Tuesday, June 29

K1, P2 Sock one and Sock two

So, I haven't been here in awhile. Big surprise! I still gotta get pics up but have been lazy. Sorry bout that. I have a quite a few things to tell:
1) finished graduation purse. ARRRGHH> She was so unappreciative of it. So there is one more person that i don't knit for.
2) I finally finished UGLY SOCKS! I gave them away to a friend that pushed me to finish them. She loved them. So they are now Dunn socks. But I know that I won't knit with Lionbrand Magicstripes anymore.
3) I am working on my cloverleafs again. They are turning out rather pretty. I am working on the foot of the first sock. YEAH.
Now more regular stuff to tell about: Have one complete finished square done of my log cabin baby blanket. Only 8 more to go. I went through my stash the other day and found that I have enough sock yarn to make 12 pair of socks. I am a little proud and ashamed of this. I have decided that i am going to really make an effort to knit from my stash as I have so many "fancy" yarns that I know I can give some awesome presents to people for Christmas. I am making a list of my "inventory" and going to decide what to make off of that. So it's like I am not spending any money for Christmas this year. YEAH!
So, knitting is a small world. I am involved the Phoenix Stitch and Bitch group and found out that one of the members dated my cousin for like 3 years. Weird huh?
On a final note to all of you... I AM HAVE ONLY 11 SCHOOL DAYS LEFT !!!!!!
Happy Knitting

Friday, June 11

Knitting like a mad woman

I am knitting a purse for a friends graduation present and she graduates in 9 days. Looks like I gotta get busy. I was working on Angelas bag but I just don't think that she would use it all that much. I saw the cutest little slipper pattern the other day. A pal at my Stitch N Bitch group knitted them up. The ones she made are little felted bunnies! I got the pattern for them the other day and I think that I am going to knit my nephew a pair of the little puppy ones. I will get the link to them in a while.
I know that I said I was going to get some photos up, but I am still awaiting my first paycheck. I didn't get my paperwork done in time for direct deposit so it will take until next Friday for my $. I decided that I am going sign up for the TKGA (
www.tkga.com). I have been noticing that although I love my knitting it still looks kinda crappy. I think that having something to push me along will help that out. :) I was talking to one of my local guild members and she was telling me that the best thing that I can do is to be organized. Well, I will try.....
I gotta get outta here. I am already late for school but I am moving even slower than normal today. I guess it is because i am on day 6 of 14 of working and/or school with no day off in between. ( Have 2 nephew b-day parties in a row and I needed those days off.)
Happy Knitting :)

Monday, June 7

I need to finish a project

Well, I had started a working on my clover leaf socks for the sixsox knitalong and they were looking horrible, so I spent saturday ripping them out. I was using a cotton and elastic together and while I was just winding away on the cotton I tangled the elastic horribly. I got as much as I could undone and then just tossed it. The elastic only cost me $2.00 and I don't have that much patience. All the power to those who do.
I am slowly working on Angela's graduation bag. I just feel though that she won't be into it. So I think I just might buy her something from my work. I think though that I am going to knit Alice a bag for her graduation. She is totally into them. I have about 2 more inches on my magic stripes sock before I do the toe and start on the 2nd one. I am going to give these to Amy's mom for her birthday. My goal is to work on these socks when I am not taking clients at school so maybe I can get them done before I graduate.
I haven't finished a project in a while so I have no motivation to really work on anything. I am still trying to figure out what to do with the skein of soysilk that I got. I was originally thinking of doing socks but I started them and they looked bad. I then started a scarf with it and it didn't look very good. So I moved on to a little bag and I think that it how it is going to have to stay. I don't want to waste any of that yarn ( it cost $12.75 a skein)
I have my Phoenix SNB tonight and I can't wait to go. I referred someone from my knitlist group to here and will meet her tonight! I got my friend Martha knitting but she doesn't have the same enthusiasm for it as I do. Oh well, a knitter is a knitter right?
Happy Knitting and will post more later.

Saturday, June 5

Yet another list to follow, but probably won't

I gave myself a new knitting list to follow. I cleaned out my knitting chest and I found like 4 unfinished projects. I won't spare the details of what they are.Just that they aren't finished. I have almost 1 square done for my first baby afghan. I don't really like knitting them so I think that I will pass on doing more when I am done. I will knit up some baby hats and socks for the other two babies that are going to be born. I saw the cutest little hat on a website for sale. It was knit with silver yarn and had a little silver ribbon knotted at the top to make it look like it was a little Hershey's kiss. How cute is that? I am thinking that I could re create that for less than the $30.00 + s&h that the company was charging. I just have to find some soft yarn in silver. How cute would that be?
Non knitting news: I got my hair chopped off today. It is a hell of a lot shorter than I wanted it to be. It kinda looks like a 60's mod cut. My bangs are still kinda long and so are the sides but the top and back are about an inch long. ( when I get the funds I will get a photo of the before and after me.
I officially have 5.26 weeks left of cosmetology school. I can't wait to get out of school. For all those that think being a hair stylist is sissy work. Try holding a pair of scissors with your ring finger and your thumb. Now move ONLY your thumb to open and close the scissors. Now, do this while hodling a comb with your index and middle finger and holding a STRAIGHT section of hair 1/4" wide and cut a straight line with it. Now do that all over the head!!!!!!!! * bonus if you can do it while they are talking on a cell phone and drinking coffee!
I got a ball of soysilk the other day and I started to knit socks with it. I didn't like how they were turning out so I think that I am gonna rip back on them and use the yarn for a scarf for a Christmas present. Don't know for who but someone will get it from me :)
Happy Knitting.

Thursday, June 3

She works hard for the money

Okay okay okay, I suck at blogging! But maybe now that I have a job I can get a little money into this thing and actually show some pics and stuff. A little update on what has been happening with me. Things that I have finished. Which we know is not that much..... I have completed two bags ( lining included) They were based off a pattern in the Stitch and Bitch book buit I just mostly worked them myself. The pattern was just your average knit in a circle til it's long enough pattern and I just went from there. They were made form Tahki cotton classic and they turned out really pretty. I learned how to knit with beads when I made these. I think that i went a little overboard with the beads on the 2nd one but that's okay.
I am in the process of knitting a pair of socks for Amy's mom for her birthday. The are turning out all right. I haven't knit socks with just cotton before but I have heard from numerous sources to knit the cuff with elastic cord so that is what I did. I can see that this post can just about go on forever so I will make it short and give smaller updates on my projects that I am working on.
OH, before I get to what I am working on... I have been having the urge to knit baby stuff. Mostly because I want to have kids and since this isn't a good time for us to have any right now I have been wanting to knit for others... Well, I have my chance now... I get to knit for 3 (!!!!!) babies that are due in October, November and December! Awesome huh? So, know onto what I am working on:
Angela's* graduation purse - Black and red made from Lionbrand cotton yarn ( I am going to line with red and black bandanas) *Angela is so rockabilly, that this bag will fit her perfectly.
Lindsay's tote along: my friend Lindsay got this purse from AE and after going over it a million times I figured out the pattern. She paid $45.00 for a bag that will cost me $15.00 to make It is just done in cotton yarn!
Log Cabin Baby Blanket: This is my 2nd attempt at a baby blanket. (my sister calls my first one a stroller wrap. It just looked sooooo much bigger on the needles) For this pattern I am just following a simple knitted pattern.
I will post more of what I am working on later, but I need to get going. (oh my job... I work at sephora!!!!!!! Check it out at
www.sephora.com !
happy knitting