Saturday, October 2

Made some waves

My making waves socks are done. These socks were a pain in the rear to make. I think that it had to do with A) The yarn I used kept splaying apart. Lang Bebe.... Blue Multi and B) I was using the Susan Bates Quicksilver and the points on them were a killer! I tend to push off with my index finger when I am doing a knit stitch and the needles just kept pushing in and pushing in.

I got to work a little more on my Flapper scarf today. I found out that the dye wasn't set in too well. I washed my hands and then picked it up and everywhere my hands were still wet they turned a nice shade of gray.Yummy!

I think that on Wednesday of next week I am going to take a tour of our yarn shops and really check them all out. I will post more about this later.

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