Wednesday, October 6

Getting felt up...

I tried my first attempt at making felted coasters last night. I used a little Corningware bowl for the circular pattern. I think that they turned out semi decent. Not good enough for me to send off as presents, but they are getting there.

I think that I need to make the following changes: 1) more roving. They are kind of flimsy. 2) I need to get a sushi mat to roll them. I used a flour sack towel and all it did was soak up the moisure which made it fuzzy. 3) I am going to throw these in the washer to see how that turns out. I already have them pretty well felted and I think that this will help them tighten up a little bit.

This way is definitely going to be the method I use for Christmas presents. I did both of this in about 10 minutes. I know that if I set a whole day off to make them, they would all be done! I am also including a new/ modified list for some christmas present for people that I didn't really think about but have to give to:

Pat: Soy silk scarf. (going to be knit of 15's so it will go faster)
Liz: Thick and chunky warm weather scarf (no pattern yet)
Amber: A green scarf... yarn with lots of foo foo.

Still trying to get my satchel done. I have 5" done on the back piece, only 16" left to do. Then 15" more for the front piece. I get to knit all day, so I am really excited!

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illanna said...

Hi Becky!

2 things:
1) What is roving? Is that the fibers that you mold into the shape that you like? If so, I need to talk to you about that because there is a bag that I want to make that way. If not, ignore me. :)

2) There is a free pattern i saw that i wanted to tell you about.

They are socks with skulls. I thought you can make them in pink and purple to match your skully sweater. Maybe then you would finally finish it and show it to me!

I am working on a sweater now. I'll show it to you next time.