Wednesday, October 27

This is a boring post...

Not much new on the knitting front. I finished up a skein on my zigzag scarf. I haven't added the new one in yet. It was really late and I want to try to match up the color fadings the best that I can. I read Illana's post yesterday about the different dye lot. I had that happen to me too! I know that I wrote this before but if a pattern says that it will use x amount of yards than I shouldn't have to buy4 times the amount to make the project! How is it that I finished one project and then added two more in to my Christmas list? It is for people that really mean a lot to me so I can't complain...too much :)

I get to watch Matthew today. I love that little guy. I think that he is going to end up like my cousin "Baby Scotty". He was the first baby to be born in the family for about 8 years and so even though he is 17 people refer to him still as "Baby Scotty". Soon after that came my other cousins and my neice and nephew. But it had been 12 years since there was a little baby. So everyone refers to Matthew as "little baby Matthew". Poor kid... I can see the complex forming already!

There was some free time yesterday so I reknit a pair of booties to give to Angela's niece. I got to see a picture last night of her and she is soo cute. I better stop talking about babies because I just got over baby fever and that is a sensitive subject around my house!

Well, off to go pick up Matthew... Happy Knitting...


Creative Genius? said...

Ahhh yes - baby fever is EVIL!!! I have it pretty bad - but just working where I work - it can cure Baby Fever almost forever... if you ever need to be cured you are welcome here!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

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