Monday, October 11

satchel not finished and job interview

I didn't make my goal of having the knitting done on my satchel by the 10th. I have about 6 more inches left to knit! I am hoping to get it done by tomorrow. I wasn't able to do very much knitting today. I had to go to an interview and then had to go out to my sister's for a little bit.

The interview: I think that this is the salon that I want to go to. It is called The Ends and the owner is sooo nice. She said that she just has to check out my references but she offered me a tentative position. The commission would be 40-60. Me 40 Her 60. And that is about average. My interview was an hour and a half long! I hope that everything goes well with my references and my work history. I felt like such a tool though, because I didn't think that I would have to do an application so I left all my work adress and such at home. So, I had to call her back with the phone numbers but she was okay with that. She told me that she should have let me know that I would need to fill one out. I will talk more about it later.... OH another cool thing. We started talking about me knitting and she asked if I would teach her some day! She has the Stitch and Bitch book, yarn and needles, but just can't get the hang of it. Cool huh?!?!?

I am going to be taking some things off of my side bar for a while. Mostly to motivate me to get my Christmas knitting done. I feel like there is so much ahead of me and I won't be able to get it done in time. In the mean time, I am also waiting for the Stitch and Bitch nation to come out. It is released on Nov. 4th but we are supposed to be getting them earlier. That is frustrating!
Well, off to finish my satchel...

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illanna said...

Becky that is so cool about your interview! I think you have to get the job if you show her how to knit!