Sunday, June 25

bachelorette bust...

Last night we had my pals bachelorette party. What was to be a fun night out for the girls ended up being a regular night at a game place. A few of us had tried to convince her to go to other places but she really wanted to go to Jillian's. (A game place with a restaurant and bowling alley and club.)

Five of us started the night at the restuarant and when I sat down to the table that the waitress had moved up, there was a used bandaid on the table. AAAAAAAHHHH!!! DISTGUSTING I KNOW!!!!!! We got our drinks for free and I got my dessert for free ( I was going to be one of the DD's)

We went up to the game place upstairs and about 20 minutes into playing skeeball and other games like that one of the girls had to go home cause her boyfriend locked his keys in their car. She didn't drive so one of the other girls took her home and five were down to three. Well, about an hour after that the Bride says that she is bored and wants to go home. Still sick with a horrible cold, I thought it was a good call!

I saw my grandma today. She is getting kind of senile, it is kind of depressing. My nephews just had their birthdays and she gave all of us birthday cards, because she couldn't remember when anyones birthday was. She forgot who we were a couple of times and didn't remember who Matt was half the time. My grandpa is going deaf and between the two of them it was a tiring morning.

I came home and took a nap. I don't know when I am going to get rid of this cold. It has been raging on strong. I just want to feel good again. : (

I was working on some arm warmers but I am not too crazy about them. I am thinking about ripping them out. I have one about 1/2 way done but I think that I found something better than armwarmers to knit.... HMMMMMM...

Here I was trying not to have a blah and sad post and yet, here it was.. I promise the next time I write it will be a little more upbeat!

Happy Knitting.

Friday, June 23

knitting and other stuff.

I got hit with the update your blog email. Sorry about that... secret pal especially...

I have been down with a horrid cold/sinus infection. And of course I can't do anything about it but sit here and suffer. No insurance means no meds... My Dr. charges about 120.00 bucks a visit.

I think that this cold thing is Karma. Just about two weeks ago Amy and I were having a lovely little discussion on federally paid health insurance. She said that yeah we would have to pay a little more in taxes but we would be able to be seen when we needed with out the fear of a visit costing us an arm and a leg. In my then healthy mind, body and voice, I said, " Well, I see where you are coming from, but what about healthy people like me, I shouldn't have to pay out my butt for other people's sicknesses"!


The FIBER FACTORY is having it's first ever inventory sale and don't you know who is going to be there on the first night... THIS GIRL! I only wish that I could take off early from work to go... ahhh that would be heaven... So, withe me saying this... we all know who is going to be breaking their no yarn buying policy. (Amy, I know that you read this some times, so please forgive me for what i am going to do on Tuesday... I know that you understand!)

Well, I have to head to work this morning... I am just working on soem socks and some arm warmers for my super duper mega cold office... Will post more about that later..

Sorry about such a crappy post last week. I didn't mean to sound so blech... Happy Day and happy knitting!

Wednesday, June 14

There is really not too much to post about. Work is going well. I am actually starting to understand things a little bit better now.

Knitting is going pretty good too! I am working on a few projects (of course!). I ripped out a purse that I had knit from a pattern of my own design. I wasn't that crazy about the pattern and it was Noro. You can't waste that stuff!
I am almost finished with it. I have the handle left to do and then to sew it up. I am also working on a shawlette and some socks.

I had a really bad day today so I am going to keep this post short. I don't want to go into a rant about bad things and I am afraid I will do that! I will try to post later.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, June 6

I want the comfy chair...

day 2 of my new job is going well. I am getting my feet wet still. I hate the chair that I am in. It is so dang uncomfortable. Most of the people around me have these horribly comfortable chairs and it feels like I am sitting on a rock. I think that when I am there for more than 2 days I will say something about getting a better chair. My cubicle is at the edge of an open walkway, so I am free for everyone to see. I understand my positioning, I will eventually have to walk around to see people and people will come and see me but it does kind of suck having yourself out in the open like that. The worst is right by a VP's office. So I really can't goof off at all. Not like I would have the chance. We are so backlogged from only having one person doing the job it is not even remotely funny.

Stash reduction

Phase 1:


I am almost organized with everything. I have my yarn sorted out by colors and then also by weights. mostly my sock, lace and novelty yarns are seperated. I am hoping to have it completed by the end of the week. I stopped counting how much yarn I have. It was making me sick to my stomach. I think I am going to list a few things on ebay or else make a lot of stuff on size 19 needles.

