Friday, October 1

Gone Knittin'

Well, I am moving my blog over here officially. I have learned that I can just copy and paste everything from my old blog and change the date to the time I originally wrote it. It will take a little while but I am so excited to be able to have pics up. The only thing that I am not too crazy about is that I have to learn some basic html. Maybe someone wants to give me some pointers???

I finished my poncho this morning. I re did the seams and I decided that the beads on the bottom just wouldn't cut it. I just have to dye it but can't decide what color. I am thinking a forest green but will decide later.

Today is the knit out for Phoenix and I can't wait to go. I had some housework to take care of this morning, and Amy has to be at work at 12:30 so I won't be there until 1:00.

I was able to start and finish Amy's hat last night. She had been asking me to knit her a hat for about a year now but I was just lazy about getting it done. This means that I can work on whatever I want at the knit out today! I told Amy that I would knit her hat today but since that is out of the way I have smooth knitting ahead. (now to decide what to bring with me)

I will write more later today after the knit out. Hope to see some of you there.

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