Sunday, October 17

I got to work on my fluted banister socks last night and I turned the heel. I decided to try a new heel pattern and I think that I like it. Very simple and easy. It is called the German Strap Heel. I love that I don't have to count anymore when I turn heels, on most heels you can turn right before you reach the little space.

I have also decided that I have to knit up from my stash for Christmas presents. Pat is going to get a scarf made from Soysilk. It is just a plain garter stitch scarf on size 1o 1/2 needles then every 5th stitch I am going to be dropping it all the way down to give it a little more lacy effect. I am not too sure about the color way. I bought it a while ago and now that i look at it I wonder what made me buy it...I personally don't think that it is the prettiest but I am pretty sure that Pat will like the colors.

I also have some Brown Encore that I am going to make for a hat for my Grandpa. My grandma is getting the Fluted Banister socks. I wanted to make my Grandparents something more but, I don't know how many times presents that have been bought at Chirstmas have been at their yearly yard sale in May.

I have some arcylic yarn, I think that it is called Mexico that I want to use up, but I don't know what to make out of it or who to make it for. I am thinking about this pattern but for who...

I also got to work on my shrug...which all you poncho wearers out there is the new poncho. Also up next... the capelet... I think that I like these better than poncho's because they are more figure flattering and faster to knit. I will try to post a picture of my shrug sooner or later. I wanted to get a little more done on it. I have all day to knit and I can't wait...

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