Wednesday, October 6

got called from the salon today.

I got a call a little bit ago from Becky, the manager at the salon where I had my interview. We talked about the hair that I did and then she offered me a position. The thing is, I am not sure if I am going to take it. As I was working on Martha's hair, I really thought that maybe I did have a lot more learning left to do and that I should be an assistant. I was told that if I accepted I would be on a 30 day trial to see how I fit with the other stylists and my clientele. I expected that. But there are a couple of things that I just can't seem to get past. The first one is that she told me that just coming right out of school left little to be desired and that when I wasn't taking clients I should watch Tiffany (the other girl that checked my work) to get some pointers and such, and help her out if needed ( basically, be a mini assistant). The other thing that I have an issue with, is that to get an Aveda color starter set it is going to cost $600.00! I know that if I really wanted to work at that salon I could use a different color set until I got more money together and use a cheaper color line but I am not sure if I want to hassle with that.
We talked a some more about what my hours would be and I could basically set my own hours, obviously working on Fridays and Saturdays but I could work days if I wanted which is nice. I asked her if I could have a few days to decide on it and that I would let her know by Friday afternoon. I am going to sleep on it tonight and then check and see what else is out there.

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Jack said...

Becky -

Congratulations! I hope you decide to work there, I am dying for a new salon to visit. It sounds like they have enough confidence in your abilities to give you the job. You should take it! (But then, never take career advice from someone who is unemployed....)

Anyhow, that's great news. I'm happy for you!

- brooke