Tuesday, October 19

Chirstmas presents are on hold

two things have happened over the evening... I messed up royally on my Grandpa's hat. I don't know what I did wrong but it looks like junk. I am going to rip it out later tonight. I had done the math retquired to get the cables to travel up the whole hat but as I was doing my decreases my math was incorrect and everything went down from there. I also got a call from Angela (one of my friends from school who I never get to spend enough time with) and she was going to be cutting my hair tonight. Well, that was cancelled because her niece Bella was born this morning. I am so excited for her brother and sister. They are really nice people and they are such good parents. So, I am going yet another week with out a hair cut and with this mop of hair I really need one... I can't be all that upset, I mean it it a baby! So, on that now Christmas presents are now on hold until I can get the sweater done for Bella that I started when I was in school and Angela told me she was going to have a niece. This was like 6 months ago! I couldn't find the pattern that I started the sweater with so I ripped that out and I am going to finish the one in Weekend Knitting that I started a while back.

I am going to Cotton Fields Quilt and Knit shop today. I need to get the yarn for Kim's gloves and since I am going out to her house it is on the way. I just hope that they have a semi decent selection of yarn being that it is originally a quilt shop.

On the non knitting front: I am excited about wearing a sweater today. I was thinking that maybe I would wear a t-shirt and get to wear a scarf, but I think that would be a little too much. For some reason people seem to think that colder weather means scarves. I guess that I am taking advantage of the fact that I could actually put on a sweater or scarf and not die of a heat stroke!
I am getting nervous about starting my job. All these fears and worries keep popping up in my head and I wonder if I am ready to work on clients. I know that I am, I just keep having these doubts.
Well, off to finish that baby sweater.

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