Wednesday, October 20

Still knitting away.

I decided that I should put some booties with the cardigan I am knitting. I know that I will have enough of the yarn, so I put the sweater down to make the booties. A very quick knit. I got the pattern from Baby Booties from Leisure Arts. I had the book for a while but I haven't done anything with it. I think that they turned out rather adorable. Now, I just have to finish that sweater...

I was able to go to Cotton Field's Quilt and Knit yesterday. It is a cute little store. Brooke from our SNB group had said that it is definitely a quilting shop with knitting as a side item. I totally agree with this. They do carry Rowan, although I think that it is a little pricier than Jessica Knits. I got some yarn for my sisters gloves and scarf. It is a wool and nylon blend. It is called Eroica. I am going to work on the gloves tonight at our meet up as the sweater is just too crazy to work with when I don't want to pay attention.

So, I am starting a part time job tomorrow. My friends dad works in a salon out in Sun City and it is just him and another person in the salon. Well, her husband past away yesterday and he wanted to know if I could go out there and ease some of the work load. I would be doing color and shampooing mostly. With a little bit of styling. I am excited about being able to help out. As I was hanging up the phone with Gary he said "don't forget your license". I love being able to hear that. *here is where I get off of the knitting content

* I am the kind of person who can't commit to anything. I dropped out of college more than once and went from semi decent job to semi decent job. I was finally convinced by my sisters and by Amy that I needed to go back to school. I did and let me tell you, this was the hardest thing for me to accomplish. On the day I graduated I was really crying my eyes out, not because I would miss the place but because I had finally committed to and accomplished something. I know that it seems silly to get so worked up about something but I do. :)

Off to work on my sweater.

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Creative Genius? said...

Oh good - I am glad I am not the only one who can't commit to anything! I went to college - wanted to drop out but I knew my mother would have kicked my butt so I stayed becuase I had too. I went to grad school but half way through I wanted to quit becuase I was so unhappy - but my mother and husband made me stay. Then I went to work in non-profit - hated it and my husband wouldn't let me quit that too (so I just waited until I got fired!) Then I went to work in Corporate America - that was fun for a while and then after so long became unhappy - lucky for me they were trying to downsize and BONUS paying people to leave.. whoo hoo.... so I took it... then i went to grad school again, hated it half way through, wanted to quit but again - wonderful hubbie and some grad school pals wouldn't let me - so I finished all-be-it not happy about it... and now the business - which I am having a hard time committing myself too - the same thing everyday - I just wasn't cut out for this!

I knit and scrapbook becuase I can do small things (committing to small projects is ok) but when it gets to a large project - no way - I just get to bored to committ and usually put it down half way through - that's how I found out cross-stitch wasn't for me!

I think we non-committers need to have a support group! Oh - wait - I'd probably get bored and not be able to commit to that either... ahhhhh the problems.. :-)