Sunday, October 3

knitting and knitting and knitting

I have been working on my satchel. Actually, the gusset and strap for the satchel. It has to be 95" long. I have about 56" done. This thing just never seems to end. It doesn't help that it is only 16 sts across, so I have to keep turning back and forth all the time.That seems to really take up a lot of time. The satchel is from the Holiday Issue 2004 for Family Circle Easy Knitting. I am going to be adding a seperate list for holiday knit presents. I think that they are going to be regular bars as I don't want to give away what they are! I did a little more work on my Fluted Banister socks. I really like this pattern. I think that the next time I knit this up again it is going to be on a solid or a nearly solid. I still have to get a poll up for Kim's glove yarn. I just need to find a site that has them all with the colors seperately. Off to find percent bars....

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