Saturday, October 23

When there is one problem there will be others...

I keep reading Brooke's Blog with her 100 things that people should know about her. It has gotten me thinking about who I am and what I stand for. It has also prompted me to make a list for myself. Probably won't share it but, it is nice to know that I have one going...

A friend from my SNB pondered about putting personal stuff on her knitting blog. I think that is perfectly acceptable. There are times when maybe it is on your mind and you want to know that someone is listening, but you just don't hav the voice to speak up about it. Totally understandable. I will let you all in on a little secret of mine... I have decided that I am going to run in a marathon this February. I don't know where this surge of interest came from but I am glad it did... I am going to get kind of personal here for a moment.... Those of you who know me know that I am overweight. Most people seem to think that I don't have any personal issues with my weight. Well, I do. I just am able to keep them very very very well hidden. They do at times pop up but it is usually around my closest of friends. I know where my weight issue comes from and I have just been to lazy to do something about it. I have been doing some reading up on things and I have decided that running is going to be the easiest thing for me to do. Yep it will start quite small but I will make it through this... I also figured that if I tell people what my plan is, it will be quite embarassing for me to not go through with my goal! I am going to post a link to running blog in a few days. You can read about more of my life there... On to knitting content now!

I have the cable almost done for my Grandpa's hat. It is only an 8 stitch repeat and is very easy to memorize. I love the brown that I picked for it. Last night I posted about the missing Fluted Banister sock. It has reappeared! Actually it was in my car the entire time. I carry a super huge purse and on Tuesday it had emptied out in the back of the Escape, I didn't notice at the time that my knitting fell out,and I chucked everything back in...well, long story short, while reaching underneath the passenger seat to look for the sock I had shoved it up into the open cavity of the seat.....I ripped out what I had done the other day as there isn't enough Koigu in that dye lot. I am using some purple Koigu to make the heels and toes. Illana had said that my Grandma is going to get some really nice socks... My Grandma is also going to get really expensive socks... I am looking at $32.00 for these socks...It's a good thing that I love her then! I also found 3 other problems in my knitting last night. 1) I messed up on the number of stitches I needed for Kim's gloves. I was just about to do the gusset for the thumb and realized that I never increased after making the cuff. So, that needs to be ripped out. 2) Kim's matching scarf was getting HUGE. I had used a 50 gram skein of yarn and only had 6 inches knit... That got ripped out! 3) I also realized that, NO, I don't have enough yarn to make a matching sweater and baby booties for Angela's niece! I read the label wrong on the yarn and I am about 100 yds short of what I need. The yarn is really old so I know that there isn't a dye lot for it anymore... Oh well, at least I have baby booties to give... or I could rip those out and knit them into the sweater... Don't know what to do about that yet... Well, it is past my bedtime and I am waking up early to start my running career. Happy Knitting.

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Creative Genius? said...

Good for you Becky! I know that you will do great and reach your goal of running a marathon! My advise to you is get a running partner who is motivated - I couldn't stick with anything if it wasnt for my husband kicking my butt out of bed.

And join a running club - there are dozens in the valley that train for marathons - and it helps becuase you meet people who have similar goals, they help you with training plans, and they have organized runs for you to train with them (a guilt factor that works for me when I know that everyone else is running and I am sitting on my butt not doing anything - I feel totally guilty and it gets me up and joining them!)

If you need any help or anything - let me know! I'm here for you! AND I am proud of you!!!!