Tuesday, March 22

knitting accomplished... and tip of the week.

I got to sit down and knit last night. I met up with some of the ladies at Essenza. A nice little place. Not somewhere I would take my first date to but it was cute. I cast on for the Denim Drawstring baby pants from LMKG. Tres Cute! *thank you again secret pal* They are moving along rather nicely.

I found my Southwest test knit. It was in my living room the whole time. I was asked where the three places it could have been were... My sisters, my work or somewhere in my house.... I am not too fond of knitting that but I know I need to get it done.

My sister's socks are begging to be knit. I have to do them! They just have a few more inches and then the toe is complete. Oh, Jen, the link to the German Round toe is on my sidebar.

I also wanted to share a knitting tip of the week. I am sorry about not doing one last week. I forgot..... So, in making good I have a few little tips to share with you...

Did you ever wonder why those size 7 bamboo needles are great and you can get gauge with them every time and those size 7 plastic needles make a big ol mess of you knitting?

Well, they probably aren't the same size. As much as we love our American sizing, there really is not rhyme or reason to it. It is a general estimate of the size of the needle. So that size 7 needle could be 4.5mm, 4.3 mm, 4.75 mm. So, always check what the mm size is on the needle. As that will be accurate. If it doesn't say the mm size on the package, you can bet that it probably won't be a "true" size.

Bonus Tip: We know that when you want to have a loose bind off you can just go up a needle size and bind off right? If you are find that your cast on is too tight, think about going up a needle size for you cast on too!

Have fun with these tips....

Happy Knitting.

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