a ticket to go to Germany - my boyfriend at the time was stationed there
  40. We broke up 2 weeks before I went. I got my money back
  41. I want to learn to speak German
  42. I am 1/2 German - 1/2 Heinz 57 Variety
  43. I will mark "Other" on forms that ask for Race... I am an American...
  44. I am a total Patriot.
  45. I cry at the National Anthem
  46. I cry on the 4th of July
  47. I cry at just about everything
  48. I feel like there are times when I am an emotional defect
  49. I like that about me though
  50. I don't like trying to find 100 things about me.

So, I will stop at 50 for now.. and will get the other 50 posted probably tomorrow I am off to work today. I had a really good day yesterday. I had a hair turned out really nice. I really like all my new co-workers but I really miss Lindsay. I will post later tonight about my felted bead making...

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, February 2

Long live the felt...

So, I have been steadily working on my Clapotis. I am serious about this shawl... It is so addicting. It is ridiculous. I thought that everyone else in my SNB was fibbing when they were talking about how addictive it is...They so weren't lying. I haven't gotten to a point where I drop a stitch just yet, but I am almost there.

Illana got this beautiful necklace from someone in the RAOK group. You may have to scroll down to see it. I looked up online and saw how to do the felted beads and thinking that I might make a few of them. I haven't ever done any real jewelry making before but I keep going back and looking at that necklace. Illana posted that it doesn't look half as beautiful as it does in person. This is so true. It is gorgeous. So, I have some free time tonight and I think I might get my hands dirty with dying some roving and make some beads...

Sorry folks I don't have any pictures to post today... I am pictured out... Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, February 1

knitting and more knitting

This morning I sent off a little Valentine's present for my Secret Pal. It wasn't anything big. Just a card and a few magnets. I have been thinking really hard about what to send her. I sent her a list of 20 more questions to answer for me. It has been a lot of fun to read about her, though.

I think that this title should have been socks and more socks. As I was sitting and looking at my stash last night I realized that half of the projects I had been working on were things that I started and I didn't how it was turning out. So, I made last night my Frog night and ripped out a few things. I frogged a scarf, three single almost done socks and 1 completed sock that I didn't remember the pattern to. It was one that I had made up myself but I didn't right the pattern out for it. I figured that it had been sitting there for a year so I was time to be undone and made into something else.

I am thinking about doing the scarf from last minute knitted gifts. The Chevron scarf.
So, here are the progress photos of my frogging the roll top sock. If you have ever ripped out anything that has been sitting for awhile you NEED to make a hank and wet it and let it dry with some weight to get the tension back in the yarn....

In the Beginning there was one lonely but not forgotten about sock.

This is taking out the toe of the sock... :( it was one of the saddest days in my knitting history. I had to admit defeat.

Up to the heel. In less than 2 minutes..... I wish I could knit that fast...

Last but not least the roll top cuff. I got a little snagged at the cast on but other wise it went smoothly.

Ready for a bath.... Look at all those waves

Hang her out to dry... I checked this morning and it was still wet....

I really contemplated taking this sock apart. I started to rip it out and then decided not to. I didn't have anyone to knit for but I had really wanted to knit some tweed socks. As I started ripping I realized that I still wanted to... I am just done with the gusset shaping now on the first sock. The other one should go rather quickly.

I also learned two things last night. 1) I don't have enough yarn to make the clapotis out my handspun. 2) I am so not interested in knitting the hourglass sweater anymore. So, with that said I am going to frog my hourglass and use that yarn to knit my Clapotis.

Is there anything else left to say.....hmm let me think.....

I can't check my email right now becuase it is all getting filtered from Cox to my Outloook account. I left my computer on so it goes straight to there. I am at my sister's house right now so I can't read anything. When I get home tonight I will post more if I need to. Happy Knitting