Wednesday, October 13

So much for my knitting career

Well, I had planned to just spend the rest of my days lounging around the house and knitting my life away, but it looks like that isn't going to happen as I am re-entering the working world! I got the call today. She said I had really great references and was excited about me starting. The only thing is that the salon is closed for remodeling right now and it re-opens on November 1st.

So this means that I have to get my toosh in gear and get Christmas presents done. I just can't decide on what to knit Jessica or my Grandpa. So, I have started a poll for my grandpa and it will run until the end of next week. I don't have any patterns picked out so, if you see something that looks cool or is a surefire pattern just leave me a comment. I am also running a poll for Jessica's presnt. I need something quick and easy. Same goes here. It will run until the end of next week and if you have any suggestions then let me know in the comments section!

Speaking of Christmas presents. I finished the knitting on my Satchel and I have the front part seamed up. I am seaming the back up but the yarn is a tweedy like yarn and so it is hard to get my needle in there to seam. I have to kind of pull it apart to see between the stitches to seam. I hope to have it done being sewn up by tonight. I won't worry too much about the lining as my sister is going to have to help me with it 'cause I can't sew for crap.

I will let you all know more about my new job, just being lazy...

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Jack said...

Congrats Becky! I knew you would find something you liked.

For my grandpa I'm making a twisted watch cap, pattern is here: His little bald head gets cold in the winter, and this type of cap reminds him of his fishing days.

I don't know who Stephanie is, but if I were her I would like this scarf from

Good luck getting your projects done!

- Brooke