Monday, November 26

Where has the time gone?

It doesn’t seem like it has been nearly a year since my last post! I fell off the knitting wagon a while back and was not completing anything. But in the last few months I have gotten back into my groove and have been completing things left and right.

So what am I working on right now?
I had this great idea that I am going to knit dishcloths for people for the holidays… It was a few weeks back and I decided that I could knit 36 dishcloths with no problem right!?!?! Well, we will see how that goes. I have 10 done. They are going by much faster than I thought, but it is still a pain in the rear! In the speed of things, I have decided to narrow it down to a few patterns.

The DW washcloth
Grandma’s Favorite.. this is perfect for my mindless knitting
and the Woven dishcloth.

I am also crocheting a few of them.
Just a basic granny square and some plain square cloths. These go by much faster but I am not as fond of the crochet squares as I am of the knitted ones.

I need to make a few hats for the holidays as well. All the boys need hats. Junior, Noah, Steven, Matt and Austin. 2 of them are done and one is half done. Hats don’t take too long and because they are for small heads I should be able to get them done fairly quickly. I have the yarn for them. I just need the time!
Aurora is getting the sheep from a crochet book – I forgot the name though-

I will post pics later! Happy Knitting!