Friday, December 28

Gift List for 2008

I have joined along with this fab little group through Ravelry. The idea is to keep track of all the knits that you want to accomplish through out the year and to keep you on top of it all. I am going to keep a running tab of the items that I want to knit on here as well. The pattern browser on Ravelry is dangerous. I keeping adding and adding and adding... So here is what my knit list for the year looks like.

Crystal Birthday - Cable knit bag - pattern undecided

Amy Birthday - Bag - pattern undecided

Pat Birthday - Eye pillow and lavender sachet - IK magazine

Amy Birthday - Sweater

Kim Birthday - Thick scarf

Amber Birthday - undecided

Liz Birthday - book cover ?

All are getting personalized pillows

All are getting wristlet (SNB nation and holiday IK 2007)

Scott - Scarf
Josh - hat
Neil - Hat
Amy - Hat
Liz - Hat or scarf

Random Items I would like to knit throughout the year

A gift for Louise
A gift for Rosie

A blanket or throw for the house.

That is it for now... I will post more later and as I get patterns decided upon I will post the link for them .

Wednesday, December 5

Already out with the old...

I don't normally make new years resolutions. But I have decided that 2008 needs to bring some minor changes in my life. Just simple little things that will help me on my lifes journey.

The first started out of frustation with a friend and as I was figuring something else out this realization came to me.

I have decided to really read up on at least three current events each week and follow them. It is too often that I pass over important news events and end up reading the entertainment sections. So here is the beginning of my newest resolution. I hope that others who read this will be inspired to read more about their world, too.
Here is my first one for the week:

1) For the first time ever girls have swept both the individual and team challenge for the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technologythat is held in New York each year. The top individual was for research on bone regrowth on zebra fish. The top prize for the team was for two girls who have done research on possible tuberculosis cures with a focus on drug resistant strands of the disease. A brief article about this can be found here.

And now on to knitting news:

Last Saturday when I went to my 13 year old nephews basketball game my 15 year old neice looked at me and gasped - Aunt Becky - where did you get that hat from?
Why? I asked... She tells me "That is the coolest have I seen I want one." Oh - I tell her - I made it.. She tells me " NO way - your are so cool." Okay - nothing makes you feel better than a 15 year old with it girl that tells you that you are cool. So - this morning - in my horrendous drive to work - while sitting in traffic I cast on for her hat. When completed I will get pics up for you.

I finished my Foliage hat. It turned out quite nicely. I am still trying to decide if I like Malabrigo or not. It is butter soft but it gets a weird haze around it that I have decided if I like or not.

Last night, in a sudden realization, I remembered that I had not made a present for a friend of mines daughter for Hanukkah. Luckily she is only 9 months old so I whipped up a hat for her. We are all meeting for coffee tonight so I had to get it done! It is the ribbon hat pattern from itty bitty hats. I forget who the author is. I only did three rows of ribbon. The pattern is wrong though on the eyelet rounds but after some quick math I was able to just drop down to the size below chart and voila - eyelet rounds complete. Finished it up and ran some ribbons through it and it is so freakin' adorbale. I will try to get her pic in it tonight.

More to come later.
Happy Knitting.

Monday, December 3

Holiday Cheer

Amy and I got a fake tree this year. It is not one that I am too happy about, but I had to give a little, right?

Amy is quite allergic to Pine and has been putting up with it for years. We also go into a "argument" every year about actually getting a tree, then it ensues an "argument" about the price of a tree, then it goes to an "argument" about putting it up and decorating it. I figured that if we got the fake tree, there is nothing that we can argue about, it is already paid for, and it goes together in three easy steps. and I don't mind the decorating. I also found the yummiest of the yummiest pine candle that engulfs my whole house. So, it is a nice compromise. The lovely smell of Christmas but with out the arguing with Amy!

The washcloth knits are coming along uper slowly...After getting a great jump start on them, my hands hurt and I am tired of cotton. I didn't think I would ever say that. I am one of the biggest cotton addicts there is. I just need to give myself a rest on it I think.

The ribbing on the hat is almost complete. It has about 6 more rows to be done. It looks really good.

I headed out at lunch today and grabbed some gifties for my holiday swap pal on Ravelry. I just have 1 more thing to pick up and then I will get the package off. Hopefully I can pick up what I need this evening! But will make no promises!!

More to come later. And I will get photos up... I have just been lazy.

Sunday, December 2

little bits

Just some random knitting postings today. I picked up a skein of yarn for my littlest nephews hat about a month ago, but realized that I should use some basic washable yarn for his hat. So I decided to get to work on a hat of my own... or at least one to give away.

I am not usually one to have to knit the yarn from the pattern. I am more than comfortable with switching out yarns and even refiguring gauge. I decided on this patten from Knitty. Lo and behold, it ended up being the same yarn, just in dark blue. I have seen people write this before and now I totally understand the truth to these words... mmmmm-Malabrigo.

I am going to be knitting a Christmas joke for my eldest nephew. I had knit up some wrist warmers in Kureyon in this color way... and every time he comes over, he asks for my "gauntlets of rock" I can't remember the pattern I used for them, but I am sure I can find one that is fairly similar.

I have more to add, but am feeling lazy. I will try to get some pics up this next post...

Happy Knitting