Tuesday, October 26

Luck be a lady tonight...

Sometimes luck is on your side and it just feels so dang good! Last night I started on my ZigZag scarf using the Mexican Wave yarn by Euro Yarns. The pattern said that it used 4 skeins of some other kind of yarn but I thought that it seemed like a lot of yarn. Well, I had two of the Mexican Wave and I cast on. Well, I got a little ways through and I realized that I definitely needed more yarn.

I thought maybe someone from my local snb would have it in their stash but I didn't want to deplete anyone's stash for my own personal gain, so... I thought what the heck I might find it online...I called a little knitting shop up in Washington. I asked her if she had any and she did. The ultra coool and freaky thing about it... She only had 2 skeins left of that brand in the store and it was the same color AND lot that I needed!!!!!! I must be on someones good side today!

I can't wait to work on my scarf some more but I have life to attend to.

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