Thursday, October 14

Here comes trouble...

I get to watch my nephew Matthew today. He is 16 months old but thinks that he is a 5 year old. He is such a good baby. I love watching him. I never have any problems with him. My sister did warn me that the last few days he hasn't been wanting to take naps....'cause he thinks he's a big boy.

I am just finishing up the seaming on my satchel. I worked a little more on it last night but the yarn is such a pain to get the needle in and out of. My goal is to finish it up by tonight. Last night a few of us from my SnB group went to the Lux coffee bar. It was okay. Brooke had said that you need to have something easy to work on when you are in there as the lighting isn't too great. I think she is right....Although, I was able to mess up on a garter stitch scarf...and I don't know anything that is easier than that...maybe I need to work more on my knitting than my talking. I think that if I go with knitting a purse for Jessica's present I will do this pattern. But probably not the lining on the inside and I think that I will do it out of the lionbrand Incredible or some other ribbon yarn. To make it a little more fancy....maybe with some silk lining. I can probably get that pretty cheap in the remanants bin and Joann's or somewhere.

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