Tuesday, October 12

Interview for today postponed

I had a 2nd interview for today but it was postponed. She called me this morning and told me that a few things had come up and wasn't able to be in town for the rest of the week. Julie told me that she would call me sometime next week to reschedule. I am kind of disappointed but also relieved. I had so much stuff going on in the last few days that I haven't been able to even breathe!

Someone from our Snb group has a link on her site that has 100 things you should know about her. I am going to do a spin off on that at do 20 things I like about knitting... I always get asked "why do you knit" Well here are some of my answers

  1. It relaxes me
  2. How cool is it to know that you made something?
  3. There is really cool yarn out there now
  4. There is no limit on what you can make
  5. Turning the heel on a sock
  6. Do a shawl pattern that is based on pi...which leads me to...
  7. Knowing that Mrs. Loy's high school math class was actually good for something!
  8. Designing your own patterns
  9. If it looks like crap you can just rip it out and still have workable materials
  10. What would I blog about?
  11. When I give a hand knit gift to someone, my hands have touched every single inch of it
  12. With every stitch I am connecting with women and men of my ancestry
  13. Entertainment value and I have something to show for my money
  14. I like that I hate to purl and if I knit backwards I don't have to do it
  15. The friends I have made
  16. That eureka moment when you learn how to actually knit and it looks good
  17. That people will stop and admire what you are doing
  18. I have convinced my friends to let me knit when we go to a place like Denny's or 5 & Diner
  19. When I talk about my "stash" I know that I talking about yarn...most others don't ;)
  20. Knowing that some day I can pass on the craft to my future child!

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Shannon said...

That is a great list Becky! What a great idea! I just may have to steal from ya!!!