Sunday, October 10

a day in the life of me...

Friday night;
I have a bedtime ritual of working on at least two crossword puzzles, on my stomach and then half way through the third one going to sleep. I was leaning up to turn off the bed side light when I realized it was wet on the side of the bed. The first thought that went through my mind was that Pepper Ann, my cat, had decided that she was mad at me and peed on the bed She has done this before on my towels and pants but never this far.... I then moved over a little more and nope she wasn't mad at me at all. My bed had started leaking. I have a water/regular bed. You know it looks like a regular bed but inside the case is a waterbed mattress with some kind of support foam thing inside. Well, I pulled the sheets off and soaked up all the water and then realized that the water plug had just come loose. I tossed the others in the washer and put new sheets on and dozed off....

My sister was supposed to come over at 11:00 so that we could go to the goodwill stores to find my nieces outfit for her 80's party. I was supposed to go to a chihuahua meet up at 10 am but because Kim was going to be here only an hour later I didn't go. Maggie is only 4 1/4 lbs so when she is around other dogs they seem to see her as a chew toy! Matthew my nephew thinks she is a cat. Anyways, Kim then calls me at 10 am and says that she is going to be here at noon! ARRGHHH. Why couldn't she call earlier? This is something that I shouldn't be upset at right? WRONG! My family was always late, wherever and whenever we had to be somewhere. It got so bad that people would tell us that things were an hour later than they really wher because my mom would sit and read and wait until the VERY last minute, scramble to get her clothes on and then drive like the wind to get somewhere...Okay this is my mom we are talking about... driving like the wind meant going 5 miles over the speed limit! Needless to say, I am a stickler about being on time. My sister Kim on the other hand has inherited my mothers sense of timing. Granted this is only with family but still it makes me mad!
Well she gets here and we go shopping...found my nieces outfit and off we go back to my apartment where her husband and Logan (my 13 year old nephew) are at with Amy. What was supposed to be a two hour stay at my place turns into a 8 hour stay.
Well, I go to bed later that night and then I get woken up around 3 in the morning.
I turn over and reach over to the side of my bed and it is wet again. Uggghhh, I think that I will just leave it be. The water hasn't hit me yet. I fall back asleep.
5 am:
I am now completely soaked in water! I change out of my pajamas and see the sleeping bags on the top shelf. I am wayyy to tired to deal with this.... I crawl inside the sleeping bag and I feel something down at the bottom. I rip it off of me and then open it up only to find that it is a stick thing from when Amy and I went camping... Back to sleep I go....

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Jack said...

Becky -

I didn't know you had a chihuahua! I have a minature pinscher, and although she's 9 pounds she has the same problem with normal sized dogs. The worst is that we have a Great Dane who lives next door. Talk about opposites!

Anyhow, sorry to hear about your bed fiasco. Hope it all worked out!