Monday, October 25


So, this morning I was up rather early and decided to work on the baby sweater that I have to have done by tomorrow. That isn't gonna happen. 2 reasons... I waited to long to knit it up, and even after I ripped out the booties that I made to match it. I don't have enough yarn to finish it. I have a whole side of the sweater left to do and I know that if I go with a different dye lot it will be super obvious. KNOW WHAT? I think that I am just going to rip it all out and call it quits. I am going to tell Angela that I will get her something when I can... maybe I will work on a blanket for the baby... don't know yet. I was originally thinking that I could re knit the slippers that I had originally done but I don't think that yarn that has been knit up three times will be so great to work with. Maybe I can do like 2 or 3 pair of slippers.

I restarted Kim's scarf the other day. I am just knitting it flat. I kept casting on too many stitches when it was in the round. I also don't like using dpn's for that long. At least I have a lot of tv knitting to do. I will probably be finished with Grandpa's hat tonight. I think that it looks pretty good. * a question to all those who read this... any suggestions on how to block a knit cap?

I also convinced Sheyenne for a different capelet pattern than the one she wanted. This one is going to be a lot easier...

On the note of being frustrated I am going to get off topic of knitting for a moment. I have said before that I have a million pet peeves but I think that one that just happened is in the top ten things that really piss me off. I hate hate hate hate when someone calls you chit chats for a little bit and then is like "could you do XXXX for me?" OOOOHH that makes me so mad. I mean don't you think that I know that you aren't calling to talk with me about general life and are only wanting something that is beneficial to you and you alone? Yes, I will admit that I have done this before, but I will not ask for something before saying... I actually called for a reason.... I know that this is so stupid for me to get upset over but it really makes me mad...

Will probably write more about my knitting escapades later tonight... Happy Knitting.

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Jack said...

Hey Becky -

I tried to block my hats on bowls that were roughly the size of the person's head, but it didn't work too well. So I ended up just blocking them flat - it did help settle the stitches and make everything even again. I just mushed it down and together. I guess you could try a balloon maybe?

Good luck with the marathon idea - have you looked into Team in Training at all? It's a great support system for training for these types of events and it raises money for charity at the same time.