Okay before anyone starts to think that knitting isn't about the process for me, they are quite wrong. I just have horrible start-itis. I will find that if something isn't working out quite how I expected then I a) leave it and move on or b) rip it out and move on.
Socks will always be there for me as process knitting. I can not find anything more pleasurable to knit than a pair of socks.

I will leave on that happy little note..

Happy Knitting

Monday, June 5

box office...

Well, I had my first day at Western Medical.
It went fairly smoothly, the person that was to train me was out sick today so, I got taught some basic stuff and worked on this and that. I got a good half hour of knitting time in today at lunch. I forgot what it is like to get a real lunch. A girl could get used to this kind of thing.

Okay, so I did something that I said I wasn't gonna do. I bought some yarn. It just kind of happened. But seriously, that is the last skein I am buying for a while. I mean it. I can't help it if I get stuff given to me though. That is far beyond my control.

Amy put me up to a challenge. She told me that if I work up 75% of my stash I can get this as a fabulous prize....

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So, I have to do a count up of what I have over the next couple of days. She is getting tired of computer room being covered in yarn. I can't really blame her, it is getting to be a lovely little wreck.

The only disclaimer that she put on this challenge was that it had to all finished. No little half projects here and there... they had to be done. So, here is my game plan.

A) yarn that I know that I won't use and I am holding on to for whatever reason I don't know is going to be sent to nursing homes or the goodwill.

b) yarn that I am willing to part with for cash will be done as such

c) yarn that I will give to my sister or friends will be sent out

d) all the rest I will take inventory of that and work on getting that knit up.

See my little slyness here. I am getting rid a lot of it with little or no effort on my part... [insert evil laugh here] MWWAAAAHHHHH

well off to do the dishes. I can't see my countertop!

Happy KNitting

Thursday, June 1


I am recovering from a lovely little sunburn from Tueday. Sheyenne (my niece) was over and we went out to the pool. I haven't had real sun exposure in about 5 years so I was a little tender when we went back in. Not that I was horribly pastey but I after learning that skin cancer runs really bad in our family I decided it was better to not be in the sun all the time.

I have decided on my next knitting project. I am going to work on a lace shawl. It is from the knitting calender 2006. The South Slocan shawl. The pattern calls for dk weight but I think that i'm going to knit in lace weight. I have the yarn, and it needs to be knit up.

I really have to go through my yarn this weekend. I have so dang much of it. It just keeps piling up. MOre and more and more and more and more. Amy asked me if I had bought any more yarn since we have moved back in together and I could lie. I just said well... a few skeins. But here is the list of yarn that has entered the house since I have...

10 skeins of blue skye alpaca chunky (20.00 total)
5 skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca DK weight (20.00 total)
2 skeins of misc red multi wool (3.00 total)
6 skeins of Eros all multi color (I GOT THESE FOR A DOLLAR EACH!!!!)
12 skeins of Brown Sheep sport weight wool ( I GOT THESE FOR A DOLLAR EACH!!!!)
2 skeins cascade fixation ( I splurged on these)
1 skein of hand dyed cotton lace weight ( a splurge as well)
1 skein of lace weight green yarn ( on sale but forgot the price)
10 skeins of knit one crochet too 18 karat ( 20.00 total)
5 skeins of Ironstone Fun wool in (20.00 total for that one)
2 skeins of Ironstore Super Rayon Chenille (10.00 total)
2 skeins of Berroco Foliage ( 3.00 total)
6 skeins of some tape like stuff that i got a for a buck each

and 4 skeins to send over to my secret pal.

Okay So I have a serious yarn buying problem. I have made a vow that i am not going to get anymore yarn...(unless it is a smokin deal!!!) until I have at least these skeins listed above knit up. Man I gotta get working!!!!!!!!!
This won't do much for my previous stash but it will cut it down a bit... I have overflowed on my yarn stash once again... GRRR> How does this always happen to me? I do knit. But maybe I am buying more than I am knitting. I realized the other day that i have a yarn buying problem when a friend went to open up the little cubby between my two front seats and said... there is yarn in here... I without blinking said... "
"yea cause Amy would freak if she saw that I got more yarn!" Mind you there are 10 skeins in the trunk of the car being hidden as well in a dark bag.

I remeber when I was working at Macy's and I would get women in who would pay for their items in cash or partly on cards so that there SO's didn't find out. Or ask for them in multiple bags so they didn't have to bring in stuff all at once.

I HAVE BECOME THE WOMEN THAT I PITIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully this weekend I can get this all under control and live a happy yarn life.

I think that I am going to be working up a lot of scarves over the next few weeks... and purses too!

Happy knitting my friend...