Tuesday, April 5

Tip Tuesday and kids stuff...

Today I am feeling rather lazy about putting a tip up. So, I give you this site. It is one of my favorites. The tip that I am linking is how to decrease evenly across an row when there aren't an even number of stitches. Quite helpful. I have used this site a lot in my knitting and I hope that it helps others out, too.

I was going to meet up with Brooke and Jack today for some knitting this afternoon, but my sister called me when I was sitting inside Lux before they got there. She was stuck in a meeting and Logan, my nephew, was barfing all over the place. So, duty called. And being the safe driver that I am I was logging onto my email from my phone while driving to send an email to Brooke, hoping that she would get it before she left.... Once again, I am soo sorry about that!

Speaking of nephews, we found out today that Amy's little sister is going to have a little boy. She isn't too sure what she is going to name him yet. They just can't pick out a name that both of them like.

And speaking of babies... my aunt called me last night to let me know that my cousin's wife had a little girl. She was a month early but is perfectly healthy. They named her Jaeden (JAY-den). They couldn't decide on a middle name so they are going to fill that in later.

Which brings me to baby names... When we do have kids we have decided on the names Garrett Jaeger...(no not the liquor sillies) and Indigo Pary. We also like the name Chloe Vedette for a girl too. Brooke had challenged some of you to ask me what I wanted to name my future child. Since there was no one out there willing to take the challenge I will just tell now. I wanted to name her Ute Svetlana. (Prounonced OO-tah) I just love love love that name. Amy refuses to let me name our kid that so maybe on the third one...

Oh well, happy knitting

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