Monday, October 25

One done too many more to go...

I finished my Grandpa's hat. It looks really really good. I must say that I am impressed with myself. I did change the pattern a little bit and ended up with 9 stitches on it instead of 6 to seam up. You really can't tell. I am just so glad that it looks good. My last attempt at a hat turned out to be a future purse project. Amy said that the hat looked kind of girly. It is knit in brown how girly can that be?!?!? You can judge for yourself and let me know. (once again it is not the greatest pictures but you get the idea)

I cast on for the ZigZag scarf today. I was thinking of giving it to Amber but I think that it is a little too Limey for her. I will decide when it is done, though.

I also found the fall surprise on today. In a strange coincidence I learned that my friend Marie found out that her mom has breast cancer. Marie is the kind of person that can find the humor in everything so I think that for Christmas I am going to make her the Boobie Scarf and maybe the Shedir for her mom.... I just have to find the right yarn...

Probably won't be posting tomorrow as I have too much junk going on but... we'll see.
Happy Knitting

